How To Tie A Rope Bracelet

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How To Tie A Rope Bracelet – In this step-by-step tutorial (with video), learn how to make beaded bracelets with 2 ways to tie adjustable slip knots (both single and double knots).

Hello, today we are here with a simple, quick and easy jewelry project, slipknot bracelet. You will be surprised to see how easy and quick this craft is. You only need 2 materials and you are good to go. Whether you want to learn how to make beaded bracelets or adjustable slipknot bracelets, this tutorial can serve both purposes.

How To Tie A Rope Bracelet

How To Tie A Rope Bracelet

The cost of 2 or 4 bracelets will not be much if we calculate roughly, because you have 90% of the materials left even after making 4 bracelets. A 100-foot package of waxed cord costs about $10, and a 300-foot package of wood beads costs about $11. So the cost of this project will be around $4 to $5. You can use leftover materials to make tons of crafts, so it’s definitely a good investment. In addition, you can also sell these bracelets if you want, less cost and less time to do.

Slip Knot Bracelet

Two methods for making slipknot bracelets with beads. In the first method, we showed how to tie a double knot, and in method two you will learn how to tie a single knot.

Take the bundle of twine and wrap the string around your wrist 3 times. Measure and cut the cord (2.5 or 3 times the size of your wrist). Choose wooden beads or any type of beads that can be inserted into the string. We use small and medium colored wooden beads. You can fill the wire (just below wrist length) with beads, or you can use 5 or 6 beads like we did.

Make a ring by overlapping both, slightly larger than the size of the wrist. Keep equal lengths on both sides of the joint cable and hold firmly at the joint point.

Take the open end and loop it around your fingertip to form a loop. Draw the open end of the loop part under the ring of the main bracelet cord.

Silk Cord Bracelet

Now make another loop with the same part. At this time do not pull the open part under the main ring. Draw it through the loop, from left to right.

Carefully pull both ends up and tighten the knot tightly. When the knot is tight, you can check that one open end is adjustable, if you pull it it will slip. Tie knots near the open ends of the two sides to complete the bracelet work.

Just follow the first two steps of the first slipknot bracelet tutorial. Measure and cut the cable. Insert the selected beads into the string and bring the beads to the center of the string. Round and pull the open end of the wire to both sides. Form a ring, slightly larger than the size of your wrist. This time we will form a knot (same method as before) with an open end and the adjacent closed end (right side).

How To Tie A Rope Bracelet

Now use the other open end to form a second knot with the adjacent closed end (left side). You can cut the open ends if they are too long and use a lighter to burn the open ends to make sure the cable wires don’t get damaged.

Josephine Rope Bracelet

Having trouble understanding the picture guide? Don’t worry, you can also check out our video tutorial on how to make adjustable slipknot bracelets. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and activate the notification bell to stay updated.

We hope you enjoy this tutorial and enjoy the craft if you try it. Here are some of our other jewelry making tutorials you might like:

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How To Tie A Rope Bracelet

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How To Tie A Rope Bracelet

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Rock The Look: Rope Bracelets

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Other uncategorized cookies are those that are being evaluated and have not yet been classified into a category. So today we have a simple rope bracelet project made of leather rope and magnetic clasps for easy use. Read on to learn how to recreate this amazing knot bracelet.

How To Tie A Rope Bracelet

Start by cutting the leather cord in half, so you have two 15-inch pieces. Fold one in half as shown above.

Black Wave Bracelet

Pass the bottom tail of piece #2 over the bottom tail of piece #1 and under the top tail.

Then bring it under the next piece and the last part as shown above. Basically, you want to follow an “over under” pattern throughout the knot. Before assembling everything, make sure the tails are about the same length.

Now wrap it

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