When Will The Earth End

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When Will The Earth End – In the 14th century, the Italian poet Petrarch wrote a letter to a friend in Avignon describing his feelings of “predestination” after an earthquake shook the foundations of a church in Rome. “What can I do before I cry or panic?” he asked. “Everywhere there is cause for fear, everywhere there is cause for sorrow.”

Earthquakes are the only natural disasters in the poet’s life up to that point: floods, hurricanes, fires, wars, and finally the “old weather accidents”, the dark dark death. That would eventually kill more than a third of Europe’s population.

When Will The Earth End

When Will The Earth End

In his book, Petrarch is saddened by the suffering of the present, but is deeply concerned about what it means for the future. His fear is “not just the earthquake, but the mental impact.”

Will The Earth Be Destroyed?

Six hundred years after Petrarch felt the shock of his time, the effects of the disaster have been the subject of recent articles published in recent weeks by the New York Times, Washington Post and New York Magazine. It’s about the end of the world, as we know it. They address a fundamental question about our ability to deal with potential threats: What should we think about – and do about – global disasters, such as climate change?

After years of sea level rise, global warming and extinction, why is this issue exploding in American culture? To clarify, I asked Elizabeth Weil, whose article “How to Live in Crisis” appeared in New York magazine last week. He believes more writing on the subject is related to the 2020 climate crisis. “The idea that we’re not in climate change has weakened,” he said. “You can’t deny it anymore.”

As of 2020, the Doomsday is approaching midnight. We’re living in a time of what the Bulletin of Nuclear Scientists calls “dangers and unmanageables,” citing among the reasons for declaring an emergency a severe climate change, fears of a nuclear war in Ukraine, and disease. The Covid-19 pandemic. . When it comes to climate change, the scientific consensus on humanity’s response is “more words, less action,” and the COP27 negotiations did nothing to prove otherwise.

Joel Achenbach admitted to the Washington Post that he is skeptical with confidence, referring to the way you think about what undermines your belief in people or lack of it. It is. “Do you really believe in humanity?” he asked.

Could Earth Be Swallowed By A Black Hole?

Writing “Beyond the Challenges” in Time, David Wallace-Wells also saw reasons for hope in 2022. With the help of new cheap renewable energy and “global political movements,” Wallace-Wells envisioned a “new climate” for humanity. And the planet will be fulfilled, whether it is “dire prophecy” or “great hope”.

In her talk, Weil consults with activists and scholars, examining the strategies others have used to deal with past disasters. “Not for the first time in human history” the world rules forever. (Petrarch would agree: he said that the end of the 1340s was such a time of calamity that “new forms of evil are not understood”).

Weil’s sections on “intellectual destruction” were supported by such thinkers as the Swedish environmentalist Andreas Malm, author of “How to Burst the Pipe”, and the “religious tools” of the philosopher Timothy Morton and the “Comfort protocol” “of games . such as funeral ombuds organized by anthropologists Cymene Howe and Dominic Boyer in Iceland in 2019. They created a board called “Books of the Future” with the message:

When Will The Earth End

Knowing what to do is one thing; The will to do it is another thing. We have not faced this problem in the same way or at the same speed. Some of us are still in the discussion and anger stages, while others have changed their minds long ago.

Why The World Didn’t End And Planet Nibiru Failed To Smash Into Earth On September 23

When I went to Iceland in August, I was standing on the edge of the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier. Icebergs – chunks of ice from dead plates – float in volcanic ash piles, a record of Iceland’s ancient run. I asked a few Icelanders who worked as tour guides what they felt about the place. For me, things change and it hurts. The lake in this state due to climate change and its beauty is also a painful symptom. But the people of Iceland did not see it the way I did, maybe because in their country for a long time they could not ignore the way we destroy the environment. They don’t experience trauma. When we watched the crowd take pictures of the animals caught in the water, their response was amazing. “That’s how it happened,” said one of them.

The truth about this tragedy is that despite its chaos, most of us move forward, running away from fear. We connect, we rebuild, and we hope that our neighbors will not survive us. . When all that is familiar is crumbling around us, our first instinct is to cling to the remnants of normality. You can clearly see this trend in the first months of the Covid-19 pandemic. All over the world, fear was quickly replaced by bad habits.

On the other hand, as Weil points out in his chapter, there is nothing ambiguous about risk when you live in real risk. “Yes, it was a disaster,” he wrote. “No, you won’t be right if you keep telling yourself that.” In order to avoid the difficulties of rejection and despair, we must draw a practical path in the depths between negative and positive hope. “We have to live with hope,” Weil said. “And we must live in great fear.” To safely evacuate a burning building and put out a fire, you must call the emergency services. You must also be confident and motivated to stay calm.

Here’s another way to think about risk: Find comfort in the meaning of action. Weil quotes Günther Anders as recalling the great flood in which Noah appeared to the people in sackcloth, telling them that they had died because of all the calamities that were about to befall them. That night, a carpenter came to his workshop and asked to build an ark so that Noah’s evil vision would not “come true.” The future looks set to be transformed by work.

Nasa Asteroid Watch: Asteroid, Big As Cricket Pitch, Hurtling Towards Earth Today

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Anders’ story is like a simple parable that warns us about the folly of trusting faith only when you are in danger. “Call on God, but do not sit on the rock” is the English translation, although similar warnings are found in other languages ​​and cultures. Faith in one’s spirit may be the necessary oil for the troubled mind, but oil cannot heal us. Hope you don’t make a wish.

In one of Petrarch’s letters, he consoled his correspondent with a quote from Virgil. He wrote: “Look, find salvation by hoping for the best; Our hope for the future must not be based on the continuation of sad and unequal things. “Changes are scary and big changes are scary, but our world is not perfect. Weil said this in our interview. What if change brings us to a better place?” Even if we are afraid?

When Will The Earth End

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – The number of sand dollars, sea turtles and sea turtles, which live in the Florida Keys ecosystem, has not remained “safe” since the 1960s, new research shows. This is true despite the fact that fish, coral, seaweed and fish are declining in this area. Researchers don’t know why these animals became so abundant, but they think they may have become “non-commercial or recreational” for humans.

How Will Life End On Earth?

Meteorologist and activist Peter Kalmus was arrested at a North Carolina private airport to raise awareness of climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. This is the second time this year that he has been arrested for protesting. “It was no wonder I got here,” Kalmus said. “I feel hopeless”

In Israel, scientists are building a seed bank of wild plants, hoping that these genes can solve growing problems related to climate change and agriculture. Scientists want to collect seeds from this place, especially since it was once there

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