Learn Spanish In Malaga For Adults

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Learn Spanish In Malaga For Adults – OnSpain is a famous Spanish language school in Malaga accredited by the Cervantes Institute. OnSpain offers a wide range of Spanish courses in Malaga with a maximum of 8 students per class. As a result, students receive expert attention from teachers and form close relationships with their classmates. The school also organizes daily extracurricular activities and field trips for students to practice their real-world skills. Onspan’s teaching method emphasizes Spanish culture using a dynamic and immersive curriculum.

OnSpain has 18 air-conditioned classrooms in two beautiful buildings. The first building is in the center of Málaga, and the second a few meters from the sea. Thanks to its excellent location and advanced academics, OnSpain is one of the best language schools to learn Spanish in Málaga.

Learn Spanish In Malaga For Adults

Learn Spanish In Malaga For Adults

A flexible schedule means you have enough time to enjoy life in Spain while you study Spanish courses in Malaga. Onspan teachers allow you to learn Spanish quickly thanks to the combination of hands-on experience and classroom experience.

Spanish Courses For Adults

OnSpain offers a special program for families who want to learn Spanish in Malaga while on holiday in Spain. Adults can study Spanish intensively or casually while their children learn Spanish. Children are placed at different levels according to their age and ability. Otherwise, the family is always in the same house.

Instituto Cervantes is a global non-profit organization created by the Spanish government. This organization seeks to improve the quality of Spanish language teaching institutions.

CSN is a Swedish government agency that provides financial aid to Swedish students. This Spanish language school is accredited by CSN. Swedish students can receive financial support for Spanish courses.

Germany recognizes Spanish language courses at these language schools as Bildungsurlaub. As a result, students can transfer academic credit from school to institution.

Learning Spanish: The Best Spanish Language Schools In Spain

If you haven’t had the chance to learn Spanish yet, don’t worry! You can start at this school as a complete beginner.

Malaga in Spain is a great place to learn Spanish. The city offers a modern Mediterranean lifestyle and more than 300 days of sunshine per year. Accommodation in Malaga is also very affordable and the locals are very friendly. Malaga also has two thousand years of culture with many great historical tours.

Onspay has two buildings in Malaga. It is in the Soho district of the city, surrounded by museums and shops. The city center also offers great tourist spots, including Marina Square, Alcazaba or Gibralfaro.

Learn Spanish In Malaga For Adults

The general Spanish course consists of 20 lessons of 55 minutes per week, designed for learning Spanish in Malaga. All new OnSpain students take oral and written tests on the first day of class. Then the students are grouped according to their abilities according to the test results. The class has a multicultural atmosphere with an average of eight students per group. A typical day at OnSpain is divided into two separate sessions of 1 hour 50 minutes each with a 20 minute break. Meanwhile, you can practice all the Spanish you’ve learned and socialize with your classmates.

Learning Spanish In Málaga

This program is designed for families who want to enjoy a holiday in Spain. Your family will have the opportunity to learn Spanish at a Spanish language school in Malaga. We offer a variety of academic plans. Ask us about them!

OnSpain offers you the opportunity to do an internship in a company in the greater Málaga area. This program combines an intensive Spanish course with an internship in a Spanish-speaking company.

This course is designed for professionals who want to improve their Spanish for career purposes. In this course OnSpain focuses on all skills including listening, speaking, reading and writing. The content of this course prepares students for the official Business Spanish certificate issued by the Malaga Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Special courses to prepare for the DELE exam (Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language). DELE is the official designation for non-native Spanish speakers.

Learn Spanish In Spain For Adults

OnSpain organizes many activities such as Spanish lectures, tapas tours and sports events. The school also travels to Seville, Granada, Ronda, Cordoba and more. organize a trip!

Students of all ages are welcome. In this school, high school students also learn Spanish, so there is no age limit for the course.

Note: The above total fees include tuition, placement test, use of school facilities and free internet (Wi-Fi). Textbook (€25) and registration fee (€50) not included.

Learn Spanish In Malaga For Adults

Our team has studied and lived in Spain, so we can not only offer expert advice and services, but also understand your questions and doubts.

Spanish Courses In Malaga

Announcement: Go! go! España always aims to provide excellent services to its students. However, providing a free service means that our scope of work is limited. That’s why we advise students to do their own research in addition to listening to our advice.

Almost done… We need to confirm the email address. Click the link in the email sent to complete the subscription process.

We use cookies to provide the best experience on our website. We will appreciate that you use this website. OKRead More Experience the Spanish lifestyle in sunny Andalusia, a region rich in history and culture that you can immerse yourself in while learning Spanish. in Málaga. Málaga As one of the oldest cities in Europe, Málaga is an open museum where culture has come to life to create a modern city that is charming, welcoming and a perfect example of Spanish hospitality – the perfect environment to study Spanish abroad! You will progress quickly when you experience Malagueño culture on our Spanish course in Málaga!

Andalusia combines sun, adrenaline and history, offering an unforgettable cultural experience while studying Spanish in Malaga. At our partner school in the city, you will learn Spanish on the go, in a fun and practical way, supported by professional teachers and staff. There are many Spanish courses to choose from in Málaga and all our partner schools are located in the city center, close to attractions such as the Carmen Thyssen Museum and the stunning Playa de la Caleta beach!

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During the language course abroad, lunch outside Malaga is available and costs only 10 euros. Relaxing with coffee in a cafe can be 1 euro, beer 2 euro. Spanish courses in Malaga start from €190 per week and you can contact us for a free quote for your language holiday.

From standard courses to intensive courses and from exam preparation classes to 30+ courses, our partner schools have Spanish courses for everyone in Malaga! Some of the Spanish courses in Málaga offered by our partners are: With the Spanish course for adults in Málaga, you can study in one of the best Spanish cities and one of the ten best cities in Europe according to the European Commission living in learning Spanish. . . Learning Spanish opens new doors for you and allows you to meet like-minded international people, learn Spanish and exchange experiences.

At Malaga Plus, we have different courses for adults. There will always be a course to suit your level and the pace at which you want to progress.

Learn Spanish In Malaga For Adults

Everything is very flexible because we can start courses for all levels except absolute beginners. If you want to know the full launch date, please go to the “Tariffs and reservations” section.

Spanish School In Malaga, Spain

Each week there are 20 lessons of 45 minutes. Classes are held in the morning, but in high season we can offer evening classes.

It is ideal for students who need to learn Spanish at a moderate pace, without too much stress, and who want to balance their studies with enjoying their free time.

It is designed for students who need or want to learn faster. Students in the intensive course spend the entire morning learning Spanish. Lessons focus on grammar, vocabulary, communication and cultural facts.

Designed for Spanish teachers (non-native speakers) who want to refresh their knowledge and update themselves with the latest ELE teaching methods. This course has a structure of 20 private lessons per week or group lessons if two teachers travel together, semi-private or group lessons if at least three teachers travel together.

Intensive Spanish Course In Malaga

You can learn Spanish online at Malaga Plus. It consists of individual or group lessons depending on the needs of the students. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes and is led by a school teacher. They have a flexible schedule where they can communicate directly with their teachers and all homework and classwork is coordinated via email. For personal lessons, you can buy courses of 10, 15 and 20 lessons and use them freely according to your needs.

If you want to study a DELE course in Malaga at our school, you will find the best training according to the date of the DELE exam you want to take. At Malaga Plus we can help you

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