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Learn To Speak American Accent – Some people think that because they have a local accent, they cannot speak a foreign language well. The truth is, that’s not all. Learning new sounds for better speech understanding is possible for everyone. As reported in a recent article published in the CATESOL journal, “Anyone can learn an accent in any language if they have both low-order (motor) and higher-order (analytical) skills” (Moyer 2018). . So it proves that one can do better. their pronunciation.

Anyone can get rid of a strong accent and speak English natively by practicing self-discipline and taking an American accent training course.

Learn To Speak American Accent

Learn To Speak American Accent

Taking a verbal reduction course can help you speak English with a natural American accent. These courses work like English lessons and are for people who want to improve their American English pronunciation. You will become more confident in speaking American English if you learn its sounds and patterns! This will speed up your communication flow!

The “peppa Effect” — When American Children Speak With A British Accent

Did you know that 20% of the world’s population can speak English? Today, one in seven people speak English, but 1.3 billion of them do not know English. This shows that we don’t need to be native English speakers to speak English well, we just need practice and determination.

Learning a new language is not easy, and we often think of grammar, vocabulary or writing as the main challenge.

However, we should not ignore the challenge that our dialect presents. It is possible to change your strong accent, so native speakers can understand you clearly.

In general, American-born people are afraid to speak in public because of their native accent, especially when talking to English speakers. For non-native English speakers, sounding like a native is a challenge, but certainly not impossible.

British Vs American English

“When will my accent become American?” This is the million dollar question. It is important to understand that every speaker has his own style and pace of speaking.

Accents are heard and processed differently by everyone. It is important to remember that different people often need different times to change their pronunciation and imitate the way English speakers speak.

Obviously, there is no easy answer to this question. The amount of time you need to reduce your accent will be determined by several variables. Here are some things to consider:

Learn To Speak American Accent

Speakers of almost any language find it difficult to make certain sounds when speaking American English. Examples include voiceless and voiceless dental sounds (voices), consonant clusters, or consonants.

American Accent Schools Flourishing In Hong Kong

Obviously, you need to adjust the pronunciation of these English sounds according to your native accent, but if you can recognize your mistakes, you can focus on those specific sounds and act accordingly.

Long story short, you need to know what your specific difficulties are, because your local accent may have a different effect on your English accent.

With the help of a pronunciation coach, you can learn which specific sounds are difficult to pronounce because of your native accent and work to improve them.

Once you understand how the sounds of your native language affect your foreign accent and how you need to improve your American accent, you should learn some techniques to make the most of the knowledge you’ve gained. How to get the most out of it.

British Accent — Get Rid Of Your Accent

To practice what you’ve learned, you can find helpful resources such as audio books, online classes, or debriefing sessions.

A popular way to learn English is to work with a verbal reduction coach. Working with a professional pronunciation coach may cost more than an audiobook or group session, but you’ll get personalized feedback and results faster than other methods. In addition, it will save you time and money in the long run.

Once you determine which form of exercise is most effective, you should adjust your time accordingly. Studying will definitely be easier when you have a schedule. A few weeks of daily practice can produce positive results in a short period of time for most people (eg 3 or 4 weeks of daily practice).

Learn To Speak American Accent

We recommend that you spend 20 minutes each day using the correct technique to acclimate your tongue and mouth to the unique sounds and patterns of American English.

World, Word, Were: American English Pronunciation — #goals English

Improving your American English pronunciation requires being able to distinguish between the sounds of your native language and the sounds of American English. Despite what you might think, it’s not that simple.

When we were children, our ability to recognize different types of sounds was stronger than it is today. Our ability to speak our first language becomes less apparent as we get older because speaking our native language often makes our native accent more pronounced. Therefore, we should always try to understand the special sounds of other languages. Harder, but not impossible. It is possible to restore this skill by improving our listening skills. In other words, before you can be a good speaker, you must be a good listener.

It is important to listen carefully to hear the right sounds and patterns. You will understand better between your language and American language.

If you practice regularly and when listening you will hear the differences more easily.

Accent Reduction And How To Speak Global English

Canadian researchers found that older English learners who practiced macro topics related to pronunciation and accent benefited more than adults who only practiced their vowels and consonants. Among these main topics are:

Having a solid knowledge of these topics will enable you to communicate effectively in American English because they are directly related to the heart of your speech.

If you only study the pronunciation of vowels and consonants, you probably won’t see a significant improvement in your speaking, but when you pay more attention to these macro concepts, you’ll notice a difference sooner rather than later.

Learn To Speak American Accent

Success comes from passion. If you hate what you do, you will never succeed. This is especially true in reducing pronunciation, as it requires a lot of practice and a lot of time. Exercise can be fun if you look at it that way, instead of a burden. This will bring you closer to your goal.

British English Vs. American English Pronunciation

One of the main points of reducing accents is practice and getting feedback. You can do a lot on your own, but you also need someone to guide you.

When people practice and devote themselves to learning every day, they often get better results than those who only attend a verbal slimming course. A coach can also help people improve their pronunciation.

Working with a pronunciation coach has many benefits. If you know that you are responsible to others and that you are not alone in this process, you are more motivated to practice and improve. Accountability is a benefit of being a pronunciation coach.

Researchers have found that second language learners think their pronunciation is better than that of their peers, even if they repeat the same mistakes. Second language learners are more likely to approximate their pronunciation to a native speaker because repetition of native language production increases their comfort level (Mitterer, Eger, & Reinisch, 2020). As you can see, using a pronunciation coach can be very useful in providing feedback and helping you correct. Accent coaches will give you feedback when you need it, with an accurate estimate of how fast you’ll progress. Following detailed feedback from a pronunciation coach about your training sessions, you will gradually see improvements in your speaking.

I Gotta Take Classes From These Guys To Learn How To Speak With No Accent 🤦‍♂️

Many factors can affect your progress, as we mentioned earlier, so it is difficult to predict an exact time frame. In my experience, I have seen improvement in most clients within six to eight weeks. After a lot of practice and sacrifice, this was possible.

A course or coach that reduces a person’s accent will lead to better progress because they will be motivated to learn and more willing to practice every day.

When you practice for 6 months, you will notice a difference in your English speaking, and you will notice an improvement in the clarity and emphasis of your speech.

Learn To Speak American Accent

The process of acquiring an American English accent requires patience and dedication, and it takes at least a few years to master. Acquiring your new accent isn’t easy, but once you do, you’ll see the benefits over time.

Can Vs. Can’t: American English Pronunciation — #goals English

After 8 weeks of practice, people usually notice a significant change in their pronunciation. Don’t let your native accent discourage you. It’s important to understand that your accent is part of who you are, so maintaining your own accent when speaking American English is perfectly acceptable. However, media and marketing hype may interest non-native English speakers.

You don’t have to give up your accent when you learn American English. Chances are you won’t lose your accent forever. Well that’s not what it means. You can’t force your shame

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