Interesting Games To Learn English

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Interesting Games To Learn English – As I talked in my last article about using stories and songs in my classroom, I will continue in the same way and tell you about the benefits of therapeutic work using some games good “old school” education. .

After finishing the speech, which often comes from their books or from their short stories like: “Beauty and the Beast” “Ali Baba and 40 thieves” “Oliver Twist”. . . , I have them change their copybooks and every point. the mistakes of his friends.

Interesting Games To Learn English

Interesting Games To Learn English

If they make more than four mistakes, they have to copy those words two or three times. The teacher must, of course, review the mistakes; the students are still learning, and that’s the point of this project!

Kloo’s Race To London

I always create group work to give each of my students specific time.

Here is an example of my student’s speech; He made 2 mistakes (Here is an excerpt from Sindibad the sailor’s journey).

“When the big tree put us in the boat, they gave us a big stone. Each stone is as big as a house. Some stones fell into the sea, but others hit our boat. The men in that boat are dead.”

When I ask my student if he can see why these two words are spelled wrong, he doesn’t understand why, which is always good!

Pre K Kids Learn English Lette Apk For Android Download

He also told me: “This is how I feel. ” So, I explained to him that visual guidance is a false guidance, and that guidance must be learned. He admitted he didn’t know about it and I gave him a song about illegal words to make sure he remembered them.

I’m not a fan of rap music, but this video helped my students learn their vocabulary!

I have been teaching for 30 years and I always say this: Interactive games should be used in the classroom!

Interesting Games To Learn English

Game1: Find the similarities and differences between the pictures below to compare the past and present of this family.

Learn English Phonics For Kids

This is a very fun game that allows them to show their knowledge but also helps them to get to know different words and phrases.

Students have to match the words or phrases with the sentences. This includes writing instruction and vocabulary as well.

I also make smiley faces so my kids can guess the correct answer. They always appreciate when they see my moves they are very funny!

A student sits on a chair and answers the other students’ questions. They asked about his family, his hobbies, his favorite animals… and he had nothing to say. If he does this or his head, he loses the game.

Games In Learning English

The purpose of this game is for students to express themselves and use different forms of communication. This is definitely one of my kids favorite games!

I’m sure many of us have done this before, and believe me, the kids of our generation still love this activity. It helps them think and of course, learn new words.

It’s great to see your students having fun while learning, and I believe collaboration and play are the keys to doing that.

Interesting Games To Learn English

It’s great to use technology in the classroom, but we shouldn’t forget some of the old school lessons that still apply.

Games To Learn English

Sophie is a specialist teacher who has been teaching primary school pupils for over 30 years. When she is not teaching, she enjoys spending time with her family as well as reading crime novels and trying new cakes.

His color is blue, the Beatles are always his favorite and he can read “The Spy Who Came in from the Cold” by John le Carré hundreds of times without getting tired! growing daily with the help of many teachers. If you want to download it you need to enter your donation.

23 GAMES FOR LEARNING ENGLISH by Zeline Here is a list of my favorite games to play with my students! I hope you like it! Level: Intermediate Age: 6-17 Downloads: 334 Copyright 16/6/2009zeline The copyright owner is prohibited from publishing or redistributing any part of this document. see more worksheets from zeline

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No Prep Esl Vocabulary Games For Kids

So, Why do we use games in learning English? It is because of some important benefits. First, games provide relaxation for students while practicing language skills. Secondly, the diversity of the games really motivates the students and also challenges them to be able to win. And, what else? Through games, students can gain more experience in cooperating with members of the same group so that their cooperation skills are greatly improved.

Games can be used in all areas of the lesson and can be considered as a form of activity. It can improve the four important English skills, such as listening, speaking, reading and writing. However, the question “when should we hold a game in the lesson?” very important. Because the time we decide that the students play is directly related to the type of game used as well as the content of the lesson.

When you hear the “Play game”, the students’ thoughts seem to be about the fun of the game. Therefore, the role of the teacher here is very important. The choice should be based on the objectives of the activity “What language can learners improve through games?” In addition, they should consider the best games that are useful for different students and ways to combine the games with the content of the lessons. The chosen game should consider the following questions:

Interesting Games To Learn English

The game always follows its rules. There should be clear instructions for students. Sometimes, the mother tongue can be used as a substitute language to ensure the time limit and help the students understand the game clearly. In particular, it is better for us to make a model rather than a long explanation to save time and ensure that students can do well. And, according to a natural way, everything must be put up at its best so that others can enjoy it; The same thing to play To learn the Passive voice you need to know the past participle. If you don’t know the past partners go to our post on past partners

Pdf) Using Games As A Tool In Teaching Vocabulary To Young Learners

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