How To Refund Money On Steam

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How To Refund Money On Steam – Steam is one of the most popular gaming platforms in the world, with millions of active users. Millions of users buy games on this platform, games they are interested in. Unfortunately, there are times when these games don’t meet our expectations and we feel like we’ve wasted our money. In this case, the thing that many people turn to is to return the game to Steam.

This is something that most of you will surely realize that at some point you will want to return the game to Steam. Many users do not know how this can be done. In addition, there is more concern for many and that we can be punished. Therefore, one of the biggest doubts is how it is possible to return the game without being penalized for it.

How To Refund Money On Steam

How To Refund Money On Steam

The good news is that this can happen. If we want to return the game to Steam, we can do so. Moreover, there is a way to do this without being punished, one of the things that annoys many users. It is important in this case to always remember what the condition of the platform is, so that we can do it in the best way, because it is not always possible to return the game and return the money for it. .

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As we said, the most important thing in this matter is to know what conditions or rules the platform applies. This way, we can know whether we will be penalized or not if we decide to return a game that we are not satisfied with and that we feel was a waste of our money. Respecting this rule means that we will not be penalized if you return this money.

The first rule posted on the platform in this regard is very clear. Less than 14 days (two weeks) must have passed since you purchased the game on your Steam account. You should also play this game for at least two hours. That is, the platform wants to prevent you from buying the game, playing non-stop for a week and saying you don’t like the game, but in fact you played for 40 hours and used everything.

If you respect these two rules: it is less than 14 days old and you have played less than 2 hours, then you can return the game to Steam without penalty. In addition, this rule also applies to games that we have already purchased. In this particular case, the period of 14 days or two hours is counted from the first day of the game, not from the day you first bought it, you might think, because usually months have passed. because we are pre-ordered until it is finally launched in the market.

On the other hand, on Steam we also get the opportunity to return the items we bought in the game itself, which many users do. This is valid on purchases we make in the game within the first 48 hours of purchase. Although this report is possible as long as the thing in question has not been eaten, changed or given to us. So it is important for us not to use it, because if we do not lose money, the return will not be accepted by Valve.

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As with other games available on the platform, there are things that depend on each developer. It is not mandatory on Steam to activate this refund process for in-game purchases, so you will find games where you will not have a problem requesting and receiving this refund, while others are impossible, for example. Right now, it looks like Valve has no plans to make it mandatory, unfortunately we won’t always be able to get that refund.

When we want to restore the game on steam, while restoring it, we are asked some questions. The most important thing in this process is clarifying the specific reason for those who return the game and want to return our money. Although it is something that is often requested by users, it is not something that affects or motivates behind this, bringing peace of mind to many.

This assumes that we will return the game we just downloaded if we don’t play again (less than two hours), because now we want to buy it at a discounted price. Although this is possible, from the company itself they warn about this type of action and say that they know the abuse. Therefore, people who do this regularly may have problems. Other users should not worry. Return from time to time in this problem should not cause problems with the valve.

How To Refund Money On Steam

If we discuss the rules based on returning the game to Steam and follow everything, then we are ready to start this process. This is a simple process that can be done in a number of ways. The company itself leaves us a way to do it, although the one they explain is a bit long, because it sends us to the game’s support page from its web version and many steps are required. The good news is that there is an easy and fast way to get back the game in our account. So we can use this method to reverse it. Here are the steps we need to take.

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The first thing we need to do in this case is to access our Steam game library. In it we must find the game we want to return and go to the profile of this game. After that, we have to click on the support link that we see in the right column of the game profile. Doing this allows us to get direct support related to this game on the platform.

Once inside, if we meet the return conditions, we can see this option on the screen. This option appears in the list of problems and appears with the name “Not what I expected”. Many users search for names like Return or refund, but it is the option “Not what I expected” we have to click, so we can start this process to return the game. You can use the option “I bought this by mistake” if, for example, you made the wrong game when you bought it. One of these two options will allow you to continue the recovery process of this game.

In the next window we will find a new option. If we meet the conditions set by steam (we bought the game less than two weeks ago and played less than two hours), then we can continue the process. You will see on the screen that the option is called I want a refund, this is the one we have to click. By doing this we will access the back screen of this game on the platform.

Steam shows us the next screen of a menu where we have several options designed to manage this refund. The first step is to choose how we want the money to be returned. We accept options such as choosing the same payment method we use for your purchase, refund directly to the Steam wallet (so that it is available for future purchases) or use PayPal, for example. Now we have to choose the option that we like or that suits us best.

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Then we have to choose the reason why we want the game again. We write in the box that appears on the screen, without choosing one of the options that we need in the context menu that appears on the screen. Once we have written or selected the reason for the return of the game, we can click on the button that says send the request. With these steps we have completed the whole process and send the request back to Steam, he will analyze it. The company staff will review this request and will inform us by email whether they have accepted it or not, so we know if we will refund the money.

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