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Puzzle Games – Boost your brain with our guide to the 10 best puzzle games for smartphones and tablets. Sam Moore, 10/10/2015, 9:28 AM Need to fix a problem? Is it better to find a way out of the corn? If so, congratulations. Are you a puzzle fan?

But out of hundreds of different app stores, what are the best puzzle games to download for your phone and/or tablet? It’s a tough question to be sure, but fortunately we at TechWeekEurope take great pleasure in brainstorming the latest puzzle software. So trust us when we say we’re more than capable when it comes to figuring out plant oils. harvest

Puzzle Games

Puzzle Games

Our guide to the 10 best puzzle games for phones and tablets.

Pirates Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaws: A relic of the past, right? It brings back memories of a long, rainy Sunday afternoon putting together 1000 country photos with my grandmother. The minute hand of the clock on the wall seemed to contradict the lethargic inertia. GOOD Jigsaws are still great in 2015. Especially when it’s as visual and interactive as Critical Hit’s Jigsaw Puzzle app. With over 8000 individual puzzles to choose from and the ability to create puzzles from photos from your phone’s camera, the puzzling possibilities are endless. Because each photo is cropped differently, they are never the same. If you really want to test your skills (and why not?) you can turn on the ‘puzzle rotation’ mode.

You won’t find Waldo here. Wally, his progenitor and far superior queen, is scattered across the colorful world along with her boisterous brethren, so you can find him. The conditions are: “Researchers, we need your help! Strong winds hit the country. Now it’s up to Wally and you to find all the hidden objects scattered by the tornado before they completely disappear into the ocean!! “Would you break through the barriers and help Wally in need? Or wouldn’t you look carefully at the edges of the page for that shady young man and help with your childhood memories of cursing Wally’s name? Hero With this puzzle, the choice is yours.

Presented as a simple 10×10 grid, the goal of this puzzle game is to fill the vertical and horizontal lines of the grid with Tetris (more on that later) of different sizes and colors, creating sequences. Make your network as clear as possible. When you fill the grid, you go bankrupt. Unlike its more distant puzzle cousins, 1010! There is no time limit, so you can spend as much time as you like in this simple yet powerful game.

“Who doesn’t like the results?” An accompanying advertisement asks about Flow Free, which once topped the gaming charts. Really, who hates that answer? With over 150 levels and over 1500 puzzles, all you have to do here is “Match the matching colors on the tubes to create Flow. Solve each puzzle in Flow Free by matching all colors and covering the entire board.” It’s that simple. It’s frustrating, especially when you have to be pressed for time. But remember: “Pipes will break when crossed or overturned!” You have been warned.

Fun Printable Puzzle Games For Boys To Play

Can you do it? This popular puzzle series from MobiGrow takes you to a room where you have to find specific clues to open the door to freedom. Isn’t it interesting? Maybe you could actually lock yourself in a room while playing this game on your phone for even more fun. So your brain has to work overtime to escape the normal room you were buried in and the normal room at the same time. It will be fun!

2048, the second entry on the list with full titles, actually had a sunny day last year. Created in March 2014 by Gabriele Cirulli, a 19-year-old Italian web developer, the drug addiction movement has received numerous requests from developers since its inception (and is only growing stronger). A trick for those who don’t know: slide the grid to move the tiles. When two tiles of the same number touch, they merge. If you make 2048 tiles, you win! And what did you win? Uh, go back to 2048 again. Congratulations!

When it comes to fun single-player apps, Trid has some of the best. At least in the puzzle world. Developed in the Netherlands, this game invites you to have fun using the touch mode. The game quickly displays and reproduces the patterns you need to memorize on a grid. It’s a fast-paced game, so your shots come thick and fast, but completing each shot adds a little extra time to your overall score. But there is no time and you are cooked! Well, not really.

Puzzle Games

Maybe just two points? why not three? Or 64? Anyway, Two Dots is a fun and engaging puzzle. Surprisingly, Dots’ sequel seems to have been a success. So the goal of the game is to guide “two heroes who travel through the arctic tundra, walk through burning forests and plunge into the sea.” no, actually. Connecting two Dots heroes to navigate through 435 levels of “drop anchor, build lines, craft bombs, put out fires, etc.” is actually pretty fun. yes!

Number Puzzle Games

O.G. Among puzzles, Tetris is known worldwide as one of the best brain teasers known to man. The original track from 1984 – when it arguably danced to electric pop like a robot – is still very popular today, so it’s no surprise that EA dug out the hunger. Since both free and paid are free, the former is definitely the best. This includes “new perspectives on gameplay” such as one-on-one controls in “Marathon” mode and a stratospheric “Tetris Galaxy” mode where you “explore the core of the galaxy using as few tetriminos as possible”. There’s no doubt that’s exactly what Alexey Pajitnov had in mind when creating the game.

The final entry comes from Mobigame, the team behind the award-winning games EDGE and Cell. The latest creation requires players to “put together the big pieces of a big tangerine puzzle” across 840 levels, which seems like a daunting task. However, once you’re in the game, bonus points are awarded based on your success, and you’re encouraged to spend time with “special training… your reflexes and dexterity” to solve problems, as the bio describes. beautiful

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It can be difficult to find time to finish playing video games, especially if you only have a few hours a week to play. in the weekly column

The 20 Best Puzzle Games For Android That’ll Tickle Your Brain

Often when I’m not sure what I want to play, I check out the latest releases on Steam, Itch.io, and the Nintendo eShop to see if something catches my eye. Basically, like many people these days, it’s a game that fits my sensibility, who cares a lot about normal. At times like this, I’m more interested in playing something familiar and comfortable than something new. Maybe because I spent so much time

Diary to your child’s doctor. It’s as simple as a game. It shows the specific things, animals and/or people you need to know about at the bottom of the screen. When you gather enough, you move on to the next level.

That’s how things work in a game style with no story at all. Instead, it is a 26-step development that takes place through four fantastic interpretations of specific periods of human history: Stone Age and Dinosaurs, Ancient Egypt and Wandering Giants, Central Europe and Goblins, and the American West. It always presents a unique beauty with a new architectural style,

Puzzle Games

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