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Learn To Speak Italian Book – This is a practical short book on how to speak Italian very quickly and very easily by learning 35 basic words that you will need when you go there on holiday or even for work.

Of course, if you’re in Rome and staying in a central hotel, you might think you won’t need Italian because everyone speaks English. However, as you’ll discover when you visit, you won’t always be in a hotel; You will find that people may not speak English in bars, taxis, buses and trains. You’ll stop here if you don’t know our 35 carefully selected words.

Learn To Speak Italian Book

Learn To Speak Italian Book

Standing outside your hotel on Via Nazionale with a street map, you know that at one end is the Piazza della Repubblica, but which way? Now your life can go in one of three directions: you didn’t buy our book, so you didn’t learn our 35 words and how to pronounce them fluently, so you don’t say anything to anyone and just keep walking. Hoping to find the right place. Or you pull out a phrasebook and hope it contains exactly the phrase you want (which it won’t) and try to give the words to a busy passer-by without success.

Learn 35 Words To Speak Italian, Learn Italian

By the way, 🙂 you bought this book and learned 35 words and you can pronounce them very well because the book showed you exactly how to pronounce them. You want Piazza della Repubblica, and we didn’t teach you how to say it, but we taught you how to say “this” and “that,” and in our book we told you to use those words instead of a thousand other words. words. So, street map in hand, you politely stop a local, point to Piazza della Repubblica on the map and say, “Mi scusi, dov’é questo, per favore?” What we taught you. “Excuse me, where is he, please?”

They look at your finger on the map and point in the direction you need. Problem solved! And you have a great feeling that you talked to an Italian and that they understood you. good luck! And all this for less than £7.

And this is just one example of how you spoke Italian that day in Rome. If you buy our book, order a coffee in the morning, ask for the receipt and pay – in Italian! You order lunch and a glass of wine, later find a taxi and tell the driver which hotel to go to. Have a nice day. And honestly, you have no idea about the thrill of speaking a foreign language and understanding people.

From that moment, it’s a simple step to add the 35 words we taught you and you’ll find yourself loving Italy and visiting again. And, of course, you’ll be having the same conversation whether you’re visiting Rome, Catasaro on the south coast, a vineyard in Tuscany or just a small village near Venice.

Fish Juice, Please! The Struggles Of Learning Italian

But it’s not just holidays. Just look at what a business friend of ours sent us about his visit to Costa Rica. I’ve changed the Spanish words to match the Italian because you’re interested.

At the airport I memorized 35 words (admittedly a few previous Italian lessons when I was 16) and then I felt like I was ready. I’ve even used it on a plane – mostly “mi scusi” while trying to determine the plane’s trajectory. He was a huge confidence builder and really helped me with communication. I showed it to my colleagues who then thought it would be a lot of fun to take the exam and I passed! I gave a spare copy to my director of operations, who, like me, vaguely remembered high school Italian words and didn’t have time for evening classes. He really liked the idea of ​​cooking at the airport.

I also like the A5 format. It’s just the right size. A smaller book would probably be thrown into a corner somewhere and lost.

Learn To Speak Italian Book

I think it’s a smart system and I look forward to testing the French and Spanish versions when I get the chance.

I Am Studying Italian By The Natura Method. And I’m Really Enjoying It. Does Anyone Else Study Using This Book?

Thanks for the books sent. I will pass it on. Good luck with future sales. Do you have other languages? I can see the current use of polish.

Isn’t it wonderful He learned it at the airport and used it on the plane before his feet touched the ground at his destination!

And here’s another (unedited) from a couple who bought our book for their honeymoon in Rome:

We both found your book easy to read and understand and the phonetic pronunciation of words was invaluable. I personally thought it was so cool that it was such an effective way to speak Italian successfully! After spending the evening going through the book, I was able to come up with a sentence that made sense and sounded good (I think)! Before you receive your book, we have ordered the “Learning Italian” course online, which has not yet been used. It seems too complicated and complex to bother with – especially after a long day at work. The great thing about your book was that it was an effective and successful “quick fix” that was absolutely perfect for today’s busy work lifestyle!

Practice Speaking Italian Online With The Tandem App

So if you’re on the edge, buy this book to your heart’s content. This will have a big impact on your visit and can ultimately make a big difference in your life. Who knows?

If possible, remember to thoroughly study the 35 words before your vacation. On the other hand, it can reduce your time at the airport or under an umbrella on a hot beach, where you can order a glass of water or lemonade without being disturbed.

Wherever you read it, we’re sure that when you study it, it will make a difference. And remember, a language book means more to you and helps you remember vocabulary if you make notes and add your own words and phrases!

Learn To Speak Italian Book

And to make it sound even more polite, we add the words “please” – for God’s sake.

How To Teach Your Child Italian Without It Taking Over Your Life

Anyone fluent in Italian will tell you that the sentences above are basic. But they will work! This is the main thing.

You have the option of standing in the square like a goldfish, opening and closing your mouth and nothing comes out, or you can say something that isn’t grammatically perfect, but you get what you want. It’s an obvious choice!

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Found in the original owner’s estate. Items they have kept over the years indicate that the family came to the United States from Italy in the late 1800s-early 1900s.

Maximilian Berlitz was born in Germany and later came to the United States. He was a linguist and teacher and developed his own way of learning a second language and became a leader in language textbooks. As the cover says, “Berlitz says, ‘If you can speak English, you can speak Italian – the natural Berlitz way.’

Learn To Speak Italian Book

This book has only one date, 1950. Upon researching, I discovered that this would be the first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket, 316 pages.

Learning A Foreign Language? These 5 Books Will Help You Become Fluent

Overall in good condition, book shows signs of age. Book has original dust jacket with some color fading and discoloration. The paper is creased and the cover has tears and tears to the edges of the dust cover. There are paper marks on the back of the dust cover, as well as on the front and sides. The hardcover has scratches on the sides. The spine is solid and secure.

The inside of the book reads: “December 1969 – Cara Lisa, Con Malto Offet! (or Offet), Jean Marie (or something). Maybe the book is approved.

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