Funny Scary Stories For Adults

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Funny Scary Stories For Adults – Scary stories are not for the faint of heart! But for those who are interested in Halloween movies and have something to do with witches or vampires, we have scary stories for you from all over the country. There may be an increase in spooky incidents near where you live, and if not, you might want to plan a trip to this ghost town.

The Crying Woman (by John Lennon!) reports on The Dakota, a famous East Coast New York apartment complex. In the south, Huggin Molly chases people around the town of Abbeville, Alabama, and hugs them. In Eureka Springs, Arkansas, the Crescent Hotel is said to be haunted, and St. In Francesville, a ghost named Chloe is said to be found at Myrtle Plantation.

Funny Scary Stories For Adults

Funny Scary Stories For Adults

Go ahead and start reading these spooky ghost stories (don’t worry, they’re short) or save them for later in the dark for a more terrifying experience. They are sure to get you into the Halloween spirit and give you tons of story ideas to add a spooky element to your friends!

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Five years after the Civil War, Birmingham, Alabama was founded. When it was born in 1871, tons of pig iron were needed to repair the broken infrastructure of the United States, so Colonel James Withers Sloss began to build the Sloss Quarry. A year later, the company opened its doors to hundreds of employees, according to its official website. Work in the blast furnace was progressive, but also dangerous, and many workers died in the furnace.

In the early 1900s, James “Slag” Wormwood, an unscrupulous foreman who took dangerous risks to increase production, worsened the situation.

During his tenure at Sloss, nearly 50 workers died on the farm and many more were involved in fatal accidents. It is said that in 1906 his workers threw him into the furnace in revenge.

You can still walk the grounds of Sloss Bakery today if you dare. Or Slag’s “Get back to work!” You heard him scream. and see other paranormal experiences.

Two Sentence Horror Stories That Are Short & Spooky

Since opening in 1884, the Dakota Apartments have been home to many of New York’s rich and famous residents. Among them were John Lennon and Yoko Ono, who died in 1973. John was also murdered outside the house in 1980. But before that fateful day on December 8, John said he saw A “crying female ghost” walks through the room, and then Yoko, who still lives there, claims to have seen John’s ghost sitting at the piano and telling him, “Don’t be afraid, but I’m still about you.”

Both are based on history. In the early 1800s, a man named John Bell moved his family to an area in Tennessee called Red River, now known as Adams, Tennessee. After settling in the new house, something strange happened. The Bell family began to hear strange sounds, such as dogs barking, metal chains, rats squealing and women whispering. The woman soon became known as the Bell Witch and was believed by many to be the ghost of Bell’s former neighbor Kate Bates. Bats and Bells had a dispute over land, and he swore an oath to the Bell family before he died. Bel later died of poisoning, which was said to be the work of the witch Bel.

Spend the night at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, which opened in 1886. Norman Baker, who thought he was a doctor in 1937. He claimed to have found a cure for a disease, so he changed the house. accommodation as a Baker Cancer hospital (of course it didn’t have it). The patients who died under his care were buried in the basement of the hotel which was used as a temporary morgue. He was arrested in 1940, but it is said that his patients are still in the spirit. Since the hotel is still open, guests say they often see ghosts and hear voices during their stay. Syphys

Funny Scary Stories For Adults

If you want to escape the embrace of huggin’ molly, it’s best to stay indoors after sundown in Abbeville, Alabama. Legend has it that since the early 1900s, a black-clad figure roamed the streets at night looking for innocent people. When he focuses on a person, he hugs that person and screams loudly in his ear. Many people told stories about Huggin being chased by what Huggin thought was Molly. Local parents took advantage of the story to keep their children safe. The town embraces the Night Watchman who calls himself the “House of Hugin’ Molly”. There is even a restaurant dedicated to a family named after it!

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The Sarency tribe began experiencing paranormal activity in Sarency, Georgia in the 1870s. Family members reported seeing objects flying around the room, hearing laughter and crying, and seeing red eyes in the house. Food was thrown from his plate and utensils were bent into unusable shapes. The villagers speculated that these actions were cries for help from spirits who thought the family could save them. On the day the family finally decided to leave the house, a hot iron flew through the air and hit a boy on the head. No one dared to live in the house again, and in 1925 the house caught fire.

For an unforgettable taste of true love, visit this spooky bridge in Marianna, Florida, which has many ghost stories surrounding it. In 1830, Elizabeth Jane Crome Bellamy, a local politician Dr. Married Samuel C. Married Bellamy. On their wedding night, her dress accidentally caught fire and the young bride was badly burned. He survived at first, but eventually died. Elizabeta was buried on the banks of the Chipola River and it is said that her love for her husband was so strong that she could not rest. It is said that the newlyweds dressed in white can be seen wandering the shore from the bridge (built after his death). It is said that he can be seen either swimming in the swamp or diving straight into the river as if to put out flames or forcefully walk along the river bank.

On May 20, 1922, Anthony Ragusin, alias Mr. Toney, reported the story in a newspaper column.

He wrote that in the early 1800s, two fishermen spent the night on Deer Island, off the coast of Biloxi. They heard a voice they ignored until they couldn’t make it out. When they went to see what was causing the commotion, they said they saw a headless skeleton following the couple. They immediately went to their boat and immediately left the island. It is said to be a skeleton whose head was cut off by the captain and whose body was left as a terrifying sentinel to spy on buried treasure.

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Outside of St. Louis is home to Zombie Street, where ghosts work. From Lawler Ford Road (real name) to seeing native spirits wandering the road, to training victims like Della Hamilton McCullough who was hit by a passing train (there was an active road) there is many horror stories. . In the 1950s, it became a hangout for young people at night, and many murders took place in the area. It is also said that it is the residence of a killer named Zombie who escaped from a mental hospital. Today the road is designated as a nature trail, but is closed at night (with heavy fines for those who dare to turn).

. In the early 1900s, in Weatherford, Oklahoma, Katie DeWitt James left her home with her children after filing for divorce from her husband. He planned to join his cousin, but his family did not listen to him. During the investigation, it was learned that he moved to a local prostitute, Frannie Norton. He was seen leaving the house with Frannie and her son. Franny returned with the boy, covered in blood but without Katie. His body was found in the water nearby. Rumor has it that her ex-husband killed her with Frannie’s help, but Frannie says she had nothing to do with Katie’s death. But on the day the police interrogated him, he took poison. Katie is still there. Blue lights are said to be floating around the city, and people have reported hearing a woman looking for her child and the sound of tires.

According to the official website, in 1796 St. Chloe is the most famous of the countless spirits that haunt this farm built in Francisville, Louisiana. Farmer Clark Woodruff

Funny Scary Stories For Adults

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