How To Tie The End Of A Hemp Bracelet

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How To Tie The End Of A Hemp Bracelet – Learn how to make 3 simple hemp macrame bracelets with an easy-to-change connector in this tutorial and step-by-step video!

Hemp bracelets are back! I remember making them in high school and college and didn’t realize I was making macrame!

How To Tie The End Of A Hemp Bracelet

How To Tie The End Of A Hemp Bracelet

These three types of bracelets are very simple and you will be able to master them in no time, even if you have never made them before!

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In this tutorial we will make hemp macrame bracelets: square knot, regular knot, and twisted knot.

I used heavy duty hemp rope between these bracelets. You can make them with larger strands if you want, but remember to start with longer strands!

You can also find a video of these bracelets below. Be sure to subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss my next tutorial!

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I used the same bracelets for all three bracelets and they are so easy to make!

To avoid repetition, I have included a closing tutorial at the end of this post.

So just follow the tutorial for the bracelet you want to make and scroll down to see how to crochet floating macrame!

How To Tie The End Of A Hemp Bracelet

String seven beads on a 16-inch center string. You don’t have to worry about spacing, we’ll take care of that in a minute.

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Tie a top knot at the end of the rope and secure the rope to the cork board with a T-pin between the knots. (Or you can just draw on your desk.)

Take a 70 inch long wire, bend it in half and place it behind the middle wire we just attached to the cork board.

Next, tie the first half of the main knot around the middle strand, making sure there is an equal strand on both sides of the working strand (so it stays in the middle).

Open one of the beads next to the line of main knots you just tied. Then tie two circular knots after the beads, leaving no space between the knots and the beads.

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After you have tied the last six knots, tie a half knot on the side that will be inside the bracelet (just like the first part of the knot when you tie your shoes).

Then cut the working wires close to the point. Don’t worry, the glue will prevent it from opening!

Cut the remaining two ends of the middle wire so that they are the same length, and then tie a knot at the end of each wire.

How To Tie The End Of A Hemp Bracelet

You’ll want to make the back straps about 3 inches to leave enough room for the slide connector.

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Scroll to the end of this post to see how to finish the slide clasp bracelet!

Secure the center wires by attaching them to a cork board or tying them to a work surface (as I did here).

Then fold the working wire in half and place it behind the middle wire as shown in the picture.

You will fasten until the bracelet is the length you want. I tied knots six centimeters square.

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Then trim the ends so they are even and tie a knot. You will want your ends to be about 3 inches.

Tie a round knot between the two middle strands until you reach your desired length. Check out a tutorial that shows how to make a circular knot here.

Tie the ends of the working wire into a half knot inside the bracelet and add glue to the knot.

How To Tie The End Of A Hemp Bracelet

Then tie the ends of the cords in the middle, leaving the same cord on each side and cutting off the excess.

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Well, now that we’ve made these bracelets, it’s time to learn how to tie a walking knot!

First, hold the two sides of the bracelet together as if it were wrapped around your wrist.

Next, take a 14-inch length of rope, grab the two ropes, and tie three knots around it.

After tying three square knots, tie a half knot inside and add a drop of glue to secure it.

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Make sure you don’t accidentally get glue on the middle strings as this will prevent the knot from collapsing.

If you make one using this tutorial, share a photo on Instagram and tag me @ I’d love to see what you make!

Crystal Martin is the clever lady behind Marching North. She loves sharing easy-to-follow tutorials with macrame patterns, crochet, needlepoint, and anything else related to yarn or fabric.

How To Tie The End Of A Hemp Bracelet

Her work has been featured on Creative Fabrica, Craft Gossip, Ravelry, as well as her website and YouTube channels. There are many things to consider and use when growing cannabis to get the best yields. It has an aspect: sunny position (from 8 to 10 o’clock) in the south. Here’s the soil: a rich, well-drained soil with a mixture of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Varieties, varieties, or ready-to-plant seeds from a reputable nursery are perfect for your climate, your taste, and your customers’ tastes.

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How To Tie The End Of A Hemp Bracelet

Most gardeners know that the most important flowers (leaves) grow in the sun and the air circulation is good. Knowing this, it makes sense to start cutting the lower branches of the plants.

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