Laser Light Pen With Different Patterns

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Laser Light Pen With Different Patterns – High output power… every 60 seconds ON, OFF 30 seconds… to prevent internal overheating.

The use of this laser beam to illuminate the eyes of people and animals is strictly prohibited! This will damage your retina.

Laser Light Pen With Different Patterns

Laser Light Pen With Different Patterns

If you find that the brightness of the laser beam has decreased significantly, be sure to charge or replace the batteries.

A Novel Microscale Selective Laser Sintering (μ Sls) Process For The Fabrication Of Microelectronic Parts

Note that this is a “star” laser pointer, but if you remove the star cap, it becomes a “single beam” laser pointer.

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Laser Light Pen With Different Patterns

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Laser Light Pen With Different Patterns

This tutorial will show you a very easy way to create your own laser pointer pattern generator. This method involves using a computer to create a hologram (a snapshot of the interference pattern that would result from the light pattern you want to create) and then printing it in very high resolution using a 35mm projector film printing service.

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All you need is a computer and a very small amount of money to buy a printed slide from the projector. You can even print it at home on clear acetate if you don’t mind the limited quality.

True holograms are printed at around 127,000 dots per inch (dpi), which is incredibly difficult to print and requires very specialized, expensive equipment. However, lower resolution holograms can be created if the light does not need to be bent at a large angle (since a narrower pixel spacing spreads the light more widely). This means that the size of the projected pattern is limited by the print resolution.

The principle is practically possible to demonstrate on a 600 dpi home printer, but the quality is not very good, and the sample is so small that it can be lost in the far beam. The software we’ll be using is designed for home printing, so if you’re into that, check out the CGH Cortical Cafe site to learn how.

However, we can print at a much higher resolution for a very low cost. There are online services that offer digital printing of 35mm slides from a projector in 4k format, i.e. 4096 by 36mm (including a 1mm border). This gives us 2890 dpi… much better!

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First you need to create the pattern you want to design. This can be done in any color package that saves in GIF file format. Start very small (say 20×20 pixels); computation time and memory are highly dependent on the number of pixels projected, and we are using the program to render at a much higher resolution than it was designed for, so it can crash if it runs out of memory. You can always go to the board later. Patterns with thin lines work better than filled areas. The GIF should be two-tone black on white, where the black pixels become projected points of light. To demonstrate this, I drew a jellyfish on top of a marshmallow.

Then you need to create a hologram for printing. We will use the software provided by Cortical Cafe, the website linked in the previous step. However, the online program is not supported and does not appear to be working (at the time of writing). Fortunately, they have open source software on SourceForge, and even better, there’s a built-in Java program, so there’s no need to compile anything.

For good results, adjust the settings as shown and then print the hologram exactly at double scale… I found that the short distance of the auto length is too short and the hologram looks small and pale only from the far beam. . However, I also printed a double hologram as I wasn’t sure of the actual print resolution and they worked much better.

Laser Light Pen With Different Patterns

A resolution of 1200 x and y pixels is about as much as the program will run (on my computer anyway!). 8.789e-6 is the distance in printed pixels in meters. Random phase prevents strange aberrations. Opt Depth is fine for the first loop described above, but I suspect it might work better if manually set to ~2m. Depth is the point where the pattern is best in focus, and since our patterns are wide and lower resolution than professionally made patterned lenses, the focus drops more at other distances. Also, do not select “Scale”, this will distort the aspect ratio and fill the hologram with the largest possible image. This may not sound like a bad thing, but the main laser beam always hits the image, making it difficult to see them all at once. Choose Pixel Spacing (again in meters) instead. Maybe aim for 15-30mm wide and 2 meters deep. If you have 20 pixels, that’s ~1e-3. Try to get items that look like a blurred version of the projected pattern to match the space around you, as this means you can throw your laser out of the pattern.

A) A Ballpoint Pen Spring (length $30 Mm, Used As Our Helical…

Click on the simulation and you should get a status bar that is progressing like in the screenshot. If it hangs during initialization, it is out of memory. Assuming it works, you can see the result. There seems to be a problem with non-binary output (not used for home printing), so choose “real_binary”. Once opened, you can save it as a GIF. The print is mostly chaotic black and white, but there are waves that seem to reflect the projected shape of the pattern. A hologram is actually an interference pattern that you will get from light shining from all the projected points at the same time.

We will be using a digital 35mm slide print from the projector as it is relatively cheap (~£2 per slide) and prints at a much higher resolution than you might expect. I used but there are probably others with similar capabilities if you are not in the UK.

That is, we will have

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