How To Paint Forest Background

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In this written painting tutorial, I will show you how to paint this landscape with pine trees. This painting is inspired by the Otago region of New Zealand.

How To Paint Forest Background

How To Paint Forest Background

Here is a reference photo I took and used in this painting. Use or copy this picture if you want to color this artwork.

Oil Painting Landscape On Canvas

This artwork presents a tunnel composition where a tree has a space in the background that leads the eye to the hills. Notice how the difference between the trees is right of center, not in the middle of the composition. There should never be a focus area in the middle of the composition, as this creates unpleasant static in the image.

I made the horizon lower in the composition, and just as you should never have objects in the middle, the horizon should never be in the middle, so use a lower or higher horizon in landscape photos.

I personally use the Blue Ridge oil color available here. If you would like to purchase Blue Ridge Oil Painting please click on the link below.

I use the Rosemary and Co brush available here. If you want to buy Rosemary and Co brushes, click on the link below. (Note: I receive a small commission if you purchase Rosemary and Co brushes through the link below).

Painting Green Forest Sunlight. Stock Illustration

I painted on a 10″ x 12″ linen panel. The panel is pre-made of oil-coated medium-woven linen.

I painted the composition with a #1 round brush and burnt sienna mixed with Liquin Original (Liquin). I use Liquin as a paint thinner and it also has the advantage of speeding up drying time.

When I start to get stuck in a landscape, I always start painting my dark values ​​and shadows. The darkest values ​​are trees and trees are the darkest values ​​found in the landscape.

How To Paint Forest Background

The shadows on the tree trunk are a mixture of ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, titanium white, and a bit of alizarin red. I use the same color mix for the background ceilings, but with more titanium white to lighten the tone.

Abstract Green Tree In The Forest On Watercolor Illustration Painting Background Stock Photo

I highlight the shadows on the cloud with a mixture of ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, titanium white and a bit of alizarin red. The value is lighter than the roof shadows, but notice how I used the same colors for the clouds as I used for the hills and tree trunks. By using similar colors in your painting, you can achieve color harmony and a well-read painting.

During the blocking phase, I mostly used #5 flat brush so I could create some motion paint brush marks.

I painted the cloud highlight with a mix of titanium white and a little burnt sienna. The sky is a mixture of ultramarine blue and titanium silver. I carefully paint around the leaves and stems of the tree, so that the green color does not accidentally mix with the sky and clouds.

Then I work on the hills and the middle ground. The illuminated areas on the ceilings are a mixture of ocher yellow, alizarin red, titanium white and ultramarine blue. On the sides of the hills grows pale mountain grass with low chroma.

How To Paint Environments In Photoshop, Magic Forest ,jesus Conde

The grass in the middle of the ground is a mixture of ultramarine blue, yellow yellow, cadmium yellow and titanium white. I mixed in a little cadmium orange to balance the green. I use the same colors on the willow trees and add yellow yellow, cadmium yellow, cadmium orange and titanium white for the yellow areas of the tree shields.

The front is relatively light in value and consists of dirt and grass. For this I use a mixture of Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Blue, Titanium White and a little Alizarin Red. The colored grass is a mixture of orange yellow, alizarin red, titanium white and ultramarine blue.

I painted the sun exposed areas of the treetops with a mixture of titanium white, burnt sienna, ultramarine blue and alizarin red.

How To Paint Forest Background

I cleaned the area of ​​the paint and let it dry to add details.

Forest Dream Environment Tutorial By Narandel On Deviantart

Once the paint is dry, I can add details and create multiple layers of paint. I use the colors I used in the blocking phase, but build up the details with light layers of paint.

I added details to the trees, especially the trunks. To create a three-dimensional shape on the trunks of the trees, I painted an area of ​​dark shadow directly next to the area of ​​full sunlight. On the other side of the black shadow lines, I painted the reflected light on the side of the shell with a mixture of ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, titanium white, and a little alizarin red.

I will again layer the background hills with trees and fields in the middle of the ground with the colors I used during the phase of entering blocks.

I finished off the trees by adding the full sun foliage area with a mix of ocher yellow, ultramarine blue, cadmium yellow and titanium white. If necessary, I can bring the green back to mix in burnt sienna.

Beautiful Watercolour Painting Of Indian Forest With Green Trees And Blue Sky In Background Stock Photo

I added the last little details like the rocks in the foreground and the grooves in the tree bark. Art is a powerful form of expression. Every true artist conveys an unforgettable story, an unforgettable face or an explosion of emotions through the brush.

I love drawing for its expression, as much as I love cooking – no cookbook, no measuring scale, ingredients thrown into the fire by the intuition and spices sprinkled with hot music when it just feels good – a unique form of expression! I dream of doing the same with my brush, bold and passionate strokes on the canvas, spots of bright color that convey my inner spirit in the painting … I want my art to convey me, raise my emotions; but i still can’t. Just like I have to learn how to wash, peel, and cut before I can order kitchen labels, I have to learn some basic painting techniques before I can bring my art to life.

So.. I need to learn from experts. A few YouTube and Google searches lead me to Gagno Studio art classes. It has a very clean selection of oil and acrylic paint pots, which makes painting scary easier to manage! I fell in love with the misty forest paintings in his collection. So I decided to add this soothing piece to the wall.

How To Paint Forest Background

I think it was really good. Needless to say, there were some frustrating moments caused by my “girly” perfectionism. I must have repainted the background 100 times because I felt the gradient was not perfect – only later realized it didn’t matter for the tree lines. I also painted the shadows twice because I didn’t get the perspective right at first – I think it’s still off, but I’m like “I need to fix this!”, “Oops! oh…” , “sh**! sj**! sj **! I messed up!”, “Arghhhh! I have to fix it again ..”, [… quiet and intense work …], “ok, I think it’s good now.”, “ugh. ..yeah!”, “hmmmm … I want to fix this other thing…” .

How To Paint Pine Trees — Samuel Earp Artist

That being said, I am very happy and excited to have this piece hanging on my wall. =D

This time, I used a slightly different technique for the borders – instead of using a bright color as the accent border like last time, I created a ‘bleeding’ effect in the painting – this art extends to the edges read them. I think it’s pretty cool, but I can’t decide which one I like better.

Now I have two pieces on my dining room wall! I’m so happy they look so similar and my goal is to fill the entire wall with my art! =D This tutorial will discuss in detail how to paint trees and leaves anime-style based on my observations of drawing trees in various anime.

Introduction Anime-style background art is usually painted with a traditional medium. The beautiful landscape art seen in Ghibli films was painted in gouache by Yamamoto Nizou and Oga Kazuo. But as technology improved, the background art in Makoto Shinkai’s films was digitally painted.

Gouache Painting, Night Forest Landscape Background With Home, Moon, Trees, Hills, Clouds, Fairy Fantasy Drawing, Mysterious Dark Stock Illustration

In this tutorial, we will paint the trees digitally, but we will try to preserve it

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