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What Is Track Event – Sprinting is a running sport that involves running short distances as fast as possible. However, the term sprint is used in many combined sports to refer to a faster goal. In athletics, where athletes run in hurdles (except for the 100 meters where all runners start behind the line), athletes start from blocks and run along the line. In addition, the 60-meter race will be held at the home championship.

The first 100 meter race was held in Greece. The first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens in 1896. He soon became an Olympic star and won the title of ‘World’s Fastest Man’. The first women’s Olympic Games were held in 1928 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

What Is Track Event

What Is Track Event

This race is also known as Long Sprint where athletes run 200 meters as fast as possible. Greece This event was held at the Olympic Games in 1924. It was included as the national anthem and field program in Paris. Later, the women’s 200m. In 1948, the London Games were added to the Olympic Games.

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The first athletic competition was held in Great Britain in 1824. Oxford was held at Exeter College and involved a 402 meter quarter mile race. Later, the event was lowered to 400 meters, and in 1896 Greece. The first modern Olympic Games held in Athens were for men only. Women’s competition was added to the Tokyo Olympics in 1964. Finland also won the men’s and women’s 400m at the 1983 World Championships at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium.

New technological developments are the starting blocks; Enhances running performance by enhancing the performance of synthetic trail materials and shoe technologies.

The main goal of the athletes is to run the entire distance with endurance and cross the finish line as fast as possible.

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) is the only global governing body that organizes athletics championships at the international level. Sportsmen and women athletes compete as individuals in different countries in the field of running. In addition, American and African athletes were more successful in sprinting, which is believed to be due to the following reasons.

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Sprinters usually need two types of shoes: training shoes and running shoes. Running shoes are usually placed on the heel with a little weight. They add a toe to keep the runner on their toes. The spine has eleven teeth no larger than nine millimeters.

Athletes wear shorts and a t-shirt or a short-sleeved or sleeveless t-shirt that displays the athlete’s number.

1) Your steps: At this point the athlete focuses on the course with feet on the blocks and toes on the ground behind the starting line. Note: Hands should be placed slightly at shoulder width, relax the muscles.

What Is Track Event

2) Set: On the “set” command, the athletes raise their hips slightly above their shoulders. In this position, the runner concentrates deeply and holds his breath in order to propel his body forward at the start. The interval between the ‘Set’ ready position) and the ‘Go’ (getting up to run) is when the athlete pushes off the blocks and is commonly referred to as the ‘Reaction’ time.

The 400m Hurdles

3) Go: After firing the gun, the runner exhales, extends his arms and pushes his body forward at a forty-five degree angle.

4) Acceleration: The runner reaches the running position between the fifth and eighth steps. The athlete runs on his toes, and his heels never touch the track. The frequency increases continuously until the maximum speed is reached.

5) Pitch – The maximum width of a side is about sixty meters. Plus eighty meters to the finish line. The athlete maintains a very high stride rate to cover the remaining distance in a short time.

6) Finish Line: When the athlete’s breaststroke crosses the finish line (rule in effect at the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics).

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1) Start: Due to the tight curve on the inside line, the race can get off to a shaky start, but by the 100m the athletes are coming out of the blocks.

2) Curl: Here the athlete resists the centrifugal force by leaning towards the inside of the curve. The transition from a curved surface to a flat road causes the runners to slide sideways with high-speed force as the runners maintain maximum speed.

3) Straight line – it will be impossible for athletes to maintain maximum speed until the finish line. So in the second round, 100m athletes run as fast as possible compared to the first round to cover the distance in a shorter time.

What Is Track Event

1) Start: The race consists of two curves so the stage at the start is more than 200 meters. Athletes start fast and use long strides to cover the distance.

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2) First Right – Athletes reach their maximum speed immediately in the second half of the first line. You try to maintain a constant speed to finish the race.

3) Second curve: In the second curve, when the athlete has to lean inward and resist the centrifugal force, the runner on the outside lane has an advantage of 0.16 seconds over the runner on the inside lane.

4) Final Straight – Athletes finish the race by running the final straight with their ability and strength to cover the entire distance in a short time.

100 meters on external roads; Running on a track at a distance of 200 and 400 meters and a race at a distance of 60 meters. Usually the track is 400 m in diameter (oval track) with two parallel tracks each 84.39 m (276.87 ft) long and equal to the radius of 36.50 m (119.75 ft). It consists of a 1.22 m (4 ft) wide track (usually eight or nine lanes) for each runner.

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What Is Track Event

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