Tap Dance Classes For Adults Beginners

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Tap Dance Classes For Adults Beginners – Tak dance challenges our dancers to master new skills while developing their rhythm and harmony. Our youngest tappers learn through a creative and playful approach. Our advanced tappers shine as they master new levels of complexity and skill.

Young students learn how to perform basic steps and kicks through rhythmic games, technical exercises and listening to each other’s performances. As students progress, they learn to combine basic steps and kicks to enable them to perform more elaborate and complex combinations.

Tap Dance Classes For Adults Beginners

Tap Dance Classes For Adults Beginners

Tap dancing is a challenging but rewarding dance style. Tap is an important genre for students who will one day perform on stage. It’s also great for those who like a bit of a challenge

Launching: Tap Dance Programme 2021 2022

Students are given the opportunity to sit the ISTD exams after reaching the required standard.

Across Stages: Tapdance encourages dancers to think creatively, take on challenges, and hone their listening skills.

Experience for yourself. We would like to invite you to a taster lesson in one of our classes.

Very important starters! Our fun ballet, tap and modern dance classes focus on building your child’s self-esteem while laying the foundation for excellent dance technique.

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Our fun ballet, tap and modern dance classes focus on building your child’s self-esteem while laying the foundation for excellent dance technique.

Our youth are interested in improving their dance skills and taking advantage of opportunities to further their love of dance.

Whether for fun and friendship or to prepare for a full-time dance practice, r are encouraged to follow their personal goals.

Tap Dance Classes For Adults Beginners

Our professional students have the opportunity to study ballet, modern theater and ballet between Higher Education 1 and 2.

Beginner Line Dance Classes!

A dedicated, passionate and reliable team of professional dance teachers who work hard to achieve high standards and create a nurturing and inclusive environment. Click below to learn more about Victoria and the team.

Are you ready to join us for a taster lesson? Click here to register for taster classes. Submit an application form if you are starting classes with us. Our ballet classes combine body conditioning exercises with classical ballet technique, making them great for general toning and conditioning. Classical ballet emphasizes fluid, graceful movement and long, aesthetically pleasing lines, and we encourage our older students to develop this artistry and musicality, especially in higher classes. Ballet for Adults (I) – Wednesday 19.30-20.30 This class is for those with no experience or very basic who want to improve posture, strength and flexibility by learning ballet technique. Body conditioning exercises and technical ballet movements/exercises are taught and balance, control and coordination are developed. Ballet for Adults (II) – Wednesday 20:30-21:30 Suitable for those with at least two years’ experience in ballet as an adult, or basic experience as an older child. This class focuses on improving posture, strength and flexibility through conditioning based ballet exercises and technical movements/ballet exercises. Balance, control and co-ordination are developed, as well as a sense of classical style and art. Adult Ballet (III) – Tuesday 20.15-21.15 Suitable for those who have at least four years of experience in the world of ballet as an adult, or who have reached a standard of around 3rd to 5th grade in ballet as a child. This is a comprehensive ballet class to improve posture, technique, strength and flexibility. Balance and harmony are developed, as well as a sense of classical style and art. Adult Ballet (IV) – Monday 20.30 – 21.45 Suitable for approximately Grade 5 to A Level 1 in ballet. A comprehensive ballet course that works with technique and art; suitable for dancers with many years of ballet experience.

Tap dance was born as a result of a fusion of cultures in America at the end of the 19th century, under the influence of African rhythms, Irish steps and English jamming. Tap dancing was a feature of vaudeville and music halls and later became an important part of musical films.

A tap dancer wears shoes with heels and rhythmically taps the floor or some other hard surface with their toes.

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Learn basic tap dancing skills and basic steps in this new class starting in September 2022. Different types of music are used in the class to develop a sense of musical time and rhythm. Coordination, stamina and control are improved through training exercises.

This class is suitable for you with one or two years of tap dancing experience. Basic steps are reviewed and new steps and sequences are taught. Touch technique developments along with the use of hand lines such as coordination, physical stability and control are improved. Different types of music are used in class to develop a sense of musical time and an understanding of different rhythms.

This class is suitable for those with a few years of tap dance experience as adults or who have reached around level 3 to 5 taps – knowledge and understanding of basic tap dance steps and musical ideas is required. The teacher mainly approaches tap dancing through rhythm, increasing the vocabulary of more complex steps, developing technique and melodic quality after the series. Honoring the history of tap dancing while pushing new boundaries, you will learn original and new and exciting choreography to a variety of music, as well as learning the skills necessary for successful improvisation. The classes are always challenging, supportive and fun!

Tap Dance Classes For Adults Beginners

This class is suitable for very experienced dancers from about 6th grade to a higher standard – you should have a thorough understanding of musical ideas and basic and complex steps such as double shuffles, rolls, riffs, flaps, paddles, etc. rolls, lifts and drags. The teacher will introduce you to original tap dance foundations such as Steve Kondo’s foundation and BS Chorus, as well as exciting new sequences. You will develop a better understanding of musical expressions and complex choreographic elements, while continuing to work on tone quality, different approaches to the floor and technique. There are also opportunities to develop your improv skills in a wide range of music. Classes are always challenging for body and soul, but still rewarding and great fun!

How To Tap Dance

Contemporary dance is a vibrant dance style that defies a single, consistent definition. This is largely due to the ability to adapt, evolve and evolve with the changing fashions of dance. Modern dance can be performed to different types of music and therefore there are many styles in modern dance such as contemporary, lyrical, blues, jazz, isolation, musical theater and commercial/street, all of which can be seen in music videos on TV programmes, pop concerts and theater performances. Modern dance is exciting because of the wide and growing variety of contrasting elements.

Modern dance uses the whole body to tell a story or illustrate an idea and includes walking steps, high kicks, jumps and turns, so modern dancers must be fit, flexible and strong. Modern dance technique comes from classical ballet. As with all dance styles, rhythm is essential in modern dance to make it interesting, varied and often surprising.

This class includes a thorough warm-up, stretching and strengthening exercise followed by practicing different dance moves and learning some routines throughout the semester to compare contemporary dance styles to different music. The instructor adapts routines to suit individuals so this class is suitable for all levels (except professional level).

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