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Friv – Friv is an app and website that collects hundreds of “mini-games” for people to use for free. Many games are designed to develop children’s skills, such as math, reading, critical thinking, and more.

Generally speaking, babies and toddlers are the ones who come in the description. Instead of searching for free online games, it gathers them all in a simple platform where the user can switch between different games with little effort until they find what they want.



With apps and websites to use, Friv is easy to find and is one of the most “go to” places for free games in the world.

Friv Oyunları Nasıl Oynanır?

A helpful feature for Friv users is that all links to external websites and games seem to be broken. This means that they cannot be misled to sites and games that are not suitable for them.

There are no other privacy or security issues here, you don’t create an account and therefore can’t send people through Friv. Just remember that each game has different features and can offer the opportunity to send messages or interact with other users (although it is determined by the experience of this time, this may not be the case).

Screen time is a problem here, kids can play the game library for hours on end, it’s better in moderation.

Additionally, be open, connected, and have conversations about your child’s online world so you can explore these games and apps together and solve any problems you see.

Friv Oyunlar Nasıl Oynanır?

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