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Point And Click Browser Games – Point-and-click games aren’t as popular today as they were in their heyday in the 1990s, but the classics of the genre have certainly influenced many narrative-based games. Then and now, the great point-and-click game features a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat, is full of clever wit, and engages your brain with puzzles that make you smarter as the clues fall into place. With the surprise reveal of Return of Monkey Island, we’ve decided to round up the best point and click games of all ages (in no particular order). While most of our picks are genre-defining old classics, there are some modern titles to play, including the newly released gem Norco. All the games on this list are still available and available on modern platforms, so we’ve included links to where you can get them today.

1993’s Day of the Tentacles was ahead of its time in many respects and is still a wonderful point and click from the golden age of LucasArts. Finally remastered in 2016, Den of the Tentacle remains a masterpiece that laid the groundwork for a genre that reached its peak. The remaster is a perfect reminder of that, enhancing the visuals with original handwork, adding a compelling soundtrack, and retaining all the classic gameplay that makes this title such a fun game to play. Day of the Tentacle Remastered is available on PlayStation, Xbox, PC and mobile.

Point And Click Browser Games

Point And Click Browser Games

A Tale of Love and Death LucasArts’ finest, Grim Fandango’s Tale of Love and Death is an epic adventure set over several years. Packed with fantastic voice acting and level design that set new standards for gaming when it first appeared in 1998, Manny Calavera’s Journey into the Underworld still stands as the pinnacle of the point-and-click genre. The remastered version deserves attention and, like the best games in this category, is loaded with many important improvements. You can get it on console, PC and mobile devices.

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LucasArts has been a creative field since its inception, and in 1990 the studio continued to prove it was a force to be reckoned with when it released The Secret of Monkey Island. Exciting, captivating events and beautiful animation enhance the story of the incredible pirate Guybrush Threepwood and the comic world in which he lived. LeChuck’s Revenge and Curse of Monkey Island helped create an incredible trilogy of adventures on the high seas, and while other titles may not recapture that magic, the entire collection is still worth checking out on PC. Return of Monkey Island will be the sixth entry in the series and the first in ten years.

Telltale Games has found a recipe for success with Sam and Max, as the revival of the classic LucasArts IP comes at the perfect time. With an original story told in episodic style, the independent police are back in action, ready to turn the city upside down in search of evidence. Sam and Max Save the World, as weird as it may sound, was a crazy comeback for the duo. The later series may not have reached the same level of quality, but the escape of the first series is still a sight to behold. Sam and Max Save the World is available on Xbox, Switch and PC.

At its peak, Telltale Games was a creative force in gaming, regularly producing well-received point-and-click games. The Walking Dead was a breakthrough for the studio and spawned waves of episodic adventures in many popular franchises. Building on the foundations of previous projects and ushering in the studio’s new decade, The Walking Dead Games is a collection of cell-drawn episodic horrors, quick QTEs, and decisions that have tangible consequences. Five games have been released in Telltale’s The Walking Dead series. The first entry was always the best and there were several more or less spin-offs, but the final story brought Clementine’s emotional journey to a thrilling conclusion. The structure and gameplay of The Walking Dead has found its way into other Telltale adventures such as Telltale’s Batman and The Wolf Among Us. You can play The Walking Dead on console, PC and mobile devices.

Time has taken its toll on the King’s Quest series, but the original point-and-click is still a very important part of gaming history. Originally helping Sierra Entertainment become a gamer in the 1980s, King’s Quest pioneered the use of animation and near-3D environments to create a graphical adventure. If you want to step into the realm and experience it with a less mid-century clicker approach, check out the 2015 remake for a nostalgic throwback to the past.

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What happens when you mix Twin Peaks with The X-Files? You get this sophisticated love letter to the Supernatural series that also shows plenty of LucasArts influence in its mix of puzzles and retro graphics. The great thing about Thimbleweed Park was its creative approach to puzzles, regularly testing your gray matter with imaginative solutions to various puzzles. With regular number “EUREKA!” Once you figure out these secrets, the game is a brilliant homage to the past. Thimbleweed Park is available on almost all modern platforms.

Myst is a must-play for any point-and-click fan and is easily one of the best titles in the entire genre. A sensational game that had some difficult challenges to overcome, Myst also featured some of the best designs of its time. At least if you’re surprised, you’ll have a nice view while doing it. In the years since its first arrival, Myst has been ported to various platforms and can be seen on most modern consoles. For the best experience, check out the VR version if you can.

The game that introduced the world to SCUMM’s revolutionary interface design, Maniac Mansion paved the way for LucasArts to create some of the best point and click games of all time. Also, Maniac Mansion is more than just a genre-defining technical showcase. It’s a game that subtly pokes fun at horror movies and B-movies, always having fun with its subject matter and thinking beyond the narrative. Technology comes and goes, but a genuine love of their cinematic inspiration and heartfelt humor helped define an era of gaming. You can pick up Maniac Mansion for cheap on Steam.

Point And Click Browser Games

Point-and-click games have been used in various genres, but Phantasmagoria is one of the few titles that was bold enough to use the horror format. A big departure from King’s Quest, created by Roberta Williams, Phantasmagoria incorporated terrifying FMV encounters that were new for their time. While some of the visuals may seem dated by today’s standards, the game still has the ability to be consistently disturbing. It’s an interactive B-movie with some top acting. A cheese classic that was unique in its time.

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Kudos to Funcom because The Longest Journey definitely lives up to its name. A sprawling odyssey that travels through time, The Longest Journey is considered one of the seminal point-and-click games in the twilight years of the genre. Released in 2000, it was a beautiful visual masterpiece full of dialogue and outrageous characters. If you have a lot of time, check it out on the computer.

Kentucky Route Zero fans and supporters had to be very patient with this episodic series, but after each episode was released, developer Cardboard Computer reminded people that the wait was more than worth it. With late-night fun wrapped in thrilling layers of mystery and fresh perspectives, Kentucky Route Zero is one of the best point-and-click games of the modern era. If you’re just checking it out, the good news is that you can catch all five acts of this truly magical adventure in one complete package. No need to wait years between episodes.

Archeology hero Harrison Ford was the title of the video game, and in 1992 he started playing the best Indiana Jones. Fate of Atlantis was an adventure that couldn’t be brought to life on the silver screen, a thrilling story of mystery and danger that offered multiple play styles. The mind-bending, action-packed Indiana Jones game was another staple of LucasArts’ Fedora when it first hit the scene.

Not a Game: Wrong Dimension is as much a point-and-click title as it is a collection of meta-commentary and nonsense that never takes itself too seriously. This is one of those titles that you have to play to understand, as its abstract design and clever puzzles make for one of the best paradoxes you’ll ever work with. It’s a game, but at the same time

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One. And the only way this claim makes sense is to experience this underrated gem for yourself.

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