What Will The World End

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Mark your diaries, friends: the world ends on Saturday. According to numerologist David Meade, who predicted the beginning of the end times on September 23rd, it fell. Needless to say, we are holding our breath.

What Will The World End

What Will The World End

A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, the moon under her feet, and a crown of twelve stars on her head. As she was pregnant, she could not bear the pain while giving birth and cried.

Top 10 Ways Science Predicts The World Will End

Mead interprets this passage as referring to the constellation Virgo, which is often depicted as a woman. Today, Virgo moves across the sky ahead of the Moon and alongside the Sun. At the front of the constellation are the nine stars of Leo and the planets Mercury, Mars and Venus. According to Mead, these stars and planets are the “crown of twelve stars” in prophecy.

There is more to Meade’s story, but the cause of his downfall is the planet “Nibiru”, a mystical planet that often appears in the background. Although there may be a ninth planet in the farthest reaches of our solar system, Meade’s prediction is still not good.

Mead says he doesn’t really expect the world to end immediately on Saturday. In an interview with the Washington Post, Mead says: “The world is not ending, but the world as we know it is ending” on September 23. “Much of the world will not be the same in early October.”

Of course, the meaning of this is anyone’s guess, meaning that Mead would be free to interpret even the tiniest sign as evidence that he was right all along. But for those not driven by superstitious stupidity, a small consolation: the only way the world will end is if we end it ourselves.

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What Will The World End

David Mead said he didn’t think the world would end on April 23rd. Instead, Mead believes the hunt takes place between May and December. Photo: Zonar GmbH / Alamy/Alamy

Christian Group Predicts The World Will Be ‘annihilated’ On Wednesday

The news that the world will end on Monday is false, the person who said the world will end on Monday.

A number of news outlets reported this week that the world will end on April 23rd, citing Christian conspiracy theorist David Meade, who has made many false doomsday predictions.

Mead, who has written 14 books — most of which focus on the end of the world or the mysterious planet Nibiru, which some believe could collide with Earth — said on April 23 that he did not believe the world would end.

Instead, Mead believes the rapture—when Jesus appears and saves his followers, excluding the rest—will take place between May and December of this year. It will not be drawn on a specific date.

End Of The World Skeptics: 15 Ways To Prepare

Mead said the rapture would bring only seven years of “tribulation,” followed by 1,000 years of “peace and prosperity” in which the world would be destroyed.

The British newspaper Daily Express, which regularly mentions Meade in doomsday news, is the source of the April 23rd. The Express has written a dozen stories about the end of the world in the past week.

Mead has made some wrong predictions about the fate of the world. The planet Nibiru was predicted to bring about the destruction of the earth on September 23, 2017, which did not happen.

What Will The World End

Mead also predicted that the seven-year tribulation would begin on October 15, 2017. Mead’s tribulations criteria are unclear.

The End Of The World Will Happen This Month

Scientists have many theories about when the Earth will end, although none of the data points to this Monday.

A widely accepted theory is that the already gradually warming Sun will expand and engulf the planet. Some scientists believe this may have happened 7.6 billion years ago. Live science is supported by its audience. When you make a purchase through links on our site, we may receive an affiliate commission. That’s why you can trust us.

According to trained doomsday diviner David Mead, this is the beginning of the end. On April 23, 2018, Mead says, the Sun, Moon and Jupiter will be in the constellation Virgo (in fact, they won’t be in that constellation) — an alignment in which the biblical catastrophes are written.

In the Bible, Revelation 12:1-2 speaks of one “clothed with the sun, with the moon under his feet, and on his head a crown of twelve stars,” who strives to eventually give birth to a despot. of the world

World To End On June 21? Mayan Calendar Once Again Makes Doomsday Prediction

Mead did a lot of numerical and cosmic gymnastics to bring about today’s apocalypse, which almost certainly won’t come.

The same passage used for today’s prediction was the basis for Mead’s doomsday prediction last year when he said the sky would fall on September 23rd. It didn’t happen. [The end of the world? Top 10 Doomsday Threats]

In fact, today’s prediction seems to have long roots: Baptist preacher William Miller made several failed doomsday predictions, one of which was on April 23, 1843.

What Will The World End

Unfortunately, perhaps for Mead, Jupiter does not appear in Virgo, but in the constellation of Libra from Earth’s perspective; According to The Sky Live, the Sun will appear conjunct Aries, and the Moon will be tucked away in the constellation Gemini today.

Collective Effort’ Drove 20 Years Of Satellite Support > Defense Contract Management Agency > Article View

This celestial alignment, according to Mead, is the beginning of cosmic cataclysm. After that, an evil planet called Planet X is said to pass the Earth in October, causing total chaos (global volcanic eruptions) and ending in the return of Jesus Christ – based on the Book of Revelation -.

There are some problems with this part of the calculation. Originally, Planet X, also known as Nibiru, was fictional. While scientists are looking for an Earth-sized planet, sometimes called “Planet X” or “Planet Nine,” it’s a completely different world than the one described by Mead and others.

In fact, Nibiru is the brainchild of conspiracy theorist Nancy Leader, who floated the idea in the 1990s. This rogue planet — a body not missed by astronomers looking skyward in search of real extraterrestrial worlds — was, among other things, the basis of the failed Mayan disaster in 2012.

In addition to Nibiru being a created world that has been repeatedly condemned, the Apocalypse episode also has some complications.

How Will The World End: Death Plunge Or Death Spiral?

“The author of Revelation was wrong in his predictions, so neither this book nor any other ancient book has much value in predicting the future,” said St. Alan Kerkeslager of Philadelphia. Professor of Ancient and Comparative Religion at Joseph University. Live Science earlier this month.

Gina was the Editor-in-Chief of Live Science. Previously, he was a contributing editor to Scholastic’s Science World magazine. Jeana holds a BA in English from Salisbury University, an MA in Biogeochemistry and Environmental Science from the University of Maryland, and a PhD in Science Journalism from New York University. He worked as a biologist in Florida, monitoring wetlands and researching endangered species. He also received a Marine Science Journalism Fellowship from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. In NASA’s description, an object the size of our Moon collides with a planet the size of Mercury. Earth will not suffer the same fate on Saturday.

According to viral videos and various tabloids, September 23, 2017 marks the end of an era. Depending on your taste, the date could mark the end of days of a collision between Earth and a rogue planet or a world-changing celestial alignment.

What Will The World End

The last two scenes in the space represent two separate efforts by evangelical Christian groups, neither of which has widespread support among Christians.

Why One Man Predicts The World Will End On Saturday

One of the claims made by Wisconsin self-publisher David Mead is that according to a controversial work on biblical numerology, Earth will encounter the rogue planet Nibiru on September 23.

Meade’s prediction is the latest twist on the Nibiru conspiracy theory, which has its roots in the 1970s. First, this rogue planet should collide with Earth in 2003. However, an uncooperative universe forced a conspiracy

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