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Learn To Speak Native American Language – American languages ​​in the United States have defeated and killed languages ​​over time. According to the World Atlas, about 300 languages ​​were spoken in the pre-colonial United States. When the Europeans arrived, they forced the Native Americans to leave their land. The government tried to destroy Native American culture, including the language, by forcing the English. Many languages ​​were lost due to the implementation of English in schools and in most people.

These policies were changed in 1972 when Congress passed the Indian Education Act, which allowed children to be taught in their own languages ​​and allowed tribes to control schools. This was established in 1990 when Congress passed the Native American Languages ​​Act, which was created to protect, preserve and promote the rights of Native Americans everywhere to use their languages.

Learn To Speak Native American Language

Learn To Speak Native American Language

There are approximately 167 languages ​​spoken in the United States today, and it is estimated that by the year 2050, only 20 languages ​​will remain. With 170,000 speakers, Navajo is the native language of the Americas. Even with that number, Navajo doesn’t make it into the top 25 languages ​​spoken in the United States. Today, most Native Americans speak only English.

Native American Religions

One organization working to preserve the Navajo language is the National Navajo Museum, whose recent projects include a 1964 Clint Eastwood Western.

Native Americans, especially Native American women, have been treated unfairly throughout history, and as a result, many Native Americans do not fully trust the government. Native Americans were not citizens of the United States until 1924, but even if they were citizens, they could not vote in all 50 states until 40 years later because the states had the power to decide who could vote.

Additionally, African American women may be the most victims of sexual assault and rape. A Justice Department study found that among 2,000 women surveyed, 84 percent of Native American and Alaska Native women had experienced violence, 56 percent had experienced sexual violence, and 90 percent of the violence was perpetrated by non-tribal individuals. These cases are a serious problem as tribal courts do not have jurisdiction to prosecute non-tribals.

When two American women were voted into the House of Representatives in 2018, African American communities rejoiced because they finally had a voice and representation in government. Deb Holland of Laguna Pueblo in New Mexico and Sharice Davids of the Hoochank Nation in Kansas were the first African American women to serve in Congress. Many see this as a victory for the leadership of a historically neglected people.

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To prevent the impact of languages ​​on languages ​​and to promote and preserve them, the United Nations has declared 2019 as the International Year of Natural Languages ​​(IYIL2019). UNESCO, together with other UN agencies, government departments and partners, promotes indigenous languages ​​on its website in the following five main areas:

Many people from various organizations around the world have already spoken out in support of indigenous languages, and several videos are available to watch on the IYIL2019 website and YouTube. In addition, many projects have been developed around the world to support IYIL2019. The map on the IYIL2019 website shows the name and location of the event, and we encourage you to attend one of these events.

As a language services company that supports more than 250 languages, we see language as an integral part of culture. This is especially true for indigenous peoples who share the history and knowledge of their ancestors with younger generations. We acknowledge and mourn the consequences of the tragic loss of languages ​​which is certainly harmful to these communities. It is our responsibility to participate in protection and support efforts like IYIL2019 to stop tongue twisters worldwide. As part of the protection process, we are proud to be one of the few language companies with tools to translate local and rare languages.

Learn To Speak Native American Language

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Most Popular Native American Languages In U.s.

The images below showing communication using Native American Sign Language/”Indian” Sign Language are from two old sources – one from the 50’s and the other (with express permission) from the 20’s.

Initially there were many Indian tribes in our country. They did not all speak the same language. But sign language made one tribe understand another tribe. This is what they say. Featured Words:

Native American/American Indian Signs: Illustration of Hand Gestures (1926) Design Key/Guide to Hand Gestures and Initials with the English Letter A.

See also Battle of the Little Bighorn: Early newspaper accounts and descriptions of the 1876 disaster.

How Long Should It Take To Learn A Language?

The usual way to count from one to ten is to hold the right arm in front of you with the back straight and the palm up at shoulder height. For one, the little finger is drawn. two, three; three, the second; four, index; five, big toe; Fingers extended, separated and pointing upwards. Six, close the left hand at the same distance, take the same as the right hand, and add the thumb. seven, extension of the left index finger; eight, the second finger; No, the third finger; Ten, little finger

For twenty, open and close both hands. Many tribes, making the sign of ten, then extend the left hand horizontally in front of the body, drawing the tip of the index finger from the bottom of the back of each finger to its tip. Ten to fifty representatives. Then hold the right hand in the same way and write with the back of the thumb and fingers and the tip of the left finger indicating sixty to one hundred.

To count hundreds, hold all five hands together with two thumbs and bring the hands close to the right shoulder. Then turn left and down. The hundreds on the back of the hands are counted as tens, first to indicate that you are now dealing with hundreds.

Learn To Speak Native American Language

The black and white sign images above and the text below are from Universal Indian Sign Language by William Tokins (published 1926).

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As a young man, from 1884 to 1894, the writer lived on the border of the Sioux Indian Reservation in Dakota Territory, at Fort Sully, Cheyenne Agency, Pierre, and vicinity. He worked as a cattle herder and met Indians all the time. He learned the Sioux language and studied symbolism. Since then, over the years, this interest has continued, and all known authorities on signs have been studied, and research has been continued with the Blackfoot, Cheyenne, Sioux, Arapaho, and other Indians who could communicate with signs. .

In later years, this effort was motivated by the absence today of a readily available publication describing only what is known as the International Sign Language of the North American Plains Indians.

The author has spoken to many people about the problems of India, and he has always taken a great interest in demonstrations of sign language, and he has been asked several times to perpetuate this history, thus preserving and continuing it for the first time in America. location. A rapidly disappearing language…

Because of the structure of the language, there are many differences to keep in mind. Each query is performed in whole or in part with a token. “Where are you going?” Instead of saying The signs will be, the question, you, go. “What do you want?” Instead of questions, you want. A question contains the words WHAT, WHERE, WHY and WHEN. They are designed to attract attention, to beg, to be heard, to repeat.

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The ancient Indian did not use the words “good morning” or “good evening,” but had his own forms of greeting. The Sioux dialect uses the phrase Mow Coula. It means “How are you my friend?” Educated Indians today use the words of a white man: We believe that it should not be inappropriate to use good morning and good evening in this generation as a sign of speech between whites or Indians, especially since these words exist. . Sign language and generally understood.

In sign language, “What’s your name?” It is not customary to ask. Because there is another way to ask this question: “What do they call it?” Point question, you, the guest.

Indians calculate time as follows: day, night or sleep. month to month; And for many years, in the winter. When talking about a person’s age or past or future, it is common to say “many winters”.

Learn To Speak Native American Language

For the time of day, write the sun sign with your hand pointing to where the sun is at the time. To know a certain moment

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