Youtube Short Stories In English For Adults

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Youtube Short Stories In English For Adults – From language lessons to science, history, popular slang, idioms, fun facts and even English for kids, there is something for everyone on YouTube.

We have listed 25 best YouTube channels in English to guide you in the right direction.

Youtube Short Stories In English For Adults

Youtube Short Stories In English For Adults

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Rachel’s English is a great channel for learning English pronunciation. New videos are uploaded every Tuesday, so you never miss out on learning material. Also, all video lessons are keyed in so that even foreign speakers can understand.

The “Sounds: How-To” playlist is dedicated to helping you learn about the mouth position for each sound in American English.

More advanced learners will also find the “Words That Reduce” playlist useful, as they can learn how native speakers shorten words as they speak.

Rachel’s videos are filled with phonics, pronunciation, grammar, idioms, sentence usage and examples to help you learn more easily and efficiently.

Bbc Learning English

English with Jennifer is a collection of hundreds of videos grouped into easy-to-use playlists. There are lessons for beginners, tips to improve your English writing, grammar explained and more.

What sets this video apart from the rest is its fresh and simple presentation and special focus on diction.

There are no writers or actors, only native speakers of American English. Jennifer also offers one-on-one private lessons.

Youtube Short Stories In English For Adults

Taking English lessons a step further, this YouTube channel from Pod English offers viewers the opportunity to learn business English.

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Each lesson is clear and thorough, covering topics such as job interviews, negotiations, phone speaking, presentations, meetings, supply chain management, finance/economics, and contract law.

This channel provides subtitled news reports that are read aloud at a slower than normal speed. This gives the viewer time to read the subtitles and hear each word clearly and slowly.

This is a fun YouTube channel that teaches real English slang, idioms and verbs through whiteboard lessons and fun animations. Videos show you the usage and meaning of each proverb while increasing your English vocabulary.

You’ll also learn pronunciation and listening skills to help you along the way. Learn American English also offers some business English lessons as well as opportunities to improve your score on IELTS, TOEIC and TOEFL exams.

Introducing The Youtube Shorts Fund

KidsTV123 has a collection of songs aimed at language learning in general. Many of these also focus on language elements that children learn in school, such as numbers, colors and the alphabet.

The videos have simple and clear animations and the songs are fun for you and your kids to listen to!

This is a truly unique channel that provides trivia-based learning videos to teach American culture, history, science, and more.

Youtube Short Stories In English For Adults

Videos bust myths, share fun facts, and everything in between. It’s a fun way to use your listening skills to learn English while learning some interesting facts along the way.

List Of Youtube Premium Original Programming

Each channel presents the curriculum through a series of videos using a combination of Narrator and human animation. These video lessons are interesting and engaging.

The channel currently has about 20 different courses, with 30 videos in each collection. These videos provide a wide variety of content to help you learn English and other subjects, such as US and world history, literature, government and politics, biology, and even video games!

English teacher Andrea Giordano is the host of her YouTube channel, Studia cu Andrea. This exciting channel is perfect for learning American English vocabulary quickly, as the short lessons are easy to follow.

Learn makes learning English fun and easy by sharing short video phrases from movies, news clips, social media and more.

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Students can also listen to expressions used in the context of the story. It is a great way to memorize new English phrases and speak more like a native English speaker.

Hadar Shemesh is the host of the YouTube channel Accent’s Way English with Hadar. After moving to New York, she mastered American English like a native speaker thanks to a dialect coach at her acting school.

Now, he offers the same opportunity to viewers interested in learning English through his YouTube channel, with a special focus on pronunciation and grammar.

Youtube Short Stories In English For Adults

With new videos and shorts being uploaded frequently, you’ll have plenty of material to learn English with Haider.

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The focus is mainly on English language and listening skills. This channel teaches English conversational phrases, grammar and vocabulary in a relaxed format, helping you to understand spoken English with ease.

National Geographic has more than 20 million subscribers – and counting – because it’s the number one resource for science, news, exploration, nature and adventure.

The channel is ideal for students of American and British English: the narrators, interviewees and interviewees in their video documentaries often speak fluently and use accents from the English-speaking world.

The videos are easy to follow even if you are not at an advanced level. Plus, you can always turn on subtitles in the background of videos to practice your English reading skills.

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The channel formerly known as Jaxgap says it has made a “huge change”, rebranding its hugely popular YouTube channel to Earthrise.

The channel primarily focuses on real storytelling, with an emphasis on climate change and the current climate crisis.

It is a great learning resource for English learners, as the videos are subtitled with English vocabulary and subtitles where another foreign language is spoken.

Youtube Short Stories In English For Adults

Lingua Marina is hosted by Marina Mogilko, a native Russian who moved to California and speaks excellent English.

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It teaches the audience that it is normal to make mistakes while learning to speak English. From pronunciation to vocabulary, conversation exercises, listening skills and much more, this channel offers a relaxed learning approach to learning English.

Annie Rudden is the host of Pronunciation Pro, where she teaches English pronunciation and fluency to her viewers.

While pronunciation is the main focus of this learning channel, Annie also covers topics such as consonants, short and long vowels, conversation practice, and listening skills.

Great for beginners to advanced learners, this channel has tons of videos to jump-start your flow.

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This is another great resource channel in American English. Business English with Christina helps students become more confident in their business speaking skills while learning valuable grammar and pronunciation techniques.

Plus, if you sign up for Christina’s newsletter, you’ll get an added learning bonus that will get you on your way.

Designed to make learning English quick and easy, the video lessons on cover many aspects of the English language and its culture, so you can discover more about these countries while learning their language.

Youtube Short Stories In English For Adults

You’ll learn through audio and video lessons with real teachers for beginners to advanced students, with new lessons uploaded every week.

Create Youtube Shorts With Sampled Content

You can also sign up to receive one new word every day straight to your inbox to stay in regular touch with the English language.

With over one million subscribers and a YouTube channel spanning 16 years, this is one of the most popular and well-known YouTube channels for learning English – it’s easy to see why.

Channel English addict Mr. Duncan with Mr. Duncan, a master of English grammar, pronunciation, spelling, word definitions, expressions and idioms, and everything in between. Duncan really enjoys teaching English and the video lessons are free to the public.

You can join him in live lessons every Sunday and Wednesday (14:00 GMT: UK time) on YouTube.

Short Stories In English For Students Ep 220

If you’re interested in learning English, the BBC, one of the world’s best-known broadcasting companies, offers free English video lessons through its YouTube channel, BBC Learning English.

Both children and adults learning English as a second language can enjoy listening to and singing children’s songs (traditional children’s songs) on the LearnEnglish Kids YouTube channel created by the British Council.

This is a great channel for kids full of animated videos and nursery rhymes. Each well produced English video contains funny cartoons and English subtitles.

Youtube Short Stories In English For Adults

The channel also has a series of English “Word of the Week” videos where you can see and hear children from all over the world saying new words.

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In this channel, you will find English grammar lessons on verbs, pronouns, past and present, and many more. You’ll find tons of examples, quizzes, and more.

With over five million subscribers, mmmEnglish has 200 English lessons to build your vocabulary, develop pronunciation, and learn grammar and conversation skills.

There are lessons on phrasal verbs, idioms, adjectives, slang, and more, so both beginners and advanced students will find a variety of study options at their disposal.

Provides guidance on vowels, vowels, pronunciation, consonants, verbs, and more. This channel is a great resource to help you on your way to English fluency.

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Papa Teach Me is a fun and entertaining channel filled with lessons on idioms, proverbs, phrases, common words and much more.

Video lessons are uploaded every week, and you will enjoy the humor in the lesson content, making the learning experience more enjoyable.

Rachel’s English has got to be the most authentic, diverse, comprehensive, yet clear online English learning resource on YouTube.

Youtube Short Stories In English For Adults

With nearly five million subscribers, over two million views, and content updated every Tuesday, you can’t go wrong choosing this as your primary destination for learning English.

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