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Xplace Games – The address of this website is Street: Conselheiro Araújo, 28, 28 – Loja Térreo, Centro, Curitiba, PR – 80060-230

Often, the websites, apps or services that pose the greatest risk to consumers are the ones that have just been launched, because the website has been online for years. not to the standard, so the business of it. make a reputation. in many years of work.

Xplace Games

Xplace Games

The second feature is if the site has a contact number, call to ask for information, if the site has a contact form, check the response time of this contact. and from willing to Buy, I feel doubt jump.

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Four functions Check if the site is compatible. because no matter how small the site is, it needs interaction with its customers, a website that does not have a relationship is not intended to be online for a long time, does not want to have a relationship be good with customers for a long time, and need to be online just touch and then permanently disable the site and give the boys to people.

Fifth function check the payment. if the website or app you want to use or will only provide a way to transfer money in the company, which is already a reason to buy smart. and hit you

When you buy with a credit card, you can have more security if the purchase or deal does not work, you can contact the cardholder and cancel the purchase.

Sixth feature: Check if the site has the correct data, CNPJ in the data of the online purchase. How will you solve it if it has a problem? that is, if you still have a TV. Remember that as a micro-entrepreneur you cannot afford to cover thousands of televisions.

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July Always check and evaluate sites like our site here at éconfiavel.com, please here and others who always check the reputation of sites.

Eight characteristics. Don’t buy it because it’s too cheap. Never heard of the site, it is very cheap, promotion, temptation, the site has no complaints, no praise, nothing on the internet. That is another reason to be smart and don’t buy, you will fall for fraud.

Tell us about your purchase, delivery, service, payment, is it really reliable? If you agree or not to buy or trade, you can leave a comment, tell us your opinion. TheXPlace, a professional gaming community, announced today that it will begin open beta. This site claims to have a similar experience to LinkedIn, but suited for people in the sports industry.

Xplace Games

Other gaming industry veterans have backed TheXPlace: Harmonix’s Alex and Chris Rigopoulos, RedOctane’s Cai Huang, Plarium’s Gabi Shallel, XFactor Ventures, Two Light Businesses, Angel Ventures, Hustle Fund and others.

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According to the CEO, the role of the site is to provide a place where professionals can present their work. Some sites do not meet all the needs of the game of a professional game. Rand said in a statement that we’re building TheXPlace for people working in the fast-paced video game industry to help them thrive and feel valued in a more equal and equitable business. We think there has to be a better way to work. TheXPlace is the solution. This means that talent has access to creative and productive time without borders, providing a more stable job and cost control, the game companies have access to to many of the top talents they want without huge costs, and everyone wins.

As the site’s creator, he likes talents such as Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Naughty Dog, Zynga, Playtika, Tencent and Activision Blizzard. And because I think it’s the best solution for the business, I’ve had incredible responses from not only AAA studios, but top talent, so far .

This website is in beta today. It will be available for many different people and skills, and those who want to participate can apply.

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Xplace Games

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Square Enix’s sale of Western studios and titles to the Embracer Group has far-reaching implications. After the studio closed,… When Maya Rand came to the United States in 2005 to study business administration at MIT, she never dreamed that she would be there for more than 15 years. He lives thanks to the interesting job he got after graduation: in 2007 he joined the video game company Electronic Arts, which produces games like SIMS, FIFA, Rock Band and Battlefield.

Rand rose through the ranks to become EA’s executive director and then COO, during which time he was responsible for publishing Battlefield 3 and 4 and played a role in many of the changes that followed. try in the world of video games. “I worked closely with the CEO, I saw how much the business has changed. For example, I was part of the launch of the first cloud-based game. It involved many years of work with hundreds of people working on every game and project,” says Rand.

Rand also got his first taste of the startup world when in 2015 he was named head of development and collaboration at Beepi, which, among other things, matches sellers and used car buyers; and in 2017, when he was appointed vice president of the startup Pley, which provides content for children.

For the past two years, he has been working solo, practicing his love for gaming as the founder and CEO of the startup XPlace, which creates a network of independent professionals in video game industry with companies in the industry.

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The video game industry around the world has grown rapidly in recent years, especially since the coronavirus pandemic. Statista market research predicts that the video game industry will grow 23 percent ​​by 2025 and reach a value of $ 2.89 trillion.

Rand realized that the economy was suffering from serious human problems. “One of the biggest film companies in the world told me that in 2020 they managed to hire less than 10 game developers,” he said. According to Rand, filling important jobs such as game developers or 3D designers that meet the needs of the business is an expensive process that takes several months.

Although all high-tech industries suffer from a shortage of talent, according to Rand, work in the video game industry is different: “People are often hired for jobs , sometimes a company can hire experts and designers and when the project is finished. [they are cut ties], the situation is difficult for the workers and the company.”

Xplace Games

In 2021, XPlace raised $1.5 million in seed capital from well-known investors in the video game industry, including Eyal Shaked; Charles Huang, creator of the popular game Guitar Hero; and founder of Harmonix Music Systems. Capital raising is through the Simple Forward Capital Agreement (SAFE) mechanism, which allows investors to quickly invest capital into a company while it is up and running, before establishing the Company value, which often occurs in conditions when the company is active. . XPlace has 12 employees, all in the US.

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“I’m not a serious player,” Rand said. “When I introduced to EA, they always said, ‘This is Maya, she’s not a gamer, but she’s real.’ The 15-year-old girl, on the other hand, is a very good athlete.” When I saw him play. , I know how much the world is in the future, “he added.

Rand explains that the problems facing the video game industry have many causes. The first is that the business is full of niches and each project and game requires special skills. The second reason is the secrecy that covers the world: the business in this field is based on big advertising and uses a lot to avoid leaks before release.

At XPlace, anyone can make a video

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