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Math Games – I am a big game piece! As a child, I played the game of thrones and cards with my family. At the time I thought it was a great way to pass the time. As soon as she announced, “We’re badass,” my mom was ready to start a new to-do list. A 3 hour game of Monopoly wasn’t too bad!

Little did I know that I was learning math skills (and problem solving skills) while playing. So as a teacher, I love using games in my classroom, especially during math. It’s a great way to practice math skills without realizing you’re learning them.

Math Games

Math Games

So, what are some simple games for kids in the classroom (or at home) to improve their math skills? Here are some cheap and easy math games with cards and dice – complete with modifications to practice extra skills.

Organizing Math Games: 5 Tips For Math Workshop

Go Fish is a classic card game where you deal 5-7 cards to each player and place the remaining cards in the “lake” or “ocean”. Players say “Go Fishing” until they claim cards or until all cards match.

Involves Math Skills: A traditional Go Fish game uses a deck of cards, so kids can recognize numbers up to 10 with this math game.

Orat is a classic matching game where several pairs of cards are laid out (in reverse order). Players look for matches by turning over two cards at a time. It is better to use only part of the cards to control the game. Pairs must be arranged before playing.

War is another classic game that has been adapted to create fun and simple math games for kids of all ages (check out the changes below).

Math Games Using Dice

Each player has one card (or divides the deck equally.) They place the cards face down, then each player turns the cards over once. The player with the highest number gets two cards. In case of a tie, each player adds two more cards (one face down, one face up). The player with the most recent card receives all 6 cards.

Play this game as Headbanz. The first player chooses a playing card and holds it face up without looking. (For younger players, the number can stand behind them.) Player 1 asks yes or no questions about the number and tries to guess what it is. For example: Is the number even? More than 10? To make the game competitive, you can limit the number of questions or see how many players can guess in one minute.

Engages Math Skills: This math game goes beyond simple number recognition and really works on number sense. Children can do odd/even and more/less tasks with this game based on the clues given or the questions asked.

Math Games

If you leave some dice at home, your kids can use them for other fun math games.

Fun And Interesting Middle School Math Games

War is a card game. Instead of using cards, players add points by rolling two dice. The highest number of players gets one point.

Math Skills: This game allows players to practice subtraction and addition at the same time. (Learn more about homework in this post.) If you use long notes to keep track of points, they can enjoy practicing another math skill!

This game is another family favorite. I remember being old enough to sit at the table and play dice with the adults. I didn’t understand the strategy at first, but rolling the dice was fun. However, I quickly learned which dice were valuable and the adults taught me when to roll and when to stop.

Farkle is a simple dice game. Six dice are required to play. Players collect points and collect groups of 5, 10 and similar dice to score points. You can play the game with six dice (from any game or set), although you can get the game with a nice storage trophy. This is one of those simple math games that kids of all ages love!

How To Make Basic & Advanced Math Games In Scratch & Level Up Your Skills

Math Skills: This game develops special number sense called subscripts. It is the ability to recognize without counting the number of people in a group. Players quickly learn the 5 pattern on the dice.

You keep the score on a piece of paper. Older children can also be tasked with keeping score for a short portion of the game. Points are multiplied by 50, so it’s not too complicated.

You must purchase the following games. However, they are usually inexpensive (under $10) and appeal to family members of all ages.

Math Games

Bingo isn’t just for moms. This is one of those games that kids and adults alike can play – while practicing their math skills! A standard bingo game uses the numbers 1-75 with the numbers placed in the columns below the letters B-I-N-G-O.

Math Games For Kids ⋆ Sugar, Spice And Glitter

Engages math skills: Bingo is a fun way to learn numbers up to 75. (However, a few modifications can use other math skills.)

Skipbo is a trading card game where players make a series of numbers from 1 to 12. The game also features wild cards (including “Skipbo” cards) for added fun. This game has been a family favorite forever! In fact, it was one of my mom’s favorite games growing up.

Practices math skills: Players not only know numbers up to 12, but also sequence numbers to form stacks.

Sometimes you can find a children’s version called Skipbo Junior. The overall gameplay is similar, but the rules have been simplified for the player’s hand, making it easier for younger children.

Math Games 2nd Grade Kids Love

This last game is a bit more expensive than the others (around $20). But this is a fun way to turn flashcards into a game.

This is one of the open-minded math games for kids to practice addition and subtraction. The game consists of cards with addition and subtraction facts and a board with numbers (totals for addition facts). Players solve addition and subtraction problems to claim spaces on the board. The goal is to claim 5 numbers in a row on the board.

When you’re stuck at home (whether it’s because of a rainy day, a blizzard, or a pandemic), play some of these simple math games with your kids. They can practice their math skills without even realizing it! Plus, you’ll make fun family memories while playing.

Math Games

All of these games work well in the classroom as well. Children can play in pairs or small groups. Don’t tell them they are doing math while playing! Uno cards are a fun way to practice math! This post is about fun math games with Uno cards that your kids can play at math centers. Brightly colored flash cards make math practice fun and engaging! Uno cards can be used to practice math facts at all levels. This post will focus on beginner level games, but they are great for all ages to learn math facts in math centers and small groups.

Math Games To Excite Young Minds

Most kids know how to play the Uno Card game and if not, it can be taught quickly! If you’re not familiar with the basic Uno card game, it’s just a color or number matching game. Yes. That’s right! Children enjoy its simplicity. The simplicity of learning this great game makes this fun “math” game a great choice. These games connect to the original Uno game.

First, I emphasize that if students don’t always take turns in every game, they pay attention to who is currently taking turns. I present it as an opportunity to become their teacher. Children love to take on the role of “teacher” and as teachers we know that children learn better than their peers. During the game I repeat my words as if I am “teaching” other students! I often go over the difference between “saying the answer” and “teaching strategies” with my students. They like to help each other. However, you should always teach them the difference between “telling” and “teaching” so that they learn quickly.

When students can’t play the cards in their hand, I limit them to only drawing 1 card. Then if they want to play, they immediately use the drawn card. It can control the number of cards in the hand.

There are a lot of cards in the deck

Math Games With Bad Drawings: The Ultimate Game Collection By Ben Orlin

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