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Soccer Games – Months of talks between video game maker Electronic Arts and FIFA, the world’s governing body for soccer, have ended without an agreement to extend the partnership that has often not resulted in a game growth.

The current deal, which expires after this year’s World Cup in Qatar, is due to take place at next summer’s Women’s World Cup. Once this tournament ends, the company said, FIFA’s 150 million video game players will be familiar with the series’ new name: EA Sports FC.

Soccer Games

Soccer Games

The game itself won’t change much. Many of the world’s most famous teams and stars will still be able to play thanks to various endorsement deals with their clubs and associations, although the World Cup will no longer be combined with other events controlled by FIFA. However, the development of the game does not change the seismic nature of the release.

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For millions of people around the world, FIFA players do not represent real football but are shorthand for a series of video games that have grown to help the lives of players as diverse as Premier League players and fans. they are everyday. Even gamers who have no connection to the game know its stars and teams through their digital doppelgängers.

Such widespread use has led to a good partnership for EA Sports and FIFA: The game has generated more than 20 billion dollars in sales over the past two decades.

But the writing was on the wall for months. Although the dispute stems from different financial expectations – FIFA wants at least the 150 million it receives annually from EA Sports, its main business partner – he was quick to point out that there are expectations different from what should be in it. . new deal.

Gianni Infantino has asked for a doubling of FIFA’s licensing fees and the right to sell the club’s name on other video game offerings. Credit… David Swanson/Reuters

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From FIFA’s point of view, the lack of discretion will limit its options in the digital world, where new games and new platforms hold the promise of potential revenue streams. The association has already accepted other contracts for football-related sports, some of which are planned to be launched before the end of this year.

However, those games won’t offer the same kind of gameplay that dedicated EA Sports fans know. So, users are asked to wait until 2024, when FIFA says it will start football.

“I can assure you that the only real, genuine game with the FIFA brand will be the best game available for football players and fans,” said Gianni Infantino, FIFA president. The “FIFA title” – which he suggested the club will take back for his game – “is a world title, really.”

Soccer Games

The last EA Sports-FIFA agreement was signed 10 years ago, but the last years have not only seen a huge technical change but also the biggest violence in FIFA, which is almost collapsing in after a major corruption scandal in 2015. Infantino, since his election. . work that year, he tried – and often failed – to open new sources of income.

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When even direct talks between Infantino and Andrew Wilson, the chief executive of Electronic Technologies, failed to produce progress, the groups agreed to part ways amicably, Wilson said.

“It was really about how do we do more for the players, more for the fans, how do we give them more ways to play, how do we bring more partners into the game, how do we grow to go beyond the boundaries of a traditional game. . . ,” Wilson, whose team has been a game engineer for the past two decades, said in a phone interview.

In addition to doubling the license fee, FIFA is also seeking the ability to place its logo on other digital products, including other video games, according to people familiar with the discussions. This is a big step forward for EA Games, which now has to convince its dedicated fan base to get used to a different name.

For FIFA, there are now opportunities to pursue new opportunities. But it won’t be easy to replicate the EA game.

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An alternative to FIFA 22. The best part of the game is the ability to sell it for each new season with simple tools only Credit … EA Sports.

Gareth Sutcliffe, senior video games analyst at Enders Analysis, said: “If you break a relationship that goes back 20 years, there will be consequences.” “EA will continue to train: They have all the smart technology, to implement the perfect football game – and it’s really amazing. But what does FIFA have? Their name. And what is it?”

Part of EA’s sports bill to separate FIFA, the team, from the game with the name of the generation is a major obstacle to any challenge it will face to prove EA’s power in the market. Its position has grown to almost complete control of the football industry thanks to more than 300 other similar licensing agreements with organizations such as UEFA, which runs the European Championship, as well as domestic competitions and international.

Soccer Games

Those agreements allow EA to use not only the names and likenesses of players but also the world’s most famous teams and popular leagues and competitions in its game. The company was quick to use its communications on Tuesday; Moments after the announcement of his change appeared, some of the biggest clubs in the world – and some smaller ones – have made it clear that they have EA Sports in FIFA.

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As FIFA searches for a new partner, many of these licenses will limit what it can do. For example, two of the biggest competitions in the world – the English Premier League and the European Football Championship – will be available only to EA Sports FC players.

“EA Sports has been a long-standing and valued partner of the Premier League, and we look forward to continuing to work together in the new era,” said Richard Masters, chief executive of the Premier League, in an EA statement. from the competition. FIFA. The statement also includes comments from officials representing European and South American authorities and union leaders in Germany and Spain.

Andrew Wilson, chief executive of EA Sports. His relationship with FIFA as an engineer dates back two decades. Credit … Nick Adams / Reuters

Perhaps indicating a potential business opportunity, the announcement also included comments from Nike. Under its current agreement with FIFA, EA Sports is limited in commercial activities due to FIFA’s sensitive list of business partners. Now without this restriction, Wilson clarified that EA Sports will try to cooperate with many companies and products, to create the opportunity to sell team jerseys and other products directly to consumers.

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FIFA’s commercial success depends on EA’s ability to exploit the nature of football; A company usually makes little more than cosmetic changes to its product – a popular player’s new team shirt, for example, or a promoted team from a small region – when it introduces it as a new product every year. year.

“If it’s not No. 1, it’s probably in the top three sports teams of all time,” said Sutcliffe, the sports analyst. “And the reason for that is that there are many jobs. Every year they change the number in the box, they put a new player in front and it’s very good under the hood.”

Part of the conversation between FIFA and EA Sports is based on the evolution of how the digital world is changing. New products and games such as Fortnite and Roblox are considered in the digital world as games, something that FIFA has wanted to use by lending its name to other products.

Soccer Games

EA Sports has told FIFA that it will not be prepared to share its world-renowned brand for the video game market.

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“I’m going to say, ‘Wait a second: We’ve spent hundreds of millions of dollars building this and you’re telling me that Epic Games can license the brand we’ve built, and put it front and center. . similar to sports. ?’” Peter Moore, former head of the Environmental Agency’s sports department, told the New York Times when news first emerged that EA and FIFA might split.

Also, EA’s financial strategy for FIFA has evolved over the years, with high profits behind applications such as player packs, similar to trading cards, which require users to use money in the game while they try to build​​​​​​a better equipment. The analytics company estimated that the game brand called Ultimate Team was worth $1.2 billion to EA Sports last year.

For FIFA, the break with EA Sports, and the loss of nine license fees, is a risk

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