The Best Open World Games On Pc

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The Best Open World Games On Pc – Are you looking for the best games in the world on your PC? Open-world games have been on PC since the early days with Ultima and Lords of Midnight – in fact, those boring consoles couldn’t handle it. Compare, for example, the ambitious earlier versions of Halo with the final, limited results – and the original Elder Scrolls games were exclusively for PC. However, the move to full 3D with Grand Theft Auto 3 and The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind brought the open world game concept to the masses.

Open world games are the genre these days. Depending on where you want to take your next adventure in this amazing open world, you can find the biggest spaces you can imagine with your landmarks, accurate representations of real-life cities or countries, the whole world or entire galaxies to explore.

The Best Open World Games On Pc

The Best Open World Games On Pc

If you consider the variety of types, the best part of them is that they can be in many different ways: the main feature is that they allow you to experiment freely. Accordingly, our list of the best open world games ranges from the best FPS games to chase games with massive worlds.

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Fantasy Tower, which finally arrived in the West in mid-2022, was warmly received. This action MMO RPG takes a lot from Genshin Impact, so if you like that game, you’ll love this one too. Its formula is so good that it makes sense for some developers to make another crack at it, they can say that it is completely derivative. The setting and plot is very different from Genshin, which is not entirely fictional, but rather sci-fi.

Of course, like Genshin, Fantasy Tower also has a large open world. You will find desolate deserts, tropical beaches, open fields, bustling futuristic cities and much more. This is not one of those empty open worlds. There’s so much more to collect resources, fight monsters, and more – made even more fun by being able to do it with your friends. Who doesn’t like to explore new frontiers with friends?

Elden Ring is a classic spin-off of the Souls-like gritty action RPG. A big part of Eldon Ring’s success can be attributed to the new open world, which gives players the freedom to explore and tackle quests, bosses, and dungeons in any way they want. The critically acclaimed ARPG has thankfully managed to escape the existing genres – this is no Assassin’s Creed or The Witcher – and offers its own unique, challenging gameplay and free game design. Read our Eldon Ring review to see what we think of this open world game.

A must-have for Dark Souls fans, but even newcomers to the genre will find it a fun entry. If you’re looking for tips to get you back on your feet, we’ve put together a guide to all the Eldon Ring bosses, how multiplayer works, and Ashes of War locations.

The Best Open World Games On Pc Are The Best

Halo Infinite makes a dramatic change to the open world. While providing a new experience for veteran players, it also reflects the former glory of Halo: Combat Evolved. The Grapple Hook opens up the Zeta Halo in a way we’ve never seen before, expanding tactical options and allowing you to explore this beautiful space.

Infinite presents collectibles, rare and many marked on the game map. What you’ll really dig is the Halo Infinite Skulls, which Halo players should be using in every game. You can install Halo Infinite multiplayer after completing the campaign and install Halo Forge when you start. Read our Halo Infinite review.

Skyrim is one of those games that we play over and over again and the magic is always there. There are hundreds of different ways to play this open world RPG, from creating unique characters like thieves and heroes, to trying to play the entire game as a vegetarian, or playing as a fairy. The open world of Skyrim is full of characters and animals that go about their daily business without you, and you’ll often encounter a giant kicking a poor wolf into orbit or a Thalmer escorting a captive Nord.

The Best Open World Games On Pc

This fantasy world RPG explores the vast and amazing world of Skyrim. Here you play as Luu, a prophesied warrior thrown into the thick of the civil war. The world is heavily inspired by the environment, taking the history, culture, flora and fauna of countries like Norway and Iceland and mixing it with The Elder Scrolls’ type of realistic fantasy. Skyrim has a great story and attention to detail, making the nearly decade-old game one of the most talked about world games of all time. It also has a dedicated modding community so you can check out the best Skyrim mods after you’ve finished every mod you’ve ever played.

Best Open World Games Like Grand Theft Auto V On Pc

When No Man’s Sky was released in 2016, it was met with massive backlash. The hype of the game was out of control, and the small studio Hello Games had an impossible task to deliver what the players expected from the game. After six years and many revisions, that small studio managed to turn No Man’s Sky into a great open space game.

Forget the open world – the human sky is the open world. While other open world games let you explore cities and kingdoms, this game starts with an entire planet and only expands from there. You can explore it freely – explore outer spaces, meet wild animals, cause trouble, mine minerals, find artifacts, build bases, and pollute with No Man’s Sky models. After repairing your ship and flying to the stars, you will find different planets to explore and exploit. You can’t play No Man’s Sky for the rest of your life and see everything the game has to offer. Now you can play with your friends, build a huge base and explore this amazing world.

While this world is split into several open areas, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt packs enough detail and character into each area that they feel like a cohesive world. Whether you’re chasing monsters across the war-crazed plains of Velen, navigating the rugged streets of Novigrad, or exploring an ancient forest, CD Projekt Red has created an authentic, immersive world.

Your exploration of these rugged terrains is always rewarded with new quests, characters, monsters and encounters. In The Witcher 3, you don’t want to rush around the map for fear of missing a new and exciting adventure, and what open world can you recommend the game? Unfortunately, there is no official word on The Witcher 4 yet, but at least we have some of the best Witcher 3 mods.

Best Open World Games On Xbox Game Pass

The Saints Row series is the perfect antidote to today’s traditional open world game. Volition takes the template set by Grand Theft Auto 3 and turns it into something ridiculous. While Saints Tier 2 and 3 had crazy missions like diving in front of traffic to collect insurance money, Saints Tier IV took it a step further and added super powers.

The city of Steelport hasn’t changed much since the last game, but jumping tall buildings at once or running faster than a speeding bullet adds an incredibly fun element to the equation. You’ll quickly discover that you don’t need cars, helicopters, or guns – what about running your enemies down and worrying about knocking them off the map? This ability allows Saints IV to experience a different world than the main inspiration of the series, making it one of the most enjoyable open world games.

Combine that with an alien invasion story, different and varied missions, and the fact that you’re doing it all while playing the president of the United States, and it’s not hard to see how this barmy game has gained a cult following.

The Best Open World Games On Pc

You can spend a lot of time in Fallout 4. From stopping the post-apocalyptic plains to collecting hidden resources, build a base and survive in this new and uncertain future. The retro-futuristic wasteland of Boston, USA is full of adventures, memorable characters, and many places to visit in 100 hours of gameplay. Whether you’re battling the streets of Boston’s changing city, battling a shimmering sea of ​​heavy radiation, or exploring the Salem Witch Museum, the open world of Fallout 4 is endless.

Best Open World Survival Crafting Games For Pc

Before you head out in your bite suit to check out the trash, be sure to check out our Fallout 4 Beginners guide or if you’re ahead of the (game) curve

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