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Learn To Speak Sign Language – American Sign Language (ASL) is the first language of deaf and hard of hearing people in English-speaking areas of the United States and Canada. Natural and visually native, this complex language is storytelling in motion. Having an ASL interpreter at events, broadcasts, and video recordings is an important part of making communications, services, arts, and culture accessible to all. But what about communicating with deaf and hard of hearing people in your community?

Many people who are deaf or hard of hearing rely on lip reading or nonverbal cues to help them communicate with others, and masks make communication especially difficult. In honor of International Week of the Deaf and International Sign Language Day, RHF collaborated with our friends at the Wavefront Communication Accessibility Center to put together this list of useful symbols. Now is your chance to begin your journey into the beautiful expressive world of ASL!

Learn To Speak Sign Language

Learn To Speak Sign Language

To say yes, hold out your hand, make a fist, and move it back and forth like a nod. To say no, take your first two fingers and touch them with your thumb, as if someone is saying no.

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Place the fingers of the flat hand on your chin and extend it towards the person you are thanking.

Thank you for taking the time to review these helpful signs. When we all work together, we can create a Canada for everyone, everywhere.

Alana is a digital content specialist at the Rick Hansen Foundation. With a passion for storytelling, she is always looking for ways to create useful resources for our community and amplify the voices of people with disabilities.

Our programs and initiatives aim to create an accessible and inclusive world where people with disabilities can live full lives.

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When Rick began cycling around the world in 1985, he had three goals: to raise awareness of the possibilities for people with disabilities, to create accessible and inclusive communities, and to find a cure.

Review and verify your site for meaningful accessibility for people with disabilities. Make your community more welcoming and inclusive for everyone! American Sign Language, or ASL as it is commonly known by its acronym, is an interesting language and many people are beginning to see its value and purpose outside of the deaf community. It is a visual language made up of systematic hand gestures, body movements and facial expressions.

Learning ASL will not only create meaningful relationships but also provide more job opportunities as it becomes more and more essential in many jobs. Its growing popularity highlights the demand for non-verbal communication, which increases confidence in interacting with people in everyday situations. The ASL alphabet (also known as fingerprinting) is one of the easiest things to do when learning sign language, and it is sign language that is essential to success.

Learn To Speak Sign Language

All ASL users know how important it is to pronounce and understand letters with your fingers. Fingerprinting is used to write words that are not marked, such as the names of people, countries, cities, and brands. When you’re in the early stages of learning and don’t know sign language phrases, the sign language alphabet can bridge the gap between you and the hearing impaired with whom you need to communicate. .

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Keeping your hands straight will lead to less confusion and more conversation. A shaky or nervous hand can affect the integrity of your signal. It’s easier to read your marks when your hand isn’t moving. In sign language, your hand is your speaking face. If you have trouble keeping your arm straight, try placing your other hand under your elbow to stabilize your arm. Don’t get in the habit of putting your elbow in there! As you begin to learn more about ASL, many sentences will require both hands!

When you first start learning sign language and the ASL alphabet, fingerprinting will be difficult, but practice will make perfect and your hand will become a little steadier over time.

Imagine you are sitting at a table and talking, but you cannot hear the conversation. What you can focus on is the person nodding up and down with each syllable. After a while, you may feel nauseous looking at them!

This can happen very easily when fingerprinting using the sign language alphabet. It’s important to keep your entire hand still as you switch between characters so your gesture reader doesn’t have to jump around with their eyes.

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Slowly and surely wins the race, remember? Try not to rush the words, the person reading your hands needs time to process!

Also, don’t be afraid to tell the hearing impaired person to slow down! It’s like going to a foreign country and speaking their language that you haven’t perfected yet. Most people who are deaf or hard of hearing will understand and appreciate your efforts to communicate with them, even if it takes a little longer.

As with anything you learn, repetition helps us remember and remember what we’ve learned. Similarly, with the ASL alphabet, it is important to practice fingerprinting. You can start practicing with lowercase words, and as your confidence grows, you can move on to longer words or even sentences. You can make the process interactive by practicing fingerprinting with a friend. You spell a word and they have to guess what it is, assuming they know the ASL alphabet.

Learn To Speak Sign Language

Sign language is not a universal language and varies from country to country and largely depends on the native language and culture of the country. It might be assumed that American Sign Language and British Sign Language (BSL) would have the same alphabet because both countries speak English, but this is not the case. The alphabet of American Sign Language and the alphabet of British Sign Language are completely different. Finger writing in ASL is done with one hand, while in BSL it is done with two hands, except for the letter C. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Character identification is easier with BSL, but it also means that both hands must be free. With ASL, you can hold a cup of coffee and say words with your fingers. It is also Australian Sign Language (AUSLAN) and has an alphabet very similar to BSL.

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Sign Languages Around The World

Sign language is often used instead of spoken language in deaf communities, as some people with hearing loss have grown up using sign language only to communicate with family or friends. Of course, even people with normal or limited hearing can learn this wonderful, expressive language!

The first thing to understand is what type of sign language you want to learn. This will depend on where you live and what language is spoken in your community. Hand signals may vary depending on the sign language used. For example, American Sign Language (ASL), British Sign Language (BSL), and many others are based on different languages.

If you’re planning to learn sign language, this is one of the best ways to do it! Community centers, community colleges, or other educational centers often offer afternoon or evening programs. Certified sign language teachers can help you improve your sign language skills. Classes are also a great way to meet new people and see brands face-to-face.

Learn To Speak Sign Language

There are also online courses. Some of my writers have taken ASL For You courses and learned a lot from the weekly Zoom sessions.

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Being in a class gives you the opportunity to practice with different people. If education leads to work, it is considered a good investment!

Like many things these days, you can easily learn online! There are many resources such as YouTube or BSL Zone where you can.

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