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Learn To Draw Books For Beginners – One of my goals for 2020 was to attract more, and thankfully it’s a goal that has been helped and not hindered by the Covid-19 crisis. Over the past few weeks I have collected eight different instruction books and tried to use each of them. Although all of these books are aimed at children, they are great for helping adults improve our art skills, and who better to draw a bowl of fruit than a silly cartoon giraffe?

The first instruction books I drew were I Can Draw Farm Fun and I Can Draw Silly Sea Life. These were some easy to follow books that combined both the grid method and the step by step method. Each animal consisted of a double-page spread with a step-by-step method at the top of the grid on the left side page. On the right side was a blank grid for practice, and a full-color drawing at the same scale, often with additional features added, such as flowers behind a bee or a pond around a frog.

Learn To Draw Books For Beginners

Learn To Draw Books For Beginners

I started by drawing some farm animals in my sketchbook, but I used these designs for another idea. By drawing some sea creatures on white card, I could cut them out and mail them to a family member for a laugh. I also became a cartoon rabbit

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He had chocolate eggs in his basket instead of carrots, so Book mailed him for Easter.

It includes the usual animals you’d expect like cows, sheep and chickens, but also unusual animals like llamas and flamingos (no, I’ve never seen flamingos on a farm) and a handful of other farm-related items like a house and a tractor

Fish, seals and dolphins are included, but there are also plenty of cartoon-style designs, such as a surfing bunny, a girl in a swimsuit and rubber ring, and a jellyfish with a snorkel.

These are some of my favorite how-to books from this collection and I know I will be returning to them in the future. Two other books are available in this series: I Can Draw Cute Animals and I Can Draw Things That Go.

Best How To Draw Books For Beginners

Next was a drawing of cats and kittens and an activity book. As the title suggests, this book not only has practical guides, but also activities such as mazes, word searches, code breakers and spot the differences. However, there is a wealth of guide material on how to draw different types of cats.

The art style of this book is more lively, encouraging children to draw different types of cats instead of a generic cartoon style. It uses a variety of methods, including tracing with a grid, step by step, and the included tracing paper (I couldn’t test this because I received a digital proof copy).

Seventeen different cat species are featured, but many are only given instructions on how to draw them using one of three methods: the Siamese has no grid or step-by-step method and can only be traced, while the Bengal has only one step. stepwise method. Step instructions. There are also some big jumps in the later stages of the step-by-step drawings. Because of these issues, it wasn’t one of my favorite books for the drawing element, although the extra activities meant there was plenty of value in the pages. I had drawn several cats using the step-by-step method and found myself gradually improving as I worked through the designs.

Learn To Draw Books For Beginners

It’s a great book for cat lovers, and there are three other titles in the same series—Dogs and Puppies, Horses and Ponies, and Birds and Butterflies—for kids who love a variety of animals.

Free Cute Animals Coloring And Drawing Books

The following is the first of two franchise-based how-to books. Learn to Draw Marvel Avengers is exactly what the title suggests, offering instructions to help you draw eight Marvel characters, including the original MCU.

A group of Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk and Thor. Some recent additions to the MCU also include: Ant-Man, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel.

Includes sheets of tracing paper so you can trace some of the designs. The first four characters in the book use the grid method, the trace method, and the step method, but for some reason this changes halfway through, and the remaining four only show the step method. The idea here is probably to work through the book in order, and after a while you’ll improve to the point where you don’t need grids and tracing paper, but most kids will jump straight to their favorite character, so yeah. I don’t see it working. If that was the plan.

I usually have a hard time drawing people, so this book was always going to be a challenge. This meant that it was a pleasant surprise to see how well my first attempts went. I doubt Marvel will call me to offer me a job anytime soon, but at least I think my characters are pretty recognizable, which is more than I’ve gotten before!

Kids Drawing Books

This would be a fantastic book for Marvel fans and the different styles of instructions will allow people of all ages to recreate some of their favorite characters.

, was one of my least favorite titles in the collection, but it helped me create one of my best photos ever.

As the title makes clear, this book is a sequel and contains mostly characters from the sequel trilogy. Nine characters are included and Maz Kanata has a good mix of humans, droids and even aliens. As with the Marvel book, tracing paper is included for some characters (but not all) and uses a combination of the grid method and the step-by-step method available for everyone else.

Learn To Draw Books For Beginners

My problem with this book was the step-by-step instructions that included big jumps between each step and complex shapes that were expected to be drawn freehand instead of assuming more basic shapes. Although I was able to pull off a great Kylo Ren from this book, it felt more like a stroke of luck and I spent a week practicing drawing and my previous attempt at Rey wasn’t as good.

How To Draw

Going back to animals for a moment, Cartoon Animals Drawing to Kids Guide became one of my favorite books almost immediately. This book contains guides for drawing 28 different animals, making it the densest of them all.

A wide variety of animals are included, from pets like dogs and cats, wild animals like lions and elephants, marine animals like sharks and sea otters, to scary animals like snakes and tarantulas. They’re all very stylized but down-to-earth – no sunglasses or bags on these friendly faces. The back of the book has several blank animal heads with examples of different expressions so you can practice giving your animals more personality.

It only uses a step-by-step method, but these steps are very detailed with only small jumps in each, making them the easiest to follow. I felt like I got some of my best results from this book. Each animal is given a full double page on the right for practice.

If I could only pick one book to buy from this collection, it would be this one because it offers the widest variety of animals and the clearest step-by-step guide. Even my ten year old son thought this book was the easiest to use and also the most fun. However, for those who want to use other drawing methods, it is best to avoid it.

How To Draw Books For Kids; 4 Dozen Doodles From The Wild: Learn Step By Step How To Draw Animals; Drawing Books For Kids 9 12; Cartoon Drawing Books … (4 Dozen Doodles;

The last two instruction books were my least favorite. You can draw Manga Chibi characters, critters and scenes You can draw Manga Chibi is a guide to drawing cartoon characters and animals in the manga style, but not as traditional as others. There are no real guides to be found here, no grids, tracing paper, or even step-by-step guides. Instead, you get some very basic number pictures with some initial guidelines left and not much else.

The book contains a variety of animals, both real and fictional, as well as a section on chibi-style items such as food and furniture. That’s all well and good, but there are no instructions on how to draw these things yourself, so you’re expected to just copy.

I used these books to draw some of my own chibi-fid characters, trying to base them on Mulder and Scully, and while the results were good, I thought they could have done better with improved guidance.

Learn To Draw Books For Beginners

A big advantage of these two books is that they are available as e-books in Amazon’s Kindle store, so you don’t have to wait for delivery to get started. If you already have the confidence to draw, they can help you get started

The Complete Guide To Drawing For Beginners: 21 Step By Step Lessons

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