When Will End Of The World Happen

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When Will End Of The World Happen – Matthew Wark receives funding from the Carnegie Trust for Universities in Scotland and the European Research Council.

Earth will not be able to support and sustain life forever. Our oxygen-rich atmosphere could disappear in another billion years, according to a new study in Nature Geoscience.

When Will End Of The World Happen

When Will End Of The World Happen

As our Sun ages, it becomes brighter, meaning Earth will receive more solar energy in the future. This increased energy would affect the Earth by accelerating the weathering of silicate rocks such as basalt and granite. When these rocks break down, the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere and through chemical reactions trapped in carbonate minerals. Theoretically, the Earth should begin to cool as carbon dioxide levels decrease, but for about 2 billion years the next 2 billion years will be ignored by intense sunlight.

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Carbon dioxide, along with water, is one of the main things that plants need for photosynthesis. As carbon dioxide decreases, less photosynthesis will occur, and some plant species may die altogether. Reduced photosynthesis means less oxygen, and gradually the amount of oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere will decrease, causing problems for other life forms in the future.

And when will it happen? To find out, researchers in Japan and the United States used computer simulations to predict future changes in Earth’s atmosphere, carbon, phosphorus, and sulfur. They also consider climate change and how the earth’s surface (land, sea, and air) interacts with the earth’s mantle (mantle).

They modeled two hypothetical scenarios: an Earth-like planet with an active atmosphere and a planet without an atmosphere. Interestingly, both scenarios lead to the same result. the atmosphere begins to decline precipitously after about 1 billion years. This discovery shows that although carbon dioxide reduction and photosynthesis plants affect oxygen, the results of these processes are secondary to the long-term interaction of clothing and the environment. In short, it’s somewhere between the geochemistry of rocks entering the mantle (see figure below) and gases escaping the mantle through volcanoes that seem to keep the planet in good shape.

Subduction is the process by which rocks sink into the Earth’s interior. But these rocks can carry other gases. Stihii / shutterstock

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The authors of the study concluded that our oxygen-rich atmosphere could survive for another 1.08 billion years. To explain this, oxygen began to accumulate in Earth’s atmosphere only 2.5 billion years ago during a great oxidation event, and it is likely that oxygen levels are still at their lowest levels in Earth’s history, rising to the present day. following the evolution of land plants about 400 million years ago.

Read more. Billions of years ago, high oxygen levels in Earth’s atmosphere caused the world’s water to cool.

The end of oxygen pretty much means the end of Earth’s ability to support hard-breathing life forms. Although the details are disputed and other environmental factors are at play, scientists note that the evolution and evolution of complex life on Earth appears to be linked to a period of increased oxygen.

When Will End Of The World Happen

The authors of the study estimate that Earth’s entire life before it lost water was about 7.2 billion years, but they also calculated that an atmosphere with a good atmosphere would have existed for about 20% to 30% of that time. time

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Why is this important? Imagine we are aliens on another planet probing the atmosphere for signs of life, looking for oxygen and ozone in the exoplanet’s atmosphere. If our instrument were to pass by Earth 2 billion years from now, or 2 billion years earlier, we could interpret the false positives as Earth having no reliable “biography” and continue our search.

Astronomers and planetary scientists face a similar problem today. what kind of exoplanets should we be looking for, and what signs of extraterrestrial life are reliable? Existence is not a space around the stars, but a period of planetary transits, and we must always be aware that we are limited to what we can see now.

The future of our atmosphere looks a lot like the past: thin air, high in methane (if not carbon dioxide) with possible fog. Using Earth as an analog, the authors of this new study suggest, we can think more deeply about the atmospheres we’re looking for in exoplanets and have to rethink our interpretation of what those atmospheres might represent.

We need a better understanding of the evolution of our environment over time and how the surface and interior of our planet change together. Well, we can be happy because there is life these days. In a billion years, Earth’s atmosphere will have less oxygen, making it impossible for complex aerobic life to exist.

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Today, air makes up about 21 percent of the Earth’s surface. Its oxygen-rich nature is ideal for large and complex organisms such as humans that require oxygen to survive. But early in Earth’s history, oxygen levels were extremely low and are likely to remain even lower in the future.

Kazumi Ozaki of Toho University in Funabashi, Japan, and Chris Reinhardt of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta are modeling Earth’s climate, biological and geological systems to predict how Earth’s atmosphere will change.

Researchers say Earth’s atmosphere will remain high in carbon dioxide for the next billion years before returning to low levels similar to the Great Oxidation that occurred 2.4 billion years ago.

When Will End Of The World Happen

One of the main reasons for the change is that the sun gets hotter and releases more energy as it ages. The researchers calculated that this would lead to lower carbon emissions into the atmosphere as the CO2 absorbs heat and breaks down.

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Ozaki and Reinhard estimate that in a billion years carbon dioxide levels will be so low that photosynthetic organisms, including plants, will no longer be able to survive and produce carbon dioxide. The high efficiency of these photosynthetic organisms may be the main reason for the high level of oxygen consumption.

“Oxygen consumption is very important. we’re talking about a million times less oxygen than today,” Reinhardt said.

The researchers also speculate that methane levels could rise to 10,000 times what is in the atmosphere at the same time.

As the Earth’s climate begins to change, it grows rapidly. the team’s calculations show that the atmosphere could lose its carbon in just 10,000 years.

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After that, life on Earth will be very limited, Reinhardt said. “A world where highly resistant and ancient bacteria lurking in the shadows will rule again.”

Life on earth will be no more, nor life in the water. The ozone layer, which is made up of oxygen, will disappear, exposing the Earth and its oceans to ultraviolet light and the heat of the burning sun.

The research was carried out as part of NASA’s habitable planets project, and the predictions have implications for finding life on other planets. Oxygen-based biosignatures are often used to identify potential planets.

When Will End Of The World Happen

“Oxygen in its many forms is very important because it is necessary for life on Earth,” says Natalie Allen of Johns Hopkins University in Maryland. But new predictions show that oxygen availability fluctuates and may not be constant on habitable planets.

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“It shows that even planets orbiting other stars that are very similar to Earth can’t have much gas in the atmosphere, even though it could support or support complex life,” said Kevin Ortiz Ceballos at the university. From Puerto Rico. Not detecting an atmosphere around Earth doesn’t mean it’s uninhabitable, he said.

Ozaki and Reinhard suggest other biosignatures for finding alien life instead of oxygen. For example, a hydrocarbon cloud in a planet’s atmosphere could provide a permanent component of extraterrestrial life.

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