When Will Aliens Come To Earth

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When Will Aliens Come To Earth – A mountain in central Thailand is attracting UFO researchers who believe extraterrestrials are hovering over a giant Buddha statue, sending telepathic messages, walking through sugarcane fields and calling a crocodile-infested lake a refuge for their foreigners. Use as a launch pad. – Pluto and Loku.

Although it sounds like science fiction, a small group of people claim that alien messages from spaceships contain many traditional religious teachings – leading them to believe they are Buddhist.

When Will Aliens Come To Earth

When Will Aliens Come To Earth

It all takes place three hours by road or train north of Bangkok in Nakhon Sawan – literally “heavenly city”.

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Without all the UFO hype, it’s a cozy little town. But followers believe that if you meditate on Khao Kala Mountain, outside Nakhon Sawan, you can hear the silver creatures speaking like voices in your head, the language of your mind.

They conclude by saying that there is no guarantee that you will see UFOs or aliens, defined as appearing suddenly, speaking or by themselves and disappearing after a few hours.

Government officials are said to have panicked when UFO researchers began gathering on the Khao Kala mountain to see and communicate with the aliens, potentially endangering life in the protected forest.

Visitors are allowed to climb to the top of the hill and see the giant Buddha statue and the “Buddha Foot”, where people pray. But the law prohibits anyone from living or staying in these areas, including the UFO researchers who first set up tents on the site.

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In August, around 40 officials, including forest department officials, dispersed a group of Thai fans at the top of Khao Kala, and asked the court to ban the gathering.

On September 20, about 30 police and foresters confronted the head of the global campaign, Vasana Chuensamnoun, and 60 other UFO enthusiasts.

Dressed in white, the group planned to film as members “meditate” on top of the mountain at sunset in hopes of connecting with the aliens, Vasana told Travel.

When Will Aliens Come To Earth

Saying they didn’t want to be arrested, the UFO followers gathered under a mountain on private property, meditated for a few hours and left.

Project Galileo: The Search For Alien Tech In Our Solar System

As for the alleged origin of the mountain that attracts people from all over the world, believers say it all started in 1997, when retired Sergeant-Major Chard Chuansamon, who was deeply Buddhist at home , sent a context message. Which he insisted were foreigners.

He said the two men were pulled from the living room couch and wheeled together, like whirling dervishes, out of the house and into the yard.

“I couldn’t stop myself for four or five minutes. I didn’t panic. We both went out.”

Asked to repeat his circle, Jaron slowly walked into the living room with his arms outstretched, but soon fell to the floor in shock.

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Vasana, who quit her job as a nurse to face the world, says her father has been receiving telepathic messages for years.

Now, he says, more than 100 other Thais have this qualification after training with him. Followers have been posting information and photos to the UFOKaoKala community on Facebook and elsewhere, with some claiming to have seen aliens and spaceships in the area.

In the Nakhon Sawan suburb of Khao Kala Hill between the abattoirs and Bueng Borahet Lake, most of the strange encounters are reported close to the family’s home, where residents warn of infested crocodiles.

When Will Aliens Come To Earth

The figure shows a stand on two legs and two arms and a head with a pointed face above an antenna. Large, bulbous, almond-shaped black eyes peer into a small nose and small mouth.

How Would We Give Aliens Directions To Earth?

Believers say the silver spaceships appear filled with colored lights or resemble the domed, round, retro-UFOs seen in some 1950s movies.

“There are two kinds of aliens,” said Vasana. “One group is from the planet Pluto. The other is from a planet called Loku.

“Aliens from Pluto are made of energy, they can manifest in physical form and they can teach people. Aliens from Loku have physical and physical knowledge. They work together.

“The aliens of Pluto are worried about something bad happening on Earth, like a war or the environment, that could affect their planet. They also want to give some people the ability to communicate with them, so if humans will go nuclear. Destroying everything in the war, the aliens can help the survivors rebuild human civilization.”

Have We Already Been Visited By Aliens?

The choice of foreigners to choose Khao Kala is unusual because it is small in a group of mountains. Contemplators say they’re thankful they don’t have to climb very far to reach the top.

There, a larger-than-life Buddha statue is guarded by seven snake “Nagas,” who have climbed the mountain for years and are not associated with any UFOs before the family legends.

The 360-degree view from the mountain includes the area below, where Vasana and others claim to have seen aliens land in a UFO, fly around and then disappear in a nuclear bomb.

When Will Aliens Come To Earth

“I lived 10,000,000 years,” said the leader of the Pluto aliens.

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“How long does it take to get here from Pluto? I walk in dimensions. This is modern physics. I walk with my mind.”

Vasana said that the foreign ruler from Pluto also told him that the Buddha was “a great wisdom of the people” and that he “did not talk to people, or try to talk to them, about the preservation of people of the world.” But he told the disciples to “obey the rules of the world.”

Thoughtful announcements from Pluto to Vasana include a lot of advice on “karma,” “rebirth,” “greed,” “fear” and other Buddhist issues, he says, as well as altruistic thoughts. about what you shouldn’t worry about. About a global outbreak from nuclear war, climate change, mutant plague or other “catastrophe”.

It can also provide members with legal and social protection if their UFO group becomes more popular. Thai authorities and society reject any perceived traditional beliefs and religious influence.

Blasting Out Earth’s Location With The Hope Of Reaching Aliens Is A Controversial Idea

Buddhism is open to the possibility that people may not exist in the world, spirits, spirits and other non-human existences, but it warns against being led into the invisible pit of abstract ideas.

Asked about UFO sightings and alien contact in Thailand, Buddhist scholar Virnut Rojanprapa, who holds a PhD in philosophy and religion from St John’s University in Bangkok, told Travel: “We don’t need to know that it is True or not. Yes, if it is a false story or if it is true, the Buddha taught us that either a person who says he thinks he can talk to a foreigner, or if He believes, then was listening to him.

“But it doesn’t matter,” said Veernoot. “It doesn’t matter if he feels foreign or not. It doesn’t help us because of [meeting] Irwan.” “We don’t say it’s good or bad to talk to a foreigner. But listen carefully: many things are just lies.”

When Will Aliens Come To Earth

However, Bangkok-based Ploy Buranasiri has been visiting Khao Kala for nine years and claims to have seen aliens and UFOs there several times.

With New Study, Nasa Seeks The Science Behind Ufos

When asked what he wanted to say to the aliens, he said, “I want to ask them to come to their world.”

The Year of the Best Beaches in the World has a great beach for every week of the year. Join us on a 12-month journey to see them all Take to the beautiful sea According to reports, Britain’s first former astronaut recently revealed the possibility of aliens living with us on Earth: “Maybe they’re here now and we’re not can do. . Look at them.”

Astronaut Helen Patricia Sherman went on a mission to visit the Soviet Mir spacecraft in May 1991, and was the first of seven British astronauts to eventually go into space.

While the idea of ​​aliens living here seems strange, go back and see if he knows something the rest of us don’t.

Aliens Could Watch Earth From Hundreds Of Star Systems, Scientists Say

Did he see or experience something in space that made him want to know more about the world?

Perhaps the rays of heaven permeate his body and mind, producing or triggering a dormant intellectual capacity that informs the existence of alien species. It’s like your dog or cat has a sixth sense that we humans don’t; Perhaps Helen now has an uncanny ability to sense strange visitors to this world.

Honestly, since there are more than 550 people in space, one has to wonder how other astronauts don’t have similar revelations.

When Will Aliens Come To Earth

Come to think of it, maybe some have actually experienced this, but they are too narrow-minded or worried that the rest of the world is associated with so many people that they might consider them crazy or illiterate.

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If you think there are extraterrestrials, but there is no evidence and you have a gut feeling, would you say so?

On the one hand, perhaps out of sincere devotion to humanity, you may consider it your duty to free them.

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