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Learn How To Speak Chinese – Guess what Mark Zuckerberg, former Miss Kansas 2013, and Oscar winner Mira Sorvino have in common? The title of this post might give you some insight… Yes, that’s right, they all speak Mandarin Chinese as a second language.

Along with avocados and cryptocurrency, the East Asian language’s popularity has skyrocketed over the past 5 years, with many foreigners choosing to learn Chinese for business and tourism. With this growth comes an increase in platforms offering services for learning Chinese – but which ones are really worth it?

Learn How To Speak Chinese

Learn How To Speak Chinese

Whether you want to learn Chinese fast, find a Mandarin teacher near you or look for the best online Chinese teacher, read reviews and learn Mandarin!

What You Need To Know To Speak The Chinese Language

We’ve tried and tested many different tools to bring you the ultimate list of apps for learning Chinese and Mandarin podcasts, Chinese learning videos, websites and more! If you’re interested in Chinese culture and current affairs, some of the included blogs and podcasts will give you this vital cultural insight.

If you want an easy and effective way to learn Mandarin Chinese, HelloChinese is the app you need. Designed specifically for beginners, HaloChinese is rated 4.8+ stars on the App Store and Google Play. It has been featured by Apple on the home page of the App Store in more than 70 countries and has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from users.

LingoDeer is effective because it was developed by native language teachers. Each exercise builds on previous exercises, learning the basics of the language quickly, making it perfect for Chinese beginners. Teaching is an art, not a simple program that throws users random options. LingoDeer is a great teaching tool powered by cutting-edge technology.

Pleco offers the widest selection of Chinese reference materials per app – dozens of premium dictionaries licensed from leading publishers such as Oxford, Longman, FLTRP and Trade Press.

Learn Chinese. Speak Chinese In Urdu اردو چائنیز Apk For Android Download

They also offer a comprehensive set of Chinese learning tools for better content management – ​​handwriting, OCR, speech input, document reader functionality to directly check your words on websites, e-books or other apps, and A powerful flashcard system based on SRS.

Chinese has a reputation as one of the most difficult languages ​​to learn. The team at Ninchance understands this and has developed their app to enable anyone to understand and speak Chinese.

The app is specially designed and developed using the SRS system for learning Chinese characters. Created with the help of Chinese teachers to explain hundreds of grammar exercises for a deeper understanding of Chinese grammar. With the added bonus of excellent voice recognition to get every tone right for every character.

Learn How To Speak Chinese

HelloTalk creates a safe environment for combining language learning and social interaction. The app’s advanced communication tools – including built-in translations and corrections and voice messages – facilitate language exchange between users.

Learn Mandarin Chinese For Beginners: First Words For Everyone (learn Chinese Mandarin For Kids, Learn Chinese Mandarin For Adults, Learn To Speak Chinese Mandarin, Kids Book In Mandarin): Amazon.co.uk: Fireds, Lerin: 9798731117470:

With nearly 10 million people using the app, this language community spans all cultures around the world, so any learner can find an exchange partner on HelloTalk. Combining education and social media, we make it possible for every student to talk to the world.

Do Chinese is a very affordable reading app for Chinese learners, available for iOS and Android. The app contains hundreds of lessons of various difficulties with new content being added constantly.

Each lesson has an audio recording and translation, making it an excellent alternative to a traditional textbook. The reading interface is very intuitive, allowing the student to focus on reading without interruption. It helps students improve their Chinese reading and listening skills quickly and makes learning Chinese fun.

Zzzle has a unique and innovative approach to making Chinese characters stick in your memory. Chinese characters create a unique challenge, and the use of engaging visuals and humorous stories make learning accessible to everyone! Stories can be silly at times, but that’s the point!

Books/lot Oxford Elementary Chinese: Level 3 Mandarin Chinese Language Learn To Speak Chinese Basic Chinese Age 4 12 Years|education & Teaching|

The app really focuses on the best ways to learn Chinese, combining such reminders with other traditional Chinese learning methods such as spot repetition and an intelligent quiz system. To maintain their edge and ensure the quality of the content, the team constantly designs each story and has multiple people read them to ensure they are effective.

Speaking is a non-profit mobile/web language learning platform that combines human learning and technology to improve the speaking skills of any language learner. The app provides free and affordable language training from certified language trainers.

This platform offers many other language learning tools for free to the community. They have thousands of monthly active users and many schools and businesses using the service – so trust us you will get a lot of value from the app!

Learn How To Speak Chinese

We love that the company values ​​social impact; In late 2017, she created a scholarship to allow low-income language students to pursue their dreams, from volunteering as an English teacher in Africa to a neonatology medical residency in the United States. until requested.

Set Small Goals To Learn Chinese And See How You Can Speak Chinese

Hanping Chinese is a suite of Mandarin and Cantonese offline language learning apps for Android that includes a dictionary, handwriting recognition, OCR (image text recognition), high-quality native speaker audio (single character and multi-character), clipboard Includes monitoring and more. . others We certainly know why their Pro Dictionary app is rated the best for Mandarin learning support!

The Standard Mandarin app provides instant instruction with audio, text, and visual animations to help students accurately pronounce specific sounds in Mandarin Chinese.

This app focuses on pronunciation, which is the biggest obstacle for Chinese learners. This app helps the learner to cut corners by not only providing audio files but also provides brief explanations on how to make sounds in plain English. No need to know the language to use this app, every Chinese beginner will get a clear and very unique Chinese accent.

Using Scatter is more than just memorizing characters for your next daily quiz, the app helps you commit them to your memory forever! Scritter works because instead of painstakingly finding letters by writing hundreds of times in little boxes on paper, you practice writing with active memory recall, and you can do it on your phone!

Chinese Lesson: "can You Speak Chinese?"

Secretary was created by a team of Chinese and Japanese students who understand the needs of the student. They use the power of spaced repetition to ensure you always focus on what you struggle with the most, while still learning new vocabulary every day. The app contains hundreds of textbooks and a library with tens of thousands of vocabulary entries, to complement custom lists. Forget flashcards and use scatter so you can focus on more important things in life, like Chinese masters!

Great app to quickly learn phrases to use while traveling in China. With over 400 expressions, cover many scenarios for your trip.

Audio, illustrations and text (in your language, Chinese and phonetics) make it easy for learners to progress quickly.

Learn How To Speak Chinese

Founded in 2005, ChinesePod has created over 4,500 fun and unique Mandarin Chinese lessons. Staying connected with the ChennaiPod app will motivate you to learn Mandarin Chinese.

How Hard Is It To Learn Cantonese If You Already Speak Mandarin (non Natively)?

Tailored to your level of knowledge: New, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Advanced, the Chinese Pod app serves as your online guide to learning Mandarin Chinese on the go. Included in both the free app and the paid subscription is a dictionary with lessons and examples that Chinese language learners need, such as pinyin, a series of pronunciations, and flashcards. We even have detailed HSK preparation for levels 1 – 5 for those studying to pass the official Chinese language test.

Once you download the ChinaPod app, you’ll find you have access to thousands of downloadable audio and video lessons. Each lesson is complemented by a fluent speaker who clearly explains correct grammar, Chinese characters, and common Chinese expressions. Over a million people have used Chinese Pod’s fun and real-life scenarios to learn and enjoy Mandarin Chinese, and you can too with the Android or IOS app!

An inspiring app that will make your Chinese learning journey fun and effective. Get free articles every day specially written for beginners and intermediate Chinese language learners. Each article comes with intuitive tools to help you understand faster than ever. You’ll find an instant dictionary and Chinese audio along with listening and reading practice for a personalized guided experience.

A fantastic app that utilizes one of the most effective forms of language learning, speaking with a native speaker. Press the call button and connect with someone who can help you learn and practice instantly. Once the conversation is over, you’ll be greeted with feedback on grammar, pronunciation and fluency, so you can easily track your progress.

Learn To Speak Chinese

Flashcard apps are one of the most effective ways to make the most of your study time. This app is great because it uses a great form of spaced repetition and artificial intelligence so you can learn many Chinese characters.

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