Learn Kpop Dance For Beginners

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Learn Kpop Dance For Beginners – So if you’re like me, you love a good K-Pop song and a fun, popular drama to go along with it.

Although the dances are meant to be easy to learn, it’s easy to feel intimidated when watching the moves of idols who have trained most of their lives.

Learn Kpop Dance For Beginners

Learn Kpop Dance For Beginners

So I decided to find out what it takes to improve my K-Pop skills and become a K-Pop star.

Best K Pop Dance Songs

Although the name is generic, “K-Pop” is often used to describe the fusion of East Asian and Western music associated with the 1880s.

During the 1880s and 1940s, Koreans were exposed to Western music through American missionaries and radio stations, but it wasn’t until the 1940s when North and South Korea split that K-Pop music really took off.

Many American soldiers remained in South Korea after the Korean War and began to spread Pop, Gospel, Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, R&B, Folk, Country, Classical and Reggae.

As a result, South Korean musicians began incorporating Western rhythms, instruments, vocal styles, and languages ​​into their music.

A Beginner’s Guide To K Pop

It was at this time that the internet made it easier than ever for countries to share music.

Despite their low profile during the Korean talent show where their song Nan Arayo was released, their fans went crazy for that same song AND their album.

They uploaded their music video online and the song reached the states where it appealed to a new audience.

Learn Kpop Dance For Beginners

Whether it’s Seo Taiji & Sons’ unique fusion of rap, hip hop, rock, jazz, and EDM, the sound of Korean lyrics, or their incredible fashion sense, thousands of teens and tweens around the world have watched their video and looked like “Idols, ” word that will be the #1 descriptor for the members of the K-Pop group.

Blackpink Dance Cover Queen Ky: Meet The Youtuber Who Joins K Pop Groups Bts, Itzy And Twice In Viral Music Videos Of Hits Like How You Like It And As If It’s Your

Many other K-Pop artists followed suit and in the 21st century names like Super Junior, Big Bang, Wonder Girls, Psy, BTS, Blackpink and TWICE were household names.

Since the late 2000s, K-Pop choreography (and the highly produced music videos that have featured it) have greatly contributed to the genre’s virality.

The slogan that accompanied the chorus of each song was catchy and accessible, so that everyone in the world could “cover” the artist as much as the song itself.

Soon, sites like YouTube and Facebook were flooded with dance cover videos that provided free publicity for every new K-Pop song.

Where To Learn K Pop Dance In Seoul? — Seoulite Tv

The moves and combinations were heavily influenced by the heavy hip-hop dances used by American bands in the 90s/2000s, but the K-Pop dances also looked pretty cool. / playful or very soft, like the music itself.

Both are full of sharp and precise movements, feminine cleavage and playful movements. And it’s not just one person playing. You can see many bodies walking together!

Many of the early K-Pop groups that were popular in the states followed this formula, but the first modern K-Pop song to get serious radio airplay featured unisex moves suitable for everyone.

Learn Kpop Dance For Beginners

In a “galloping horse” move, this was the first YT video to receive more than a billion views.

Dance To Kpop!

If you want to learn how to dance K-Pop, start by choosing a few groups that you really like!

For example, if you really like BLACKPINK’s Lisa, you might feel that she goes into intricate details and puts a lot of effort into her stage performance.

So when learning a BLACKPINK or Lisa routine, really focus on the elements of that style as you practice each move.

Be careful not to clap your hands for a while to complete the movement or tilt your head.

Top 10 Kpop Dances You Need To Learn Asap

Once you know the idol you want to look like, you can focus on learning the actual dance steps.

If you are completely new to dancing, start by looking for easier and softer poses.

Basically, you want to look for the same moves you would do at a club or party.

Learn Kpop Dance For Beginners

The chorus part is all about hair whips, booty shaking and seductive moves to the beat. Even if you’re not looking

Korean Language: Music And Lyrics: K Pop Is Encouraging Indians To Learn Korean

Typically, these types of choreography will test your ability to use speed and control at the right time, all while dancing to a more complex beat.

During the chorus section, you’ll notice there’s a lot of jumping, quick hand movements, and quick transitions from fast to slow motion.

You will need to practice this routine as many of the movements will not come naturally to you.

Once you know what choreography and routine you want to learn, you’re ready to dive in!

South Korea Wants The World To Learn Korean With K Pop

Many people learn the process by studying the highly produced music videos that make up the majority of K-Pop songs.

You can find videos on YouTube, spend some time, learn the moves, and then practice on your screen at home.

Many other K-Pop songs are accompanied by what’s called a “rehearsal video”: basically, this is a video of a musical group rehearsing a routine in a clean, simple setting.

Learn Kpop Dance For Beginners

These videos are very easy to learn because they don’t have all the fancy cuts/edits that make it hard to see what the idols are doing.

A Beginner’s Guide To K Pop

Of course, when studying a K-Pop routine, it’s not just limited to the videos of the music groups themselves.

There are also many K-Pop artists on YouTube who break down the routine into step-by-step tutorials.

You can spend a lot of time pausing and rewinding, pausing to look in the mirror and look for videos where the content rotates on the screen so you can directly copy the teacher (basically if you hold left up on the screen you want to be able to

Left hand too. You don’t have to think in your head, “Okay, his left hand is going up, but the camera is changing the image, so he has to raise his right hand, right?”).

K Pop Songs With Easy Choreography That You Can Learn Even If You Are A Beginner

You can change the direction of the video with the push of a button, reverse rough parts of the routine while you’re working out, and use your camera as a mirror camera so you can see yourself behind the instructor.

If you want to try it for free, start with these 10 FREE K-Pop courses!

Choreographers from around the world create routines for your favorite groups, and the choreographers have unique dance styles and styles worth learning.

Learn Kpop Dance For Beginners

For example, if a choreographer regularly creates routines for your favorite group, and the choreographer is a big fan of jazzy dance steps and lots of hair movement, it might be worth taking a class directly to improve those skills.

Watch Let’s Dance

All these K-Pop choreographers and many more (Ian Eastwood, Lyle Beniga, Ellen Kim…) have classes at the Studio that will teach you how to dance smooth, sharp, fast, slow, everything. !

Now that we know what K-Pop is and how to dance K-Pop, the last step is to learn how to look the part.

1. Wear a combination of clothes such as skinny jeans and tight t-shirts, paired with baggy and baggy clothes. Tight clothes will show off your curves as they cut through the air, while loose clothes will add more movement to every movement. Leggings or shorts with a loose button-up shirt or skirt with bike shorts underneath are great options. Use music videos for inspiration.

2. Have fun with your hair – it’s often part of the singing! You can search for “kpop hair ideas” on Pinterest to find fun ways to style ponytails, buns, and braids to complement your outfit.

Learn How To Dance Gangnam Style With The Kpop Dance App

3. Coordinate the “set” to play with! You don’t have to do anything fancy like music videos themselves; focus primarily on creating a visually interesting and unobtrusive appearance. If you want to dance with a view of the city, you can dance on the top floor of the garage. You can use brightly colored walls in your city as a background. You can throw string lights in the back of the bedroom or use a color changing lamp. Just make sure your place is noise free! But if you ask a teenager the same question today, he might answer: Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook.

For those who don’t know, these guys are members of BTS, the South Korean pop group that sold out Wembley Stadium last summer and became the first group since the Beatles to have three number one albums on the Billboard 200 in less than an anus. .

In fact, their dance moves themselves are so popular, that a new wave of classes have sprung up across the country, especially for people who want to emulate their K-Pop idols, some industry insiders say it can be as popular as ballet or tap dancing. . .

Learn Kpop Dance For Beginners

Louise Quan, 32, founded Love K-Pop Dance London 18 months ago and now teaches two classes a week at Base Dance.

Learn These Iconic K Pop Dance Moves From Your Favourite Idols

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