The Last Ride A Story Of Hank Williams

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The Last Ride A Story Of Hank Williams – The desire to resurrect famous artists who died as children is a strong one, and films about their short lives often undermine the dignity of their subjects and the power of their fans. That’s the nature of “The Last Ride,” Harry Thomson’s dark reflection on the final days in the tragic life of Hank Williams, the music legend who died on New Year’s Day 1953 at the age of 29, more than half . A century passed. .

When we meet him, William (Henry Thomas, above) is trying to revive a 15-year career marred by alcohol, drugs and chronic health problems. Shows are booked in West Virginia and Ohio, and Silas (Jess James), a young engineer from Alabama, is hired to make sure the singer arrives clean and safe. Not knowing who his famous prize is, Silas spends the next 40 hours getting drunk and angry.

The Last Ride A Story Of Hank Williams

The Last Ride A Story Of Hank Williams

Basically a low-budget road movie, “The Last Ride” joins us in a sky blue Cadillac with two unlikely characters: one with no backstory and one who always worries, one who got drunk and got there. and Short trips to a bar and gas station bring the atmosphere into action, and Jim Roberson’s photography has a certain nostalgia that turns Arkansas, where the film was shot, into 1950s Appalachia.

Photos Of ‘the Last Ride’ Shooting In Little Rock

However, this is only for Hank Williams fans, and Sharif. Thomas presents a dark and light-hearted vision in a dark text. Cover versions of Williams’ songs — many sung by his daughter Jett — remind us why he’s important, even if the movie isn’t. He named him the Luke Drifter. He pioneered and shaped what we know as country music today. At the height of his career, he was considered the greatest singer-songwriter in American history. But after the rise of records and radio in the late 1940s, the human train broke. Drugs, alcohol, and hair loss ended two marriages, destroyed several friendships, and a tortured genius made the music business a virtual impossibility.

So in late 1952, Hank Williams mustered the last of his physical strength to make things right, and began the long road back. He booked New Year’s Eve shows in West Virginia and Ohio, and hired a local kid who didn’t own a radio, much less know who he was, to get him out of Montgomery, Alabama. No one else wanted to do it.

Inspired by the mysterious final days of Hank Williams, The Last Ride tells the story of the last ride in the dark Appalachian country of America in the 1950s. A Lonely Odyssey for Two; A great child, and one who leaves this world before his time, a victim of his evil deeds.

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Hank Williams recruits a college student to take him to his second New Year’s homecoming party, but is forced to face his demons on the winding roads of the Appalachians in this biographical drama.

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The Last Ride A Story Of Hank Williams

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