The Earth Is Going To End

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According to astrologer David Mead, this is the beginning of the end. On April 23, 2018, Meade said, The Moon and Jupiter will line up in the constellation Virgo (they’re not actually in that constellation) — a dangerous alignment in the Bible.

The Earth Is Going To End

The Earth Is Going To End

In the Bible, In Revelation 12:1-2, “The woman clothed with the sun, The moon is under the feet and A crown of twelve stars on his head” describes a woman trying to give birth to a tyrant who gives birth. Finally. The end of the world

Ten Points Stating Why The Earth Is Round

Mead has done a lot of digital and spatial gymnastics to get to the current apocalypse – which is not obvious.

The same line used in his predictions today was also the basis of Mead’s doomsday prediction last year when he predicted the sky would fall on September 23. It hasn’t happened yet. [The end of the world? Top 10 holiday threats]

Indeed, His current prophecies seem to have long roots: Baptist preacher William Miller made several failed prophecies about the day of evil, one of which was April 23; It was 1843.

Sadly, perhaps for Mead, Jupiter will appear in Libra from the aspect of Earth rather than Virgo. According to The Sky Live, the Sun appears to be in Aries and the Moon remains hidden in Gemini today.

Planet Earth Facts And Information

According to Mead, this heavenly alignment is only the beginning of an earthly catastrophe. Then a nefarious planet called Planet X passes Earth in October, causing planetary chaos (global eruption) that will culminate in the return of Jesus Christ—also based on the Boken of the End.

There are some problems with this part of the prophecy. For one, Planet X, also known as Nibiru, is a fantasy. While scientists are searching for an Earth-sized planet sometimes called “Planet X” or “Planet Nine,” it’s completely different than Mead and other planets.

Nibiru is actually the brainchild of conspiracy theorist Nancy Lieder, who proposed the idea in the 1990s. This rogue planet: a body where astronomers will be looking across the sky in search of real alien worlds. – Originally failed. 2012 Mayan apocalypse.

The Earth Is Going To End

Nibiru is a created world that has repeatedly denied even the path of light.

It Might Feel Like The World Is Ending, But Joy Is Still Possible

“The author of the Apocalypse was wrong in his predictions, so this book and other ancient books are of little value in predicting the future,” said Allen Kerkeslager, professor of ancient and comparative religion at St. Louis University. Joseph in Philadelphia earlier this month on Live Science.

Jeanna is the editor-in-chief of Live Science. Previously, he was an associate editor at Scholastic Science World magazine. Jenna holds a BA in English from Salisbury University; He holds a master’s degree in biogeochemistry and environmental science from the University of Maryland and a bachelor’s degree in journalism from New York University. He worked as a biologist in Florida, monitoring wetlands and studying areas of endangered species. He received a fellowship in ocean science journalism from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Everyone knows that the planet is melting and humanity is facing the threat of its existence, but it could end by 2050, according to an article. The research was published this week.

Australia The Breakthrough National Center for the Climate Recovery Think Tank in Melbourne has released a report predicting the end of human civilization within 30 years. If true, this is important. “A temperature rise of 2 degrees Celsius could displace more than a billion people, and the level of devastation in the worst-case scenario is unimaginable,” the report said.

He added that it would be “similar to a World War II emergency” to stop the collapse. The year 2050 is almost here, and to be honest, This is really bad for us. To find out how bad it is and whether this terrifying claim holds water. Grantham Institute from Dazed to find out. I spoke to Joeri Roselage, Professor of Climate Change and Environment at Imperial College. Twitter. Basically, he’s real.

Planet Earth Exploding Stock Illustration. Illustration Of Comet

Hi Jori, There is a meme discussing that civilization will be destroyed by 2050 based on research. Is this estimate based on true scientific practice?

Joeri Rogelj: I think what the authors did was good scientific practice. If we accept an internally consistent view of what the future will look like under climate change. The time will be right. They don’t predict what will happen, but they give us a glimpse into the future.

Joeri Rogelj: The brief paper and research they use describes some of the worst surprises that could happen if global warming goes unchecked. This includes predictions of traffic based on past experience, and stronger-than-expected warming impacts on our environment and our communities. They clearly state a worst-case scenario that should not be read as a prediction. Their conclusion is that measures to prevent this threat, Policies and actions must be adopted urgently.

The Earth Is Going To End

Joeri Rogelj: You can compare their message to how bad it would be if a whole city burned down, sad and inactive. If someone were to give me an example like this and logically pull together all the scientific evidence we have. This is certainly the worst case scenario and something we want to avoid by preventing risks’. and by planning. For storage. I don’t think the outcome of this negotiation is the most likely scenario – but I don’t want it to be either.

A Step By Step Guide To Our Solar System’s Demise

Joeri Rogelj: Based on our current best scientific understanding, we can’t rule out that the path we’re on now will avoid some major impacts by 2050—potentially catastrophic impacts for some regions. It is a powerful reinforcement of suffering and instability in the world. We now know that even if the effect is small, the impact could be catastrophic by 2050. However, our response thus far has been a vibration of discontent and inaction.

Joey Roselz: Current climate action pledges by countries are not enough to keep temperatures at safe levels. We have already warmed the planet by 1°C and are on track to warm by half a mile in the next 20 years, and will continue to do so by 3 or 4°C by the end of the century. We started. The industrial revolution began. It can worsen living conditions, especially for poor and vulnerable populations. A rise in temperature above 1.5 degrees Celsius is not considered a worst-case scenario, but they will survive and suffer. Scientific studies have shown freedom from hunger and suffering.

Joey Rosellz: Donald Trump is kneeling in an open sewer, fanning his hair with a pink fan, highlighting the beauty of roses on his little fingers. That’s funny. The biggest contributor to climate change is carbon dioxide, the most important of which is a greenhouse gas. America is far from clean – quite the opposite. It is the second largest emitter of carbon dioxide in the world after China.

Joeri Rogelj: Climate change is a systemic problem that requires societal solutions. However, as individuals we can certainly play a role in making it happen. We recently compiled a list of nine things that individuals can do to fight climate change. This list includes being healthy and eating less meat or dairy; This includes changes in our habits, such as reducing the number of flights or leaving the car at home to ride a bike. abbreviated or waste reduction.

Curious Kids: What Would Happen If The Earth’s Core Went Cold?

Protecting green spaces; Saving energy by investing in better homes (which can save energy costs) and investing wisely in green areas can help people’s lives. But in the end, We also know that you are talking to your friends and family about the changes you are making, and most importantly, hearing your voice and talking to the people in power who need to make decisions about our long-term future. Actions that can be held accountable. If you want to learn

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