Fun Water Games To Play Outside

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Fun Water Games To Play Outside – Are we alone or has summer disappeared this year? While the kids are out of school (cue “I’m bored” and “I don’t know what to do now”) and those hot, cloudy days are upon us, we’ve compiled a list of the best outdoor waters. activities that will not only entertain your children, but also satisfy them.

Add some of these creative water games, DIYs, crafts, and activities to your summer kit and you’ll be feeling great until school goes back to school.

Fun Water Games To Play Outside

Fun Water Games To Play Outside

So get your kids out of the cold and make memories outside, but don’t forget the sun!

Easy Water Games For Everyone, Low Prep, High Fun!

If your kids love outdoor sports, they will be delighted to try these water sports. From ice skating, racing, training to spray guns, there’s something sure to keep your kids entertained for hours.

(1) Punch a hole in a water bottle, tie it over the child’s head, and then wait for it to fill with a water gun or rubber bottle! (image via Pinterest, source unknown)

(3) Catch a beach ball with a shotgun and see who can get the ball to the finish line first (image via Pinterest, source unknown)

(5) You Can’t Laugh at the Tipsy Waiter Game, Great for Older Kids (and Adults!) (via The Creative Bite)

Math + Water Play Activities — Counting With Kids

(6) Your kids will have endless fun playing Fill The Bucket, and all you need are sponges and containers (via The Resourceful Mama)

(9) Find 20 outdoor activity ideas here, including our favorites to keep you cool: “T-Shirt Frozen Race,” “Pass the Water,” and “Squirt Gun Car Race” (via A Girl and a Glue Gun)

(10) Kids and adults alike will enjoy these shark and water games, including “Roll 6 and Splash,” “Don’t Soak the Shark” and splash fun! (via Toddler Approval)

Fun Water Games To Play Outside

(11) Grab a gun, plastic cup, and rope and challenge your kids to a water gun cup race (via All for the Boys)

The Best Outdoor Water Activities To Keep Your Kids Cool This Summer

(14) What do you get when you mix rain gutter with soap?! These clever soap boat racing games, of course! (via I Heart Naptime)

(15) Challenge your kids (and keep them entertained all day) by creating your own water obstacle course (via Meaningful Mama)

(16) Your little ones will love Kids Fishing Day, and they can learn at the same time! (to be able to teach my son)

(17) Learn sight words with this Pool Noodle Sight Word Boat Races game (via The Educators’ Spin On It)

Water Games You And Your Family Will Love To Play This Summer

(20) Only sponges are needed to get your kids moving (and thinking!) with Pool Scrabble (via Kids Allowed)

Nothing beats the summer heat like a good water balloon fight, but kick it up a notch with any of these creative backyard water balloon games:

(5) Set up a few hula hoops and have instant fun with this water balloon ring toss (via Create Craft Love)

Fun Water Games To Play Outside

(7) See who can catch the most water balloons with a top strainer in this new strainer catching game! (Photo courtesy of Flickr Tom Clifton)

Creative Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas To Keep Kids Entertained

(12) Complement the traditional egg and spoon race by organizing a water balloon and spoon race! (via Create Craft Love)

If you’re the type who likes to take on a challenge all in the name of fun, then we’ve got a DIY for you!

(1) Put the kids to work making this awesome PVC sprinkler – your kids will have hours of fun! (via The Idea Room)

(3) Who needs to buy one when you can make your own right from a simple plastic bottle! (via Forest House)

Best Picnic Games

(15) If your kids love hockey, make a simple canvas water hockey knee rink (via Easy)

(17) This might be the most fun your kids will have all summer with these DIY mini water spots (via Hello, Beautiful)

(22) Let the little ones explore everything underwater with this CoolDIY underwater viewer (via All for the Boys)

Fun Water Games To Play Outside

The production just got exciting with new ways to play with water and ice. Let your kids have fun and see what wonderful creations they make!

Montessori Friendly Outdoor Activities For Summertime

(5) Watercolor painting is a fun activity with watercolors that you create on your board and canvas (via Juggling Kids)

(6) Get out your old bikes and paint brushes and see if your kids can paint the street (via Hands On As We Grow)

(13) Bring some cookware and your kids will make polka dot soup (via Fun at Home with Kids)

Looking for creative ways to motivate your little ones while keeping them entertained? Check out this round of special water and ice games!

Outdoor Activities For Kids (of All Ages!)

(2) Your kids will have so much fun playing with watercolors that they might not want to stop (via Happy Hooligans)

(3) Sulu in dub dub, sweet baby in the bath! Watch their imaginations soar with this adorable baby bath station (via Mama Papa Bubba)

If DIY isn’t your thing, try any of our premium water toys – they’ll give your kids the comfort they need while staying out of the sweltering summer heat.

Fun Water Games To Play Outside

A water table can keep kids entertained for hours and we recommend step 2. Keep it simple with (1)WaterWheel Activity Play Table or more complex with (2) WaterWheel Activity Play Table water from the Splash Pond (kids will love the 2 games). and swim parts of this subject). Update it throughout the summer by adding different toys or all summer items – create an underwater race track with mini cars, a building and trucks, a restaurant and kitchen facilities or a princess pool!

Of The Best Water Activities For Kids Of All Ages

If you’re looking for a small, easy-to-use pool for kids to relax and have fun in, the (3)Intex Kiddie Pool is the perfect fit. It has a padded bottom for more comfort; that means your kids will spend more time there (while you sit and watch with your feet up!). It also comes in a small baby size. (Tip: This pool can also be used as a ball court)

(4) The Intex Inflatable Family Pool is big enough for your kids to splash around and feel like they are “swimming”. Easy to set up (but requires an electric air pump) and can easily fit 4-5 kids for a cool test.

Slip ‘n’ Slide: We spent hours on this classic toy as kids, but it’s gotten better over the years and now has more bells and whistles. We recommend (1) Intex Surf ‘N Slide Inflatable Play Center as a more challenging option for younger kids and more mainstream (2) Slip ‘n’ Slide Wave Rider Double for older kids (there are two. This line is fun for racing. and comes with inflatable boogie boards that make the ride more comfortable and faster!)

Sprinklers: There’s nothing like a good “sprinkler run” to show off the heat. But these sprinklers are anything but ordinary. Try the (3) Tidal Storm Whirlpool Sprinkler, (4) the Splasy Fire Sprinkler (which spins and pours water up to 8 feet), or (5) the awesome Melissa & Doug Flower Sprinkler.

Fun Games To Play With Water This Summer

Water Guns – Water guns are great fun for kids on hot summer days – our favorites for practice and water battles are the (6) Nerf Super Soaker Scatterblast Blaster and (7) Stream Machine Water Launcher.

Water Balloons: When it comes to speed and ease, you really can’t beat(8)Zuru’s Bunch of Balloons. Just attach it to your hose and 35 seconds later, your water-filled balloon is ready for an epic battle.

And if you have older kids, don’t miss the (9) Bunch Of Balloons Slingshot – it’s a fun activity, with or without people!

Fun Water Games To Play Outside

Splash Pad: This (10) Sprink ‘N Splash Play Pad is a must buy if you have kids. Just hook it up to a garden hose and water from the ends (control the height and amount of water pressure) and make a pool an inch or more deep…just enough water to cool off and let it splash and splash. throw in the trash!

Outdoor Activities For Toddlers And Preschoolers

If you’re lucky enough to have (or have access to) a pool, there are some great pool toys that can add to your summer fun. We love this floating basketball toy (1) SwimWays Toypedo Banditsdive and (3) Melissa & Doug Spark Shark Fish Hunt.

And don’t miss the (4)SwimWays Zoom-A-Ray, one of the best pool toys. Simply slide it under the water and open it to see how quickly it glides through the water. The beam wings are adjustable so you can do “tricks” and spins. There is a children’s race to catch it!

While the (5)Waboba Surf Balls are perfect for use in the ocean or lake where a large area can be put to good use, there have also been kids who have a ball (a real one! ) with swimming pool. Throw a soft ball into the water and it will bounce, making for a very refreshing game of catch.

If you have older children who can easily swim underwater, you should have (6) watermelon rind. Fill it with water and let it float, so it doesn’t sink or float, but still floats so you can throw it around and bounce it underwater. Children are very creative with play: they create new games and try new tricks. Have fun! (also found in a

Outdoor Games For Kids — Fun Outside Games For Kids

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