When Is The End Of The World Going To Happen

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Everywhere in the (hopeful) twilight of the 2016 presidential election cycle, the end of the world is being touted as a less-than-imminent reality.

When Is The End Of The World Going To Happen

When Is The End Of The World Going To Happen

Michael Brendan Dougherty wrote in his weekly column titled “God’s Judgment upon Us This Election”, published the day before the election, that “every sign of God’s judgment upon a nation or civilization seems to be upon us.”

Biden Is Going Protectionist. Republicans Are Going Off The Nationalist Deep End

“In my opinion, the election of Hillary Clinton will lead to the complete collapse of our country,” Donald Trump told a crowd in Ocala, Florida, last October.

Former U.S. Senator Ben Bradley warned on ABC News’ Powerhouse Politics that a Trump election would lead to nuclear war.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is episode 93. This may be our last chance. Now it’s time to roll. It’s time to step up and save Western Civilization.

And on Oct. 1, the UMass Lowell Center for Public Opinion and Odyssey Millennials polled 247 18-35-year-olds, finding 53% would rather experience a meteor cataclysm than see Trump come to power. 34% felt the same way, but spoke about Clinton.

Apocalypse Nowish, By Michael Robbins

The 2016 election will be unlike anything we’ve seen, and there’s no doubt that Donald Trump’s candidacy presents some dangers not seen even in the arid 1960s. The shocking fact is that 2016 is deep not because it is like 1968, but because it is not like 1968.

But while the stakes, substance, and far-reaching implications of the 2016 election all seem fresh, the rhetoric of the apocalypse has a place in the minds of Americans. future or recent. future.

During the GOP candidate debate, the urgency of declaring the end of the world was a battle between candidates, as The New Republic’s Jeet Heer noted:

When Is The End Of The World Going To Happen

The subject of the sixth Republican debate was impending Armageddon, as candidates warned each other that the end was near, and he said, “If we don’t get this election right, we may come back.” Catch America. It wasn’t one of the party’s tough guys like Ben Carson or Donald Trump, says Marco Rubio, the party’s bright voice. Chris Christie warned, “If you’re concerned about the safety of your home and family, you can’t give Hillary Clinton a third.” Terms. “Barack Obama’s Leadership.” When Carson himself warned that “this country is over as we know it”, he was almost an afterthought if the Democrats won and nominated more than two justices.

Is Human Civilisation Really Going To End By 2050?

But the apocalypse didn’t start in 2015, nor was it confined to the 2016 election cycle. It permeates the rhetoric of American politics.

At the Voter Values ​​Summit in 2013, after President Barack Obama began his second term, Ted Cruz said as early as 2016: . I don’t think it’s long. I don’t think 10 years. We can change countries for two years or forget the slopes.”

“The United States is approaching a tipping point at which the nation cannot change its course,” he declared in the dark and early foreword to Paul Ryan’s “Road Map,” a statement on the fiscal principles that have shaped the issue. Last Approved Budget. to 98% of Republicans in the House of Representatives in the spring. Rick Santorum warned the audience: Even a sane person like Mitt Romney will keep saying that “a free economy is far from it” and that this election “could be our last chance.”

Or back in 2008, when the McCain campaign ran ads mocking Obama as the anointed savior of some supporters or portraying him as the antichrist, depending on the circumstances. Who did you talk to?

Don’t Make Plans For Christmas, Folks! The World Is ‘going To End On July 29’ In A Population Killing Apocalypse

While it’s clear that President Obama encouraged the emergence of apocalyptic rhetoric by some Republicans, this type is not confined to one political era or party. Lyndon B. Johnson’s 1964 campaign produced the famous “Daisy” ad. , a young girl is picking peaches to interrupt her innocent fun due to a nuclear explosion. “All God’s children can live or go into darkness,” the advertisement said. Johnson’s Republican opponent, Barry Goldwater, voted for the apocalypse.

At the conference that nominated Goldwater for the GOP nomination that same year, young Ronald Reagan became a political star with a “time for election” speech that matched his good looks. Reagan said, “You and I have the outlines of destiny.” “We either shield our children from this, humanity’s last hope on Earth, or curse them to take the first steps in a thousand years of darkness. Hold on here.” . We did everything we could.”

But this burden of thought did not originate with Reagan. In fact, it is in American history. Apocalyptic rhetoric was baked into America’s imagination, linked to the Puritan vision of America as a “city upon a hill”, the light of the world, and some Founders’ apocalyptic vision that America had tools. A future place on earth designated by God as part of his great plan. In fact, Americans have been preparing for the Second Coming of Jesus since the founding of the nation and often associate it with a political event.

When Is The End Of The World Going To Happen

Writing about the apocalyptic rhetoric of American elections, psychologist Daniel Whisker points out that over time there has been a noticeable shift in how Americans talk about these issues.

Why The World Is Not Going To End Because Of One Man

Satan’s people, their earthly kingdom, persecution of the elect, and the coming millennium—this theme of hope has been replaced in the American Republic by an age-old but eschatological theme since World War II that continues to increase in cyclical frequency. one. .. Panic… What distinguishes 21st-century apocalypse from most forms of 20th-century radicalism is the combination of religious and political themes… Since the start of the protest movement “Culture Wars”, the political importance of religious identity has increased. From traditional denominations to evangelism, and since 2000, the rhetoric of the renaissance confrontation between Christianity and Islam has rooted the theme of the Christian faith in its present complex form.

I co-authored a book about the end of pop culture that came out earlier this year. However, we had a title that turned out to be a disappointing innovation after we drafted it in 2014.

As long as we humans have talked about our beginnings, we have also talked about our end. All from Asgard and Midgard and Ragnarok. All Gardens of Eden, Armageddon. This “Apocalypse” story is about the end of the world and the destruction of civilization. That’s how it all ends. But apocalyptic literature isn’t really about the end of the world. The Greek word apokalypsis means the destruction of reality, the destruction as well as the destruction of perceived reality, the end of the apocalypse, the shocking tremor of revelation that transformed creation in its aftermath. When destroyed, it regenerates. Its destruction brings visions of the universe, gods or gods. Apocalyptic literature is often about who we are now (doers and receivers) rather than who we might be in the future. Shows more than expected. That’s why our story has changed over time. Just as the way we think about ourselves as individuals and as a community changes, so does our destiny.

What’s interesting about the story of hope we’ve mentioned is that in the past, people took it for granted that the end was their judgment. In the event of a fire, flood or other disaster, a god, gods or higher powers will eventually raise their hand and press the reset button.

The Quiet At The End Of The World

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