How To Tie Braids At The End

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How To Tie Braids At The End – We all know how to tie a shoelace…you know, good duct tape. However, sometimes elastic joints do not close the look very well and can take away from the beauty. When you have roots like me, you don’t need anything else to mess up your style! I have three solutions that will transform your braids and give you new ways to do them.

The first is a method I found in a short video on Instagram a while back that requires no tools or materials to do. In the photo below, you can see the second strand growing out of my hand and weaving through the top of my hair. After dividing into three sections and starting to braid, just part the hair at the base of the section. If you leave the bottom half intact, you just make the second joint on the bottom without even trying. After braiding your hair, twist the bottom of the braid through the hole between the top and bottom (think of a ponytail).

How To Tie Braids At The End

How To Tie Braids At The End

The last view is very safe. You can also use this technique to make fishtail braids of almost any size, no matter how thick or thin. However, long hair is required for the bottom part to be braided.

What Are Box Braids? Your Complete Guide

I learned my next braiding technique from CGH assistant Katie from Abellasbraids (thanks girls!!). Simply take the comb from a clip and firmly comb it through the end of the braid to tie the three sections together (think dreadlocks).

If you try this twist method with larger braids, you’ll end up with a thicker stitch. So make sure you only order these slimming wraps! It’s great when you make a few thin braids to pull together into a big braid or ponytail. You won’t have bad football teams to compete against.

I saved the easiest way to close the last braid. For this you will need a small elastic band, preferably one that matches the color of your hair, and a small tie on the side. When you finish braiding, leave a small section of hair and secure the rest with a rubber band (see image below).

Then, after wrapping a small piece around the elastic, take a piece of elastic and place it around the closed area.

How To Create Jumbo Festival Braids

When installing the elastic around a small part, you may need to adjust it a bit to make sure the elastic is not visible.

I’ve done all three of these steps in one place in my head so it’s easier to see. Anyway, I hope you enjoy trying this technique and upping your knitting game! Have fun! Six times out of 10, cutting your hair is a waste of time and money, so you want it to last as long as possible. For braids made with natural hair, it can take a week, while protective styles can take up to six weeks.

However, with natural wear and tear and other lifestyle factors (like exercise and days at the beach), your braces look better than they did on day one. While this may sound like a good idea, those who hope to maintain their style for a long time, without too much frizz, often feel the need for a special regimen, especially if the swimming days of the Labor Day weekend are in the future

How To Tie Braids At The End

As an idea, we talked to braiding experts to get tried-and-true tips for avoiding a common problem: frizz. Keep looking at their ideas.

Frizzy Braid Tips: How To Keep Braids From Frizzing Up

Whether you’re finding a way to protect yourself or braiding your natural hair, proper parting is essential. Celebrity stylist Sarah Potempa says careful distribution is key to avoiding frizz. “If your part isn’t good and your hair is going through the middle of a fever, you’re more sensitive,” she says. The solution to this problem? A fine comb with a metal tip is essential to properly part the hair. Be sure to tie off any hair that isn’t touching so you don’t get tangled again during the braiding process.

When your hair is well parted and cut, technique and treatment are very important. Brooklyn-based hairstylist and owner of MyTresses salon Simone Cremona says

That the easiest way to prevent frizz is to use pomade or gel when braiding. “A good pomade will add hold when styling your hair and hide split ends or frizz,” she says. “This will ensure that your hair and the hair products you use stay flat for a long time.” Potempa adds that looking for products with flexible polymers will also help keep your hair manageable without weighing it down or drying it out.

To protect yourself, use a cult gel, like Let’s Jam, to add shine and memory to your tresses. Company Profile Beachwaver Co., Ltd. Create a foam weave treatment that’s safe to use on synthetic hair or naturally curly hair, or you can use a shine pomade, like this one from Cantu, that adds control without breakage.

Three Ways To Secure A Braid

The better the binding, the smaller it will be, which is why Potempa says it’s important to loosen the knots as you weave. “When all your hair is flat on one side, it keeps the pieces from separating so quickly,” she adds. Audible instructions: Every few sections should be followed by a gentle closing with a fine-toothed comb as you weave.

Your work is not finished because your fabric is finished. Completing the steps is important to ensure your braid will work without snagging. If you are using synthetic hair for thickness and length, it should be put in hot water to prevent your hair from coming out. Then, to preserve the escape, Cremona recommends foam mousse. “Apply a few pumps of mousse to your hair to keep things fresh,” she says. “The mousse will also come in handy after a few weeks if you have some frizz. You can use a small amount and tie your hair to smooth out any remaining knots.” If you hit the pool or sweat while wearing curls, Cremona adds that letting it dry completely and then applying mousse helps cover it.

Check it out on Instagram. A post shared by Lesley (@freshlengths) on Aug 22, 2019 at 2:29pm PDT

How To Tie Braids At The End

Sleeping without protecting your hair is the way to make curly braids. “Moving while you sleep makes your hair harder,” says Cremona. “Using a satin scarf, hood or silk pillowcase will help relieve that stress, so you wake up with a good pillow.” They also recommend using an anti-itch medication before bed. “Sometimes, you don’t realize that itchy hair, when you wake up or go to bed, can irritate your roots and cause frizz,” she explains. “Do a soothing topical treatment with tea tree or peppermint oil before bed so you’re not tempted to scratch your skin.” You can also choose a scalp treatment with charcoal, witch hazel, and apple cider vinegar, which will help absorb sebum from your scalp. So not only does your hair look good, but so does your scalp.

Instructions Directing You On How To Style Box Braids

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How To Tie Braids At The End

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