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Learn To Speak Chinese App – Guess what Mark Zuckerberg, former Miss Kansas 2013, and Oscar-winning actress Mira Sorvino have in common? The title of this post will give you a little clue… yes that’s right, they all speak Chinese Mandarin as a second language.

Along with avocados and cryptocurrencies, the East Asian language has grown in popularity over the past 5 years, with more and more foreigners choosing to learn Chinese for business and commerce. With this increase comes the rise of platforms offering Chinese learning services – but is it really worth it?

Learn To Speak Chinese App

Learn To Speak Chinese App

If you want to learn Chinese fast why not find a Mandarin teacher near you or maybe find a good Chinese teacher online, read reviews and learn Mandarin next time you don’t have time!

How The Chinese Language Got Modernized

We’ve tried and tested tons of tools to bring you the ultimate list of apps to learn Chinese, Mandarin podcasts, Chinese learning videos, websites, and more! If you’re interested in learning about Chinese culture and current events, some engaging blogs and podcasts will also give you that much-needed cultural perspective.

If you want an easy and effective way to learn Mandarin, HelloChinese is the app you need. Designed specifically for beginners, HelloChains is rated 4.8+ stars on the App Store and Google Play. It was introduced by Apple on the home page of the App Store in more than 70 countries and received positive feedback from users.

LingoDeer is effective because it was built by real language teachers. Each exercise works the same as before and teaches vocabulary quickly, making it suitable for complete Chinese beginners. Education is a craft, not a simple one that affects the user’s combination of options. LingoDeer is a great tutorial that uses modern technology.

Pleco offers the best Chinese reference material in one app – twelve quality dictionaries licensed from publishers such as Oxford, Longman, FLRP and Business News.

Best Language Websites To Reach Fluency Faster

They also provide educational systems including good content – handwriting, OCR and speech recognition, a document reader and powerful to instantly view messages on websites or e-books or other applications. SRS based flash card system.

Chinese is one of the most difficult languages ​​to learn. The team at Ninchance understands that and designed their app to be available to anyone who can understand and speak Chinese.

The app is specially designed and developed by SRS system to learn Chinese characters well. Work with Chinese teachers to explain hundreds of grammars for a deeper understanding of Chinese grammar. Adding a well-tuned sound system to capture each character’s voice.

Learn To Speak Chinese App

HelloTalk creates a safe environment to combine language learning with social interaction. The app’s advanced communication tools – internal translations, corrections and voicemail, among others – facilitate the exchange of messages between users.

Learn Chinese Dvds Value Bundle

With a language community that spans all cultures around the world and nearly 10 million people using the app, any student can find an exchange partner on HelloTalk. By connecting education and social media, we enable every student to interact with the world.

Du Su is a great reading app for Chinese students and is available for both iOS and Android. The app has hundreds of different difficulty lessons with new content added regularly.

Each lesson has built-in audio recording and translation, making it a great alternative to traditional textbooks. The reading interface is incredibly intuitive, so students can focus on reading without distractions. It helps students improve their Chinese reading and listening skills quickly and makes learning Chinese fun.

Zizzle offers a unique and innovative way to make Chinese characters stick in your memory. Chinese characters create a unique challenge, using cute illustrations and funny stories to make learning accessible to everyone! The stories sometimes seem silly, but they are true!

Maomi Stars Chinese App For Kids Review

The app really focuses on the best way to learn Chinese, combining mnemonics with different learning methods such as repetition and smart quizzes. In order to maintain their edge and ensure quality content, the team continues to create each story and ensure that it is read by as many people as possible.

Speaking is a non-profit mobile/web language learning platform that combines human learning with technology to improve the speech of every language learner. The app offers free and affordable language lessons from certified language teachers.

The platform offers many other language learning opportunities to the free community. They have thousands of monthly users, as well as many schools and businesses using the service – so trust us, you will get a lot out of the app!

Learn To Speak Chinese App

We like that the company has great social value; In the year In 2017, they created a scholarship that allowed low-income language students to achieve their dreams, from volunteering as an English teacher in Africa to applying for neonatology treatment in America.

Learn To Speak Mandarin

Hanping Chinese is a Mandarin and Cantonese offline language learning apps for Android including dictionary, autograph, OCR (text-to-image recognition), speakers (audio and multi-voice), analysis charts and more. We can understand why their translation app is so good at promoting Mandarin learning!

The Standard Mandarin App provides live lessons through audio, text and visuals to help students learn the different sounds in Mandarin Chinese.

This app focuses on the biggest problem of Chinese students – speaking. The app not only provides audio information but also helps you cut corners by explaining how to make audio in English. You don’t need to be an English expert to use this app, every beginner Chinese can get more clear and unique Chinese pronunciation.

Using Skritter is more than just marking your questions for the next day, the app helps them stick in your memory forever! Skritter works in a small box, instead of writing hundreds of letters on paper and forgetting to keep track of them, you practice writing using memory and you can do it on your phone!

How Long Does It Take To Learn Chinese? • China Admissions

Schritter was created by a group of Chinese and Japanese students who understand the needs of students. They use the power of repetition space to make sure you always focus on what you struggle with the most while learning new words every day. The app has hundreds of books and thousands of entries, making custom listings easy. Forget flashcards and use Skritter, so you can focus on more important things like learning Chinese!

A useful quick learning app while traveling in China. With 400 articles, most preparations for your trip are covered.

The triad of audio, narration, and text (in your language, Chinese, and phonetics) makes students learn faster.

Learn To Speak Chinese App

In the year Founded in 2005, ChinesePod has successfully curated over 4500 fun and unique Mandarin Chinese lessons. Stay connected to learn Mandarin Chinese by connecting to the Chinese Pod app.

Best Kids Apps Top 18 Chinese Learning Apps For Kids

Patterns based on your experience: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced The Chinese Pod app serves as your online guide to learning Mandarin Chinese on the go. Included in free and paid apps, we’ve got everything a Chinese student needs, such as idioms and examples, a dictionary, Pin Yin, the Say It Right series, and flashcards. We have also prepared HSK preparation for grades 1-5 so that students can pass the Chinese language test.

When you download the Chinese Pod app, you’ll find access to thousands of audio and video downloads. Each lesson is complete with an excellent speaker who clearly explains grammar, Chinese characters and many Chinese phrases. Nearly a million people have used ChinesePod’s fun, real-life experience to learn and enjoy Mandarin Chinese, and with the Android or iOS app, you can!

An inspiring app to make your Chinese learning fun and efficient. Receive daily free articles written specifically for beginner and intermediate Chinese learners. Each article comes with tools that make understanding faster than ever before. You can read Quick Dictionary and Chinese as well as Listening and Self-Improvement.

An amazing app that uses one of the most successful learning methods – chatting with Chinese speakers. Just press the call button, and connect with someone who can help you learn and practice quickly. At the end of the session you will be given writing, speaking and skills tips so you can easily monitor your progress.

How To Learn Mandarin Chinese: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

Flashcard apps can be a great way to increase your study time. This is not an application

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