How To Refund A Game In Steam

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How To Refund A Game In Steam – One of the problems with video games is that it’s hard for us to know if we’re going to like a game until we buy it and play it. That’s why it’s great that Steam, the biggest seller of digital games, offers refunds for purchases you don’t like.

If you’re not satisfied with buyer’s remorse during the game, Steam will give you a painless refund. Just submit a request and the game will be removed from your library and your money refunded.

How To Refund A Game In Steam

How To Refund A Game In Steam

However, there is a limit to how long you can have the game before it is restored. To restore a game, you must not play it for more than two weeks and you cannot play it for more than two hours. If you try to return a game outside of these limits, there is a good chance that your request will be denied.

How To Refund A Gift On Steam

And when it comes to two hours of gameplay, Steam counts every second the game app is open as game time. The timer works even when the game is slowed down or paused, something to keep in mind if you’re trying to fix the game or get a time refund.

1. Make sure the game has been played for less than two hours and you haven’t had it for more than 14 days or 2 weeks. When you select a game from your library, Steam will show how long you’ve been playing.

Disco Elysium shows I played for 51 hours. Even though my game is less than 14 days old, I cannot issue a refund.

2. There should be a help option at the top of the Steam app (or at the top of the screen if you’re using a Mac). Select it, then select Steam Support.

How To Refund A Game On Steam: The Simple Way

3. Steam Support will provide a list of games you have recently purchased. Instead, scroll to “Purchase” and click on it, then select the product you want to refund on the page that appears.

“Bad Rats” is in my new stock. Instead, select “Buy” on this screen and search for the item.

4. Select “I want a refund”. Steam will offer to add the cost of the game to your Steam wallet or refund the transaction through your payment method.

How To Refund A Game In Steam

Once you’ve deposited money into your Steam Wallet, you can spend them directly on other games or use them for Steam transactions such as trading cards and game purchases.

How To Return A Game On Steam

5. Steam asks for a reason to request a refund. Select your reason from the drop-down box.

6. Steam will give you an activation code via email. will send you the results of your refund request. In my case, the time from Steam to receive my request for my refund was 59 minutes.

If you miss the refund period, you can still submit a refund request for Steam Support to review. However, you probably won’t get paid. The holiday market is well underway for PC gaming platforms and consoles, and many gamers are taking advantage of their savings by buying their favorite games at discounted prices. Although you hope that once you buy a game, you will be able to download it quickly, launch it, and play it without any problems, but sometimes, things can go wrong.

The game mode might not be scary, it might have a lot of bugs, or it might not be as fun as you expected. There is also a chance that when you buy a lot of games for sale, you scroll down to the description section and you don’t see that your device is not powerful enough to play games properly. In such cases, the easiest solution is to get your money back quickly. In this article, I will tell you about the Steam refund process.

Everything You Need To Know About Steam Refunds, Explained

Valve’s FAQ about the refund process requires you to go to their support page, but honestly, I found the process difficult. Why not use the Steam client itself when it’s installed on your PC? Of course, if you haven’t installed it yet, it makes sense to visit the website. However, in this article, I will assume that you include it to make the process easier.

Now that you’ve launched the Steam client, find the game you want to return to in the left panel and click it. This will open a section on the screen for problem games. Click the Support button in the main options bar. This will take you to a new support page and to the second step in the process.

On the support page, the Steam client will show you a list of options you can choose from to indicate the type of problem you’re having with the game in question, as shown above. Only the following options are valid for requesting a refund:

How To Refund A Game In Steam

For other options, Steam says it can’t help and asks you to contact the appropriate people, such as vendors and developers.

How To Get A Refund For A Steam Game Or In Game Purchase

Clicking on any of the three valid options mentioned above will take you to a menu that asks more questions. In this guide, I clicked on “Games or Artifacts” which brought me to the bottom menu shown above. Here I clicked on “Game not working properly”.

This will take you to another page with more options as seen above. Depending on the options you selected before, you may see different options on this page. Here, Valve recommends several options to resolve problems with the game, such as contacting the game developer. However, you can choose to skip the other options and click directly on “I want to request a refund.”

After selecting “I want to request a refund”, you will be taken to the final page which will require input from your end. It is important to know the details of this step. Valve only offers refunds for games played less than two hours and purchased less than 14 days ago. If you don’t meet these requirements, Valve may still give you a refund, but the chances of doing so are slim. Personally, I’ve tried it several times with full logic, but Valve has never given me a refund for a game played more than two hours ago or purchased more than 14 days ago.

For ‘detailed reflection’, you can fill that in the ‘Notes’ section. But I find that a one line comment like “not nice” works just as well. You can also choose where the refund goes: it can be directed to your original payment method or to your Steam Wallet. If you plan to leave Steam again, I recommend the second option because it doesn’t affect others and is faster.

How To Get A Steam Refund

Also, note that there are no refunds for games you get with a promotional key, as provided by the developer. This refund is based on the price you bought the title for, not the current value. Finally, you can get a refund for the game you received as a gift, but the amount will be refunded to the person who gave you the title, not to your account. If all of these apply to you, click Submit Request.

Now you have to wait for Valve to approve your refund request. Companies usually offer refunds if you complete the game and all its features. In my case, I find that these requests are usually granted within a few hours.

Valve says it can take up to seven days for funds to appear in your account, but Steam Wallet funds only take a few days in my experience. For overseas payment methods using your bank, this process may take more than 7 days. If this happens, Valve recommends contacting your bank for clarification.

How To Refund A Game In Steam

If all goes well, your refund request will be approved and processed within a few days. However, if for any reason your request is denied and you want to challenge the decision, Valve recommends submitting a new request to have another representative review it.

Steam Offering Refunds On Battlefield 2042 Beyond 2 Hour Gameplay Limit Due To Bugs And Glitches

Last but not least, Valve does not limit the number of refunds you can make, but if they believe you are using this option, your account may be blocked. In my case, I bought about 15 games at a time and returned some of them because I played them one by one and found that I didn’t like them all. At the time, Valve sent an email warning me to use the return option carefully due to the high number of inquiries from

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