Fun Games To Play With Toddlers Outside

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Fun Games To Play With Toddlers Outside – It’s time. Time for the kids to get out, get out of trouble, get out, I’m here.

What excites me the most is playing in the backyard – bringing all the warm weather. If you’re looking for the best outdoor activities for kids (of all ages), this is the list for you.

Fun Games To Play With Toddlers Outside

Fun Games To Play With Toddlers Outside

I’m serious. I scoured the web for activities for kids of all ages at home today—from babies and toddlers to toddlers, preschoolers, and older kids as we graduate from elementary school.

Fun And Simple Outdoor Activities For Babies

This list covers a wide range of age groups, with lots of great activities for siblings – it’s the best way to play (and get all the kids involved).

Our outdoor activities have never been more important and I sincerely hope this list helps you bring more fun to your backyard.

These are some of the best on the web – no need to search Pinterest during downtime. I did everything for you.

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Outdoor Games For Toddlers: 20 Fun 10 Minute Ideas

It’s a welcome break from my living room and I can’t wait for warmer weather (aka decluttering outside…)

Let’s get the kids outside and play – these fun and easy activities are perfect for just that.

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Fun Games To Play With Toddlers Outside

These outdoor activities are not only fun for kids but also educational and good for their physical and mental health. You can do these activities in your own backyard or while hiking or on a nature trail – it’s up to you. But even if you only have a small outdoor space, you can find plenty of ways to spend quality time with the kids outdoors.

Fun Outdoor Games For Children

What are you waiting for? Take the kids out today and have time to explore all that nature has to offer.

Messy Little Monster Outdoor Activities We love to get outside and enjoy nature with the kids, so here are some of their favorite outdoor activities.

Water Gun Painting The water gun painting activity is a fun activity that kids will love. Every painting is unique and who wouldn’t love the opportunity to use a water gun?

Colors of Nature Treasure Hunt Take a walk (or in your backyard or garden) and encourage kids to find and match colors in this Colors of Nature Treasure Hunt. This is a great way to practice color recognition while enjoying the fresh air.

Ways To Get Kids To Go Outside

Mud Cooking Mud pie making is a classic childhood activity that has been enjoyed for generations. You should try it with your kids too! Bring some old pots, pans and dishes outside to host a clay cooking activity for your kids. They can make clay pies, mix flowers and leaves with water, and much more.

Nature Painting Brushes Create some art with nature painting brushes made from flowers, leaves, grass, and other things you can find. It will be fun to see all the textures and patterns you can create.

Bubble Snake Blowers How fun are these Bubble Snake Blowers? This easy-to-prepare activity will provide hours of fun for your child. Blowing bubbles is fun for kids and adults alike – and I love it too!

Fun Games To Play With Toddlers Outside

Sponge Water Bombs These sponge water pumps are an easy and fun way to cool off on a hot summer day. It only takes a few minutes to prepare them and you’ll be ready for a family water fight.

Best Outdoor Games For Kids: Fun Ways To Play Outside

The Insect Scavenger Hunt Kids who love all things spooky and spooky will enjoy this Insect Scavenger Hunt. See how many you can cross off the list! This is a great springtime activity.

Drawing with Water Do you have an easel like this with a blackboard on one side? Take it outside, cover it with chalk and let the kids try to draw with water. If you don’t have a chalkboard, you can also let the kids use water to paint fences, sidewalks, driveways, or porches. It’s a cool activity that gives them a ton of fine motor skills.

Fizzy Sidewalk Chalk Paint Your child can paint a sidewalk or driveway in a unique design! Not only does this sidewalk chalk paint look stunning on the outside, but you can heat up your chalk paint if you add vinegar!

Let’s not stop there! We found more outdoor activities for kids that your kids will love. They will never get bored with this list of possibilities!

Fun Outdoor Games For Kids

Crazy Ride. You’ll also need a deck of cards, or you can pick an option at random if you don’t want to draw cards as you go.

Finding North If you have a compass and can hike with the family, try Go Science Kids’ “Finding North” walk. It’s more fun if you find a trail with lots of twists and turns.

Climbing trees sounds simple enough, but while we often want to protect our children, there are benefits to involving them in adventurous play. This post on 15 Reasons to Climb Trees from a Playful Pace explains its benefits, such as increased strength, hand-eye coordination, and gross motor skills.

Fun Games To Play With Toddlers Outside

Backyard Chalk Twister If you have pavers in your yard or a cement or asphalt driveway, you should try this fun Backyard Chalk Twister game by Danya Banya with the kids. This is a great way to encourage movement and shenanigans!

Creative Outdoor Games For Families And Friends · Pint Sized Treasures

Stone Maze Create a stone maze to make playing with cars even more fun. This Pink Stripey Socks activity is easy to set up and will keep your little boy or girl outside for hours.

Printable Nature Journal The printable Nature Journal encourages children to go out to scientifically explore their environment and record their observations. Adventure in a Box printable offers 10 creative tips for kids.

Backyard Dinosaur World Collect rocks, twigs, twigs and dirt, as well as some dinosaur toys for a backyard dinosaur world in Glitter on a Dime. Kids can use these materials to build their own version of Jurassic Park.

Sidewalk Chalk Outdoor Math Game combines arithmetic and movement in this exciting Sidewalk Chalk math game by Look We’re Learning. Add, subtract, multiply or divide – any extra help your child needs.

Easy & Fun Water Play Activities For Toddlers And Preschoolers

What lives in the dirt? What is it like to live in the dirt of your backyard? Dig up some stuff, grab a magnifying glass, and take a look around doing Go Science Kids’ Creatures in the Dirt Activities! You’ll be amazed to see all the little creepy crawlies that usually go unnoticed.

Shadow Art This Rhythms of Play shadow art activity helps children understand how shadows are formed. Kids can trace and paint their own shadows for a fun and artistic STEAM activity.

Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course The Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course is Toot’s Mom is Tired’s poor prep gross motor activity that kids will love. Toddlers and preschoolers will ask for it over and over again. Older kids can play with it too, or they can help their younger siblings ride it!

Fun Games To Play With Toddlers Outside

Rock Balancing Rock Stacking Art Try the Rock Balancing activity from Rhythms of Play. It is a meditative art form that works as a STEAM activity. Being outside with children is a wonderful and relaxing activity.

Fun Loving Outdoor Activities And Games For Toddlers

Puffy Sidewalk Paint You’ve probably done this before, but have you tried Puffy Sidewalk Paint? You only need a few ingredients to put a fun spin on a classic from The Best Ideas for Kids.

Telling Time Outdoor Clock Make your own outdoor clock from natural materials. Just use a rock, stick, and marker to jot down the time, and your little one will be adjusting an outdoor clock like this one from Sun Hats and Wellie Boots in no time.

Outdoor Number Hunt Hide the numbers around the yard and let your toddler and preschooler find them. This outdoor number finder from The Adventures of a Ladybug is a great way to improve number recognition.

Frozen Ocean Sensory Bin Do you have sea animal toys? In that case, make a Frozen Ocean Sensory Box like this one from Natural Beach Living for the little ones to play with. They spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to melt the ice fast enough to catch the animals.

Fun Picnic Games And Activities For Kids

Journey Stick Craft Your kids probably collect a lot of souvenirs from their nature walks, but have you ever thought about collecting them all in one place? This is the travel stick! children are welcome

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