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How To Play Pool Table – This article is about the game also known as eight-ball pool. For the world standard game involving numbered balls, see Eightball.

Blackball pool (sometimes spelled blackball), also known as Glish pool, Glish hight-ball or simply red and yellow, is a billiard game that originated in the United Kingdom and is popular throughout Europe and the Commonwealth of Nations, such as Australia and South Africa. . has In England and Ireland it is commonly called a “lake”. The game is played over sixteen balls (a

How To Play Pool Table

How To Play Pool Table

) on a small pool table (6 ft × 3 ft or 7 ft × 3 ft 6 in) with six

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Blackball is the standard version of the Glish version of eight ball. The two main rules of the game are the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA), known as the “Black Ball Rule”, and the older code World Eightball Federation (WEPF), often known as the “World Rule”.

In 1925, the Brunswick-Balke-Colder Company began using special unnumbered (as opposed to numbered) yellow and red balls for the game.

, and off the white dog. These were introduced to make it easier for spectators to identify the two groups in the first professional games played in casinos, and became known as “casino style” sets.

In the years after World War II, playing eight-ball on small coin-operated pool tables became a common pub game in American bars, spreading to England in the early 1960s. . In later years the English game differed from the American game in equipment (including the use of casino-style balls, which died out in the United States) and rules.

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The game uses a number of object balls, in solid colors, usually red and yellow, with one black ball. The black ball usually bears the number “8”, although unnumbered variations are unknown. They are usually 2 inches (51 mm) or 2+ 1⁄16 inches (52 mm) – the latter the same size as the balls used in snooker and Glish billiards – often with smaller balls, e.g.

1+ 7 ⁄8 inches (47.6 mm) for a 2 inch set, a cartridge originally designed for coin-operated tabletop ball return mechanisms.

English pool tables are available in 6 × 3 ft (1.8 × 0.9 m) or 7 × 3.5 ft (2.12 × 1.06 m) sizes,

How To Play Pool Table

7ft is the regulatory size for league play. As in snooker, table pockets are larger and rounder than balls, but international style (or “American style”) tables have wider and sharper pockets.

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This section needs updating. Here’s why: The WEPF issued the World Rules before a new set of rules called the International Rules, originally referred to as top rules by the companies sponsoring the rules. While the World Rules are likely still widely used by those who have played it for years, the explanation here is that there are two main rule sets and the rules used by the WEPF are outdated. or new information becomes available. (March 2022)

There are two competing standards bodies that have issued international regulations. Old British-style pool has World Eightball Federation (WEPF) rules (known as “World Rules”).

The majority of WEPF members are from the United Kingdom and Ireland and former Commonwealth of Nations countries, plus a few leagues elsewhere.

A competing but very similar set of rules has been published by the World Billiards Association (WPA) under the name “Blackball” to make it superior to the American-style game (of which the WPA also publishes world standards). rule).

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It has been suggested that “Black Balls” will integrate the various rules of the current British style (possibly including the WEPF rules) although this has not yet occurred. The governing body for WPA blackball in Europe is the European Blackball Association (EBA), which has several national and regional affiliate groups.

The old WEPF rules predated the WPA blackball rules, and remain popular as amateur league rules in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, several other Commonwealth countries, and some European countries. After the International Professional Pool Association (IPA) switched to black WPA rules in 2012, World Rules is no longer played at the professional level.

Locally the WEPF rules (or minor variations thereof) are sometimes referred to as the “British Standard Set”, “Irish Standard Set” etc. Since 2014.

How To Play Pool Table

, in the WEPF leagues: Australia, Belgium, China, Cyprus, France, India, Japan, Malta, Morocco, New Zealand, Ireland, Reunion Island, South Africa and the United Kingdom (with separate leagues in the Channel Islands, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales). .

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(or “black spot”), unlike eight-ball, nine-ball and most US-style billiards, where the cue ball is placed in the foot position. A “fair putt” is one in which an object ball is placed, and/or at least 4 object balls touch the club. If black turns red, the game starts again with a

, broken by the original breaker. If the cue ball is dropped at a reasonable break, it is “non-standard”.

(Sadly) DS is a series of cracks, without any other distortion. If it is a rotten (unfair) loss, the player who enters wins

As with any other “standard trick” (see below), and after a re-rack, there is no option to replace the existing ball. The table is not extended (unlike the American-style game), because if the breaker throws the ball on a group break, and that group chooses to continue shooting, that group will have the ball if the post-break follows a missed shot, while the team’s If the selection does not score during the break, the table remains open until the ball is legally thrown. If no ball is thrown on the break, the table remains optional. If they have the ball out of bounds the goalscorer must indicate which group they are heading towards on their shot after the break.

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” (a ball in a group of players), and the cue ball, the black or the ball in the opposing group, and one of the shot balls is in the bag, or (a) contact with the ball after the ball meets the (first) ball i.e. the same American style, but not challenging the ball with the added requirement of giving (it is wrong to do so), and ball and pocket requirements were not included (eg.

(perfectly valid, it’s black.) There are other types of fouls, which are virtually identical to other pool games, such as dropping the ball (in addition to breaking as noted above), hitting the ball off the table, moving the ball with a foul, doubles, and kicks ( However the defaults are weaker than the American style rules

), sportsmanship, etc. There are also other unique drawbacks, such as having to shoot (borrowed from snooker) every ball he lands.

How To Play Pool Table

Without moving it; However, if the shooter himself stabilizes the ball, that is considered contact with the ball, and only (one) ball must reach the fairway to be a valid shot. Like informal America

How To Play Pool Professionally

, but instead of the standard American-style WPA/BCA/IPT rules, players are sometimes required to make certain strokes (other than foul shots).

. These free kicks must be taken from where the ball ended after a foul by their opponent with two exceptions, in which case the player who entered must take the shot from there.

; Or the incoming player is left in the wrong snooker, in which case they can designate a free ball, move the ball into the block and play from there, or actually continue normally (ie shoot one of their balls).

“Skill Shot”. Black Ball Rule An opponent’s ball may be legally thrown at any time within the frame; If even one of your suits is shot in the same shot, it is called a skill shot and is illegal under world rules.

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After a blackball violation, players who are fielded have one free throw (they can get the ball where it is on the table or catch the ball) that they can legally play. After each ball free throw, the player will have one turn regardless of the result of the free throw. This is against the rules of the world where, after a foul, the signed player gets two visits and can only replace the cue ball in the event of a snooker foul.

Both the World Pool-Billiards Association (along with the PPPO and Blackball International) and the World Eightball Federation have almost agreed to a World Championship, the WPA version of which is held annually. The official WPA-sanctioned Blackball World Championship 2022 will be held in Tangier, Morocco in October of that year. Option to place the ball anywhere on the table before shooting in pool games. Usually only available to a player when an opposing player has committed some type of offense under certain game rules.

Break – in a lot

How To Play Pool Table

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