How To Speak More Clearly In English

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How To Speak More Clearly In English – I’m going to give you some advice that sounds a bit pretentious, but I want you to listen to me.

First, we’ll look at the reasons why it’s so important to slow down if you’re not a native English speaker (even if you’re fluent!).

How To Speak More Clearly In English

How To Speak More Clearly In English

I will also give specific examples of how it can help you improve your English pronunciation.

New English Words With Meaning And Sentences

(In fact, many members of this community have shared that understanding me helps them understand other Americans.)

However, if you are not a native speaker, speaking English faster can make it difficult for other English speakers to understand you.

You may know that I am fluent in Spanish and have lived and traveled in South America for about five years.

Since I am fluent in speaking, I am happy to share my thoughts; I want to say my words as soon as possible.

How To Speak English Faster

If I slow down and give my mouth time to fully form words, fully pronounce sounds, and pronounce vowels, I can actually speak Spanish with less of an accent, and more importantly, more clearly.

The first thing I notice when I start working with my clients is that they are almost always fluent in English!

Unfortunately, this trend has a downside; They have increased their speaking speed, making their pronunciation clearer!

How To Speak More Clearly In English

When you have an accent, you don’t move your mouth naturally like a native speaker.

Ways To Stop Mumbling And Speak Clearly

To slow down your pronunciation, you need to slow down to give your mouth more time to participate.

As you’ll see below, slowing down will allow you to focus more on the key elements of pronunciation, making it easier to understand.

I want to remind you that accents are a fact of life. There is no problem with the pronunciation.

Instead of emphasizing sounding like a native speaker, I emphasize speaking more clearly so people can understand you.

Your Quick Guide To (almost) Every English Accent

Now that you’re focused on understanding your English, you’ll need to slow down, and then slow down even more.

If you’ve seen any of my word stress videos, you know that when you say l-o-n-g-e-r, LOUDER, and a syllable in a word, you’re saying word stress.

Many non-native speakers jump to the word “today” because it’s only two syllables, you say it all the time, and it’s so easy to understand.

How To Speak More Clearly In English

But if you really want to make sure that you are doing the correct stress pattern for this word, you should lengthen “day”, the stressed syllable, eg: a DAAAAAY.

Learn To Stress Short, One Syllable Words To Speak English More Clearly • English With Kim

When you emphasize “day” and make it long, tall, and tall, it’s much easier for a native English speaker to understand you.

When I’m really slow and exaggerating the word, you’ll notice my mouth moving more physically because I’m building the tone with my lips and mouth.

As my lips form the tone, I also change the tone and create variations in tone by opening and closing my mouth.

By choosing to slow down, you will eventually be able to create these pitch shapes, which in turn will help you control your pitch.

Ielts Speaking Test Tips

You have to match word stress (making a syllable in a word long, high, high, high) to the shape of the vowels to make it sound like a native English speaker.

Don’t worry; When my clients start working with me, they haven’t developed these different shapes and sounds yet.

Your mouth needs time, exercise, and constant practice to fully produce all of these sounds necessary for natural spoken English.

How To Speak More Clearly In English

Native speakers can speak faster because they automatically form vowels, change their pitch, and emphasize key syllables using word stress.

Ways To Speak In A British Accent

As I mentioned earlier, changing the pitch helps English sound natural; Most importantly, it helps you use intonation effectively.

Let’s look at the word “really.” This simple word can express different attitudes: surprise, shock, annoyance and disappointment.

You need more time to move up and down to express the tone of your voice.

Slowing down allows you to create a more varied tone, which in turn helps you express yourself more clearly.

Thirty Days To Better English: Learn To Speak And Write More Effectively In Only Fifteen Minutes A Day!: Lewis, Norman: 9780451161918: Books

We convey a lot of meaning through intonation (sometimes more than words!). Slowing down will make it easier for you to do the same.

Many non-native speakers have a hard time producing words like “tree,” “green,” and “three” because you have to move your lips, tongue, and teeth between these different sounds.

Let’s face it: non-native speakers often speed up speaking difficult-sounding words because we don’t want people to hear that we can’t understand them correctly.

How To Speak More Clearly In English

But if you slow down, you’ll give your mouth time to move between all the shapes, and you’ll be more likely to get it right.

Are You Easily Understood When Speaking English?

My mouth moves more when I say the word “green” than the word “do.”

Although “green” is only one syllable, there are so many sounds and shapes to experiment with!

Try saying the word yourself: as you slow down, you’ll notice that your mouth has time to move between all those sounds.

As you can see, it’s very important to slow down to give your mouth enough time to hear all those unique sounds and shapes that give the English language character.

Why Nonnative English Speakers Actually Speak The Best English

Even better news: slowing down also helps others understand the main points of your message. To learn more, watch my video on how to speak English fluently.

I hope this video has helped you understand how slowing down can help you speak more clearly and be understood by native English speakers.

Now is your turn! Watch the video and mimic how I say “today,” “safe,” and “green.” I suggest exaggerating the shapes to get used to moving in different positions in the mouth.

How To Speak More Clearly In English

Do you want to communicate clearly and confidently in English? Watch this series of videos and find your voice in English.

English Speaking Practice Exercises (simple But Effective!)

Hi, I’m Kim. Ready to express yourself using your voice? Let’s improve your stress and intonation so you can find your natural fluency in American English. You’ll speak clearly and confidently so that people really understand (and listen to) what you have to say.

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Why You Should Learn To Speak English Properly By Saravanakumar

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How To Speak More Clearly In English

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Speaking Habits That Make You Sound Smarter

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Ways To Speak Clearly

Analytics cookies: These cookies are used for the use and performance of our website, email to track communications and email services as described above. If you’re like many non-native English speakers, the thought of saying long, complicated words probably makes you cringe. It’s coming out – literally.

Where does the word stress disappear? How do you say each syllable correctly? Pronouncing these words correctly can be quite a challenge!

The bottom line is that even native English speakers prefer a clear and simple vocabulary to these complicated four, five and six syllable words.

How To Speak More Clearly In English

So today I want to focus on how to use word stress for words with monosyllabic content.

Days To Better English

That’s why when you emphasize monosyllabic words, the entire word should be longer, stronger, and higher in tone.

If you do not accentuate this syllable

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