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Olympic Esports – Esports and the Olympics may not sound like the perfect combination of chocolate and peanut butter or cookies and milk, but people and organizations are working to bring competitive gaming to the pinnacle of biennial sports.

The International eSports Federation (IeSF) is an organization that focuses on this. In February this year, the IeSF took the first step towards the recognition of eSports by the International Olympic Committee, the Olympic governing body.

Olympic Esports

Olympic Esports

The organization received a response from the IOC in April, which provided the necessary steps to recognize competitive gaming as a sport and may eventually be considered for the Olympics.

Could Esports Become An Olympic Sports

The image of a person sitting in front of a monitor, mouse and keyboard doesn’t quite match the image of a gymnast doing flips on a 4-inch balance beam, but there are few Olympic events that eSports have in common. Target shooting, whether with a pistol or a rifle, requires professional-like accuracy

But esports isn’t defined by one game or genre; The wide selection of sports is as wide as an umbrella that covers all sports. He is the first shooter who

The video games chosen for the Olympics should be easy to understand.

“Whatever the game or play, it should be straight forward for the average person within the first minute of watching it,” he said. “You can’t just entertain people who know what they’re watching.”

Could Video Games Be The Next Big Thing At The Olympics? Path For Big Esports Titles May Be Tough

And as new games come out and older games are discontinued by competing players, IeSF Vice President Leo Sa said

While it may not be a household name – even in the world of eSports – the IeSF is no small organization. The IeSF was founded in 2008 and has grown steadily since then, bringing together 47 member countries and hosting annual eSports tournaments.

The eSports World Championship is like the IeSF’s own version of the eSports Olympics. The championship is held in a different member country each year and member countries can send teams to compete in a different sport each time.

Olympic Esports

The IeSF has worked to legitimize eSports by forming partnerships with titans of the sports world, including the International Athletics Federation, and signing on to the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Does Esports Deserve A Spot At The Olympics?

As the IeSF brings this type of organization and regulation to eSports, it is moving closer to its goal, which Sa says is to “recognize eSports as a true sport and promote it globally”.

“What the IeSF is trying to ask from parts of the sports community is not just to be at the Olympics, but to be able to share the legacy that has developed in the sports community over the past decades,” Sa said.

“For things like basketball, soccer or chess, we all have personal stories that we know about the success of people who spend time…” If eSports suddenly appears in the Olympics, it starts to create more context for the average person. – Understand the value of playing video games.”

Before an event can be discussed for inclusion in the Olympics, it must first be accepted as a sport by the International Olympic Committee. To be accepted, the sport must have an international governing body, which is the IeSF for eSports.

The Real Tokyo Olympics: Esports And The Future Of Japanese Soft Power

The organization is applying for recognition by the IOC and has submitted documents for acceptance into the Association of International Sports Federations, SportAccord

From there, the IeSF can apply directly to the IOC or the host country’s organizing committee to bring the desired sport to the Games. The committee involved in the selection of sports for the Olympic Games chose to include disciplines such as diving, gymnastics or volleyball.

While Sa and Hall believe e-sports will make it to the Olympics, no one can say for sure when that will happen.

Olympic Esports

“I think it’s going to happen a lot faster than a lot of people expect,” Hall said. “The rate of growth you see in competitive sports is so dramatic compared to other analogs that you can see.”

Intel Begins Lobbying Ioc For Esports’ Olympic Inclusion

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Esports Has Been Included In The Next Olympic Agenda (from Ioc)

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Olympic Esports

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The Olympics Chief Will Not Allow Esports Into The Games Because They Are Too Violent

Will eSports be part of the Olympics? The answer to this question is the launch of the Olympic Virtual Series (OSV). The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has taken its first big step into the world of eSports. The 2021 Summer Olympics will host eSports for the first time.

From its early existence, eSports has become a mass phenomenon seen every day by millions of spectators via live streams or in sold-out stadiums. Players have to train hard and perform at a high level, both mentally and physically, which is why eSports is now considered a recognized sport. Even the International Olympic Committee decided to include the sport in the Summer Olympic program from July 23 to August 8, 2021. Unfortunately, due to the Corona epidemic, it is not yet certain whether the tournament can be held at the scheduled time.

Currently, there is no detailed information about the exact program and prices. However, individual subjects are published. The head of the IOC, Thomas Bach, confirmed that the competition was carefully selected and that he did not currently see the COD and Counter Strike Games associated with the Olympics. According to him, such games are against the value of Olympics.

By adding the Olympic Virtual Series to the Olympics, the company is bringing together virtual sports, e-sports and gaming enthusiasts from around the world. As a result, the new Olympic target group will be reached. President of the eSport-Bund Deutschland (ESBD), Daniel Luther. Also highlights the diversity of eSports genres and look at new exciting touchpoints, such as shooting games, sports games or strategies. ESBD ​​would like to see more prestigious eSports titles in the future.

Esports At The Olympics: Could It Happen?

While the question of whether or not eSports should be included in the Olympics is hotly debated, there is no doubt that millions of cybersports fans would benefit from the Olympic’s scientific understanding. Various eSports games make it possible to attract a large target audience, which will serve as a major boost to the popularity of the Olympics in the world. If you click on a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy.

Don’t expect to see eSports in the Olympics anytime soon. International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach believes that the video games being played still encourage violence and kill too much to be included.

“We cannot have sports promoting violence or discrimination in Olympic events,” Bach told The Associated Press during the recent Asian Games — an event where e-sports, for the first time, was a feature, if only as a demonstration sport. “The so-called killer games. They are, in our view, against the Olympic values ​​and therefore unacceptable.”

Olympic Esports

Boxing, martial arts, fencing, shooting, archery etc. This is an admittedly hypocritical stance given the long list of martial arts or weapons already in the Olympics. Bach himself was once an Olympic gold medal fencer.

Does Esports Need The Olympics? [full Story In Comments]

He countered this point by saying, “Every martial art has its origins in real combat between people. But sports are a civilized expression of that. If you have e-games [esports], if it’s about killing others, you can’t bring that. It’s not in line with our Olympic values.” compatible”.

The biggest esports video games in the world – Dota 2, League of Legends, Fortnite, PUBG, Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Go – are all about killing, but there are plenty of games that aren’t, notably Rocket League and FIFA . There are fiercely contested card games like Hearthstone and perennial sports like Street Fighter based on the martial arts featured in the Olympics. But if the door opens

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