Tap Dance Class For Adults

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Tap Dance Class For Adults – Vegan living and looking for a fun way to stay fit and burn calories? Then dance for adults at SK Dance Studio is for you.

It’s never too late to learn a new skill, and ballroom dancing is a great alternative to an aerobics class to improve overall fitness and burn calories. Not only is it a great cardio workout that really gets you moving, it’s also a lot of fun and good luck when you master a new step, or master a new routine.

Tap Dance Class For Adults

Tap Dance Class For Adults

Our beginner class is suitable for absolute beginners and those developing tap dancing skills. By working at your own pace, you’ll soon develop a nice sequence of steps woven into fun routines, giving you the chance to use what you’ve learned.

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For more experienced adult tap dancers, try our advanced taper class to really improve your tap dancing style. You’ll tackle more complex integrations and learn routines that accompany a wide variety of music. With everything from classic Broadway-inspired big taps to fast and funky modern pop music taps, there’s enough variety to keep you entertained as you move.

Adult tap classes are suitable for both men and women and because you can choose your own impact level, they are suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

The adult tap at SK Dance Studio is all about fitness and fun, so feel free to come and try a class at any time.

Tap dance classes for adults are held every Tuesday evening at SK Dance Studio, Applebridge, Wigan. Check out our schedule for the tap class that best suits your needs. Our high-quality classrooms embrace the diversity of our community. We offer classes that are innovative and innovative for everyone from beginners to advanced participants, and strive to provide a meaningful, enjoyable and memorable experience every time. Studio classes are designed for youth and adults of all levels or experience who are interested in the fun and fitness of dance. Classes are walk-in style and meet weekly. Students can attend any or all classes that suit their interest or skill level.

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This class will take you from a beginner to an intermediate tapper. Requirements include; Understand and correctly perform the difference between a “flip” and a “shuffle”; A simple soft shoe and the confidence to take it to the next level. The lesson will contain different time steps and intervals. Advances in more modern soft shoes; Foot and ankles, kicks and rolls.

This fast-paced class challenges you with a mix of tap styles: soft-shoe, Broadway, and contemporary rhythm. Terms include time steps (single rhythm, double rhythm, triple rhythm, soft shoe, waltz clog and military), shrink roll, pedal and roll, riffs (4 count, 5 count, 6 count), shy shy. If you’re not familiar with any of the steps above, with previous typing experience, you should be able to pick it up in one go.

KC Ballet is always adding new classes to our offer. Check out our current schedule to find the class that suits you best!

Tap Dance Class For Adults

Everything you need to know about our studio classes can be found in our FAQs, including location and payment details. If you are interested in starting a class with us, please fill out an application form. Our Ballet Tone classes combine body conditioning exercises with classical ballet technique, making them perfect for general toning and fitness. Classical ballet emphasizes fluid, elegant movements and long, aesthetically pleasing lines, and we encourage our adult students to develop this art and music, especially in our advanced classes. Adult Ballet Tone (I) – Wednesday 7:30pm – 8:30pm This class is for people with no or very basic experience who want to improve their posture, strength, and flexibility by learning ballet technique. Body conditioning exercises and technical ballet moves/exercises are taught and balance, control and coordination are developed. Adult Ballet Show (II) – Wednesday 8:30am to 9:30am Suitable for those with at least two years of ballet experience as an adult, or for the first time as an older child. This class focuses on improving posture, strength and flexibility through ballet-specific body conditioning exercises and technical ballet moves/exercises. A sense of classic style and craftsmanship is created with balance, control and harmony. Adult Ballet (III) – Tuesday 8:15-9:15 pm Suitable for those with at least four years of ballet experience as an adult, or approximately 3 to 5 years of ballet as a child. This is an extensive ballet class to improve posture, technique, strength and flexibility. A sense of classic style and craftsmanship is created with balance and harmony. Adult Ballet (IV) – Monday 8.30am – 9.45am Ballet is suitable for level 5 to advanced level 1. An extensive ballet class that works on both technique and artistry; Suitable for dancers with years of ballet experience.

Dress Code: Adult Classes

Ballroom dance evolved from the convergence of cultures in the late 19th century on American soil, influenced by African rhythms, Irish steps, and English clans. Ballroom dancing was a feature of vaudeville and music halls, which later became a part of musical films.

A tap dancer wears heeled shoes and rhythmically taps their feet against the floor or other hard surface to produce audible beats.

Learn basic dance skills and basic steps in this new class from September 2022. Different types of music are used in the class to develop a sense of musical timing and rhythm. Coordination, endurance and control are improved through training exercises.

This class is suitable for people who have one or two years of tap dance experience. Basic steps are reviewed and new steps and sequences are taught. Using arm lines improves tapping technique as coordination, stability and control improve. A wide variety of music is used in the lesson to develop your understanding of musical timing and different rhythms.

Adult Dance Styles Footscray

This class is suitable for people who have several years of dance experience as an adult, or have reached level 3 to 5 – you need to know and understand the basic steps of tap dancing and musical ideas. The teacher approaches dance primarily through rhythm, with more complex steps developing vocabulary, developing technique and developing a range of tonal qualities. Paying homage to tap dance history while pushing new boundaries, you will learn a wide range of music, original and new, exciting choreography, as well as the skills necessary for successful improvisation. Classes are always challenging, supportive and fun!

This class is suitable for very experienced tap dancers from Grade 6 to advanced – you will need a solid understanding of musical concepts and more complex basic steps such as double shuffles, crimp rolls, riffs, flips, pedals to learn and rolls, pick-ups and pullbacks. The instructor will introduce you to real dance basics like Steve Kondo’s beginner and BS courses, as well as exciting new routines. As you continue to work on different approaches to tone quality, flooring, and technique, you’ll develop a better understanding of musical phrases and more complex choreographic elements. There will also be opportunities to develop your improvisational skills in a wide variety of music. Classes are always challenging for both body and mind, yet rewarding and so much fun!

Modern dance is a very energetic dance style that defies any definition. This is largely due to dance’s ability to adapt, evolve and evolve with changing fashions. Modern dance can be performed to many types of music and that is why there are many styles in modern dance such as contemporary, ballad, blues, jazz, solo, musical theater and fast-paced commercial/street that can all be seen in the music. Videos, in TV shows, in pop concerts and in theater productions. Modern dance fascinates with its wide and ever-expanding range of contrasting elements.

Tap Dance Class For Adults

Modern dance uses the whole body to tell a story or express an idea and includes traveling steps, high kicks, jumps and twists, so modern dancers must be fit, flexible and strong. Modern dance techniques are derived from classical ballet. As with all dance styles, rhythm is very important in modern dance to make it interesting, varied and often surprising.

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The class includes a thorough warm-up, stretching and strengthening exercises, followed by practicing different dance moves and, during the period, learning a number of different routines of modern dance styles with a range of music. The instructor tailors the routine to the individual, making this class suitable for all levels (except professional level).

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. All of our adult classes are held at Walthamstow Academy and are open to anyone aged 16 and over. Would appreciate if you contact us first to check availability.

We know that adult learners are very different.

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