Party Games To Play Outside For Adults

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Party Games To Play Outside For Adults – Summer is almost here and we can savor it! With that comes warm weather, pool parties and, you guessed it… fun outdoor games! Our list of outdoor games for kids can help you enjoy every second of summer fun. From classic party games to backyard games, we’ve got loads of ideas to keep you busy. We even have plenty of outdoor games for adults.

So bring the kids, your neighbors, and anyone else you can think of, and let’s get the party started!

Party Games To Play Outside For Adults

Party Games To Play Outside For Adults

To make your browsing easier, we’ve divided our outdoor games listings into the following categories:

Best Outdoor Party Games For Kids Birthday

If you’re looking for a time-tested outdoor game, you’ve found it! These classic outdoor games are easy to set up and play, and they’re a hit.

1. Capture the Flag – This classic game is never too old, maybe it’s time to share this tradition with your kids!

4. Badminton – Try setting up a net in your backyard and have a great game of badminton with your neighbors, family and/or friends.

6. Backyard Baseball – Whether you’re getting a baseball for the kids or playing on your own, Backyard Baseball is a true American classic.

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7. Flag Football – A miniature flag football is the perfect way to flirt with your spouse while enjoying the great outdoors.

8. Ladder Golf – If you are looking for something simple and unique, you should definitely try this one!

9. Volleyball – You can play without a net, but we recommend organizing one and creating a two-team game to add some friendlies.

Party Games To Play Outside For Adults

10. Tug of War – Pull a rope out of the garage and see how strong you really are!

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12. Cornhole – If you haven’t tried this game, you’re missing out on some real fun!

13. Frisbee Golf – If you need an outdoor date at home, this one is for you!

Whether you’re looking to build your own miniature golf course or a miniature bowling alley in your backyard, you’re sure to find something to suit the DIYer in you. These party games are easy, cheap and super fun!

14. Miniature golf course – creating your own miniature golf course will make your home the focal point of the community.

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15. Plinko – Create your own Plinko board to play a unique game at your next barbecue.

16. Ring Toss – This game is easy to play and easy to do. If you are short on time and less creative, you can also buy it here!

17. Angry Birds Backyard Edition – With four square balls, a DIY starter and cardboard box, you can make your own Angry Birds game in your backyard!

Party Games To Play Outside For Adults

18. Tiles – With items you’re sure to have lying around in your garage, you can easily assemble the parts you need for a series of tiles.

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19. Pipe Ball Throw – Cut pipes of different heights and connect them to catch the ball!

20. Bounce Table – This is a twist on the classic game of shuffleboard. Just turn the door into a bouncer to play this fun backyard game!

21. Glow in the Dark Ring Shooter – Don’t get bored with the standard ring shooter, switch it up for the glow in the dark version!

22. Backyard Bowling – For this game, all you have to do is pick up your recyclables and recycle them!

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23. Kubb Game Set – The idea is a cross between bowling and chess. Plus, you can have fun making your own!

24. Balloon Dart Board – This idea is as easy as it is fun. All you have to do is glue the balloons to the board and throw darts at them.

25. LCR Dice Game – To play LCR, roll the dice and move your chips according to the letter you land on. The idea is to be the last man with all the chips!

Party Games To Play Outside For Adults

If you’re looking for ways to entertain your kids this summer, you’re in luck! This list of outdoor games for kids is especially aimed at a younger audience.

Family Fun Night

27. Crab Soccer – When it comes to fun games for kids, Crab Soccer is everywhere!

28. Backyard Obstacle Race – This is a great backyard game because you can use items around the house to create the ultimate obstacle course.

29. Bucket Toss – To make this idea even more popular, pick up some cheap candy as a gift.

30. Chalk Obstacle Course – Kids love chalk. Let them help you create an obstacle course on the sidewalk!

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31. Bobbing for Donuts – This idea is so good, you might just have to give one a spin!

32. Toss Bean Bag Cans – Help the kids decorate the cans. Then set them up and knock them down with beanbags!

34. Jumbo Pick Up Sticks – This is one of our favorite games for kids, and this set makes them easier to use than the standard size.

Party Games To Play Outside For Adults

35. Popcorn Dump Race – The team with the most popcorn at the end of the race wins!

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36. Potato Bag Rice – If you don’t have a potato bag, a pillowcase will do!

37. Pool Noodle Games – Speaking of fun games for kids, this one is sure to be a crowd favorite!

38. Noodle Racer – Cut the noodles in half and let the kids race or bullet!

39. Hopscotch – This classic game can be recreated with chalk on the sidewalk or sidewalk. This is a great activity to set up during your next BBQ.

Fun Party Games You Can Play With Water Balloons

Did you know you can play board games in your backyard? That’s right! This list of yard games for adults takes yard games to a whole new level.

41. Connect 4 – This life-sized version of the Connect 4 is not just for the outdoors, but for weddings too.

43. Jenga – Jenga can be played by the rules or you can add your own twist while playing.

Party Games To Play Outside For Adults

44. Chinese Checkers – With this Chinese checkers game, you can sit down and play at the same time!

Fun Party Games You Can Play With People Of All Ages

47. Bananagram – You’ll need a big garden to expand all your text, but this looks really fun!

49. Square Game – We love that you can pack this up and take it to the park or beach.

51. Checkers – This is a great game to bring out at the BBQ for guests to take turns while visiting others.

52. Frisbee Tic-Tac-Toe – This is a pen-to-paper twist on the Tic-Tac-Toe…plus a Frisbee!

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Turn on the heat and start playing with this list of awesome water themed backyard games! They are super easy to use and are the perfect solution for hot sunny days.

53. Water Balloon Pinata – For this game, just hang water balloons in the dangling area and take turns shooting them until they burst.

54. Frozen T-shirt Race – Two teams will compete using frozen t-shirts to see who can thaw their own t-shirt the fastest.

Party Games To Play Outside For Adults

56. Water Gun Shooting Practice – Put two rows of golf balls on a tee and have two people compete to see who can hit the golf ball first.

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57. Magnetic Fishing – Two people compete to see who can pull the most fish out of a bucket of water.

59. Skip the Water Race – This is one of those backyard games that defines fun for adults or kids.

61. Catch Water Bombs – To play this game, you put a water bucket on the helmet and give it to a team member. Then see how many water balloons can fit in the bucket above their heads!

62. Sponge Bomb Barrel Toss – Make your own sponge bombs and use them for a twist on the classic barrel toss.

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63. Water Balloon Hitting Practice – Build a tee and use a water balloon for fun hitting practice.

64. Sponge Bullseye – Draw a bullseye on your driveway with chalk. Then find out how many points you get by using the mushrooms to shoot them into the bullseye.

65. Squirt Gun Games – The Squirt Gun Games are oldies but good and we love them.

Party Games To Play Outside For Adults

Don’t forget to check out our list of the best outdoor family games for even more fun. We promise this summer will be boring!

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