Saudi Arabia National Football Team

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Saudi Arabia National Football Team – This publication is part of a series by the Gulf Arab States Institute in Washington on the Saudi Vision 2030, a comprehensive set of programs and reforms adopted by the Saudi government to implement by 2030.

Despite losing 5-0 to hosts Russia in their World Cup opener on June 14, Saudi Arabia were proud to be one of the top 32 teams competing for honors in the showpiece most popular sport in the world. The now famous face of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman can be seen in the stands next to Russian President Vladimir Putin, each cheering on their country’s national team in the inaugural match. The presence of Mohammed bin Salman demonstrates the priority that Saudi Arabia has given to football and the high expectations for economic and political returns, with big plans to expand its domestic reach and strengthen the stature of the kingdom’s sport abroad.

Saudi Arabia National Football Team

Saudi Arabia National Football Team

The investment in football is in line with the Vision 2030 diversification plan, with a new focus on entertainment and sports, the two areas that attract important young people. The football arena is seen as another stage to demonstrate Saudi Arabia’s social openness and diverse and growing talent, and a way to attract private investment. Abroad, Saudi Arabia is looking to build on the appeal of soccer to revive the kingdom’s international image and encourage national pride. When the Saudi leaders put their prestige and money into this new soft power project, they will face their old regional rivals in this game, to compete with Qatar and lose their pride through the actions of the leader of the Saudi Public Sports Authority, Turki Al Sheikh. , adviser to Prince Mohammed bin Salman. In football, as in other projects, Saudi Arabia clearly shows determination and nationalism.

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The kingdom’s new football aspirations rest on the head of the Saudi Public Sports Authority, Turki Al-Sheikh, a close adviser to Mohammed bin Salman with ministerial rank. He represents the new Saudi Arabia under the leadership of the Crown Prince: tenacious, energetic and quick to act. Since his appointment as head of the General Sports Authority (GSA), Saudi Arabia’s openness to sports has increased rapidly, announced by some taboo initiatives, such as an invitation to host wrestling events world for the next decade.

The General Sports Authority, led by the Sheikh, is betting on the possibility of the transformation of sports to form the desired kingdom according to the Vision 2030 plan: to diversify the Saudi economy and provide job opportunities, bringing a culture competitive and vibrant sports. Saudi. society, and use sport as a platform to improve the image of the country abroad. In all these policies, it is clear, but it cannot be said, that there is a desire to create a new national pride that unites the Saudi youth under the leadership of Mohammed bin Salman, replacing the religious militancy that has characterized the conservative kingdom for generations.

As the most popular sport in Saudi Arabia, football plays an important role in the plans of the General Sports Authority. Youth associations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia due to weak administration and endemic corruption. Attendance is down significantly this season with only a million fans going to the stadium to watch the games. Financial sustainability is also an issue even if the club is state owned.

While the generosity of the government is seen in the attraction of the best foreign players, weak institutional supervision leads to the neglect of basic wages, since 20% of cases related to unpaid wages to FIFA, the international football body, come from Saudi Arabia. These administrative problems threaten to derail the General Sports Authority’s (GSA) plan to privatize the Saudi Premier League. In an interview with Bloomberg, Al-Sheikh said that the privatization of the local league could generate between $800 million and $1.5 billion, and despite skepticism confirmed that the GSA aims to create 40,000 jobs in five years .

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Developing an active sports culture in line with the Vision 2030 plan focuses on competition and improving the Saudi lifestyle and health. This is evident in the growing role of women, which is reflected in the appointment of Princess Rima binti Bandar Al Saud as head of the women’s section of the General Sports Authority. She oversaw the introduction of girls’ fitness in schools and the licensing of women’s health clubs. In January, Saudi women were welcomed as fans for the first time in three football stadiums.

The GSA established a technical committee and launched a series of grassroots programs to improve competitiveness and attract Saudi talent to the football field. There was an agreement with the Spanish Football League to loan nine Saudi players to Spanish clubs to train and play to improve their skill level for the World Cup, unfortunately, this agreement did not work as planned, because players could not reach. level required for the game. However, efforts are underway to reach out to other clubs, as GSA has signed an agreement with Italy’s Serie A soccer club Saudi Arabia to host three of the next five Italian Super Cups. The relationship will go beyond FIFA and the heart of world football.

Limited in football talent, Saudi Arabia must rely more on its wealth to increase its influence in the game. Recently, Saudi Arabia has emerged as a major financial supporter of FIFA-related projects. A consortium of Asian and Middle Eastern investors centered on Saudi Arabia and China is believed to be in control of an expanded World Cup tournament, with a new global competition for national teams backed by a $25 billion bid . Saudi Arabia is also building political influence by creating a new regional football group, the South East Asian Football Federation. Headquartered in Jeddah, it consists of 14 countries. The association tried to introduce a development program and organize an Asian football tournament to rival the existing Asian Football Federation, which was run by a royal ally of Bahrain. The South West Asian Football Association was instrumental in securing the votes for the three North American nations’ bid against Morocco for the 2026 World Cup, demonstrating Saudi Arabia’s renewed influence in the sport Saudi Arabia has also included soccer in its soft power initiative, with King Salman bin Abdulaziz pledging to build a 100,000-seat sports stadium in Iraq to strengthen ties between Riyadh and Baghdad to balance Iran .

Saudi Arabia National Football Team

When Saudi Arabia tries to carve a new niche in the world of football, it faces the Gulf competition that has more experience in the sports arena. Qatar has carved out a niche for football clubs sponsored by FC Barcelona, ​​​​​​​​through Roma and Paris Saint-Germain, Petrodollar helps DOHA DOHA RECAPE DOHA BREAD superstar Neymar da Silva Santos. The success of Qatar’s surprise bid to host the 2022 World Cup has boosted the small Gulf state’s standing in the world of international sport, although it has also drawn unwanted attention to its practices work The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the quartet of countries that have led the boycott of Qatar since June 2017 have questioned the legitimacy of Qatar to host the World Cup and in January ordered the change of venue for the Gulf Cup from Qatar to Kuwait. The recent dispute over the broadcasting rights of the 2018 World Cup, hosted by Qatari beIN Sports, has led to accusations of government hijacking by Saudi Arabia and Saudi promises to launch a real sports broadcasting network (ESPN for the Middle East) aim to compete with Qatar’s beIN Sports. .

World Cup 2022 Team Preview: Goal Shy Saudi Arabia To Struggle

While Saudi Arabia is steadily expanding its financial and political power in the world of football, it still has some way to go to establish itself as a true footballing power in the region. However, in the style of Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudis are looking for rapid progress. Al-Sheikh recently stated that Saudi Arabia’s goal is to have one of the top seven national leagues in the world by 2020.

However, Saudi leaders are taking some risks to link the national aspirations and expectations of the Kingdom’s youth to the emerging and talented national league. The disappointing performance of the Saudi national team in the opening match of the World Cup gave Mohammed bin Salman little courage to urge them on in Moscow. Turki Al-Sheikh responded with a challenging vision of the future, promising to turn to the next generation to fulfill Saudi Arabia’s football dreams.

Kristin Smith Diwan is a senior resident scholar at the Gulf States Institute in Washington. Turki Buyabis is an intern at the Gulf Arab States Institute in Washington. He recently completed a master’s degree at American University.

Qatar relies on the strong mobilization of security capabilities trained by partner countries to help overcome potential challenges and risks when hosting major international events, and has sought to use this security response to advance its strategy of national security.

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The endemic flaws and corruption of Iraq’s ethnosectarian political system are fundamental, but the country’s segregated society has made the system so deeply entrenched that it is difficult to reform.

By closely examining the forces shaping Gulf societies and the emerging new generation of leaders, the Gulf Arab States Institute in Washington offers a deeper understanding of the region’s geostrategic role in the 20th century. In fact, this is perhaps the most provocative example of washing sports in English football, as Newcastle United has changed one of its kits with the same color and design as the national team of Saudi Arabia.

This is not a coincidence. Some people think this is a great idea. Newcastle are made to look like they play in Saudi Arabia, a country the club actually owns through the Public Investment Fund.

Saudi Arabia National Football Team

This immediately made the relationship between the nation-state and the English football club seem stronger, bolder and more open – which it certainly ended up being.

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It seems to make a mockery of the idea that Newcastle is not controlled by

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