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Free Point And Click Horror Games – What’s a game without puzzles? Would it really be a video game if we didn’t have to learn many button combinations and test our eye coordination? As the sweet spot of point-and-click games, gameplay isn’t always the most exciting part of an enjoyable gaming experience.

The key to click travel is unique. There’s no flashy gameplay to appeal to the masses, just a deep and compelling story at the heart of it all. Without a strong story, media attention and travel have no place. This is what makes the names on this list more interesting and more worthy of being called the most important new games of all time.

Free Point And Click Horror Games

Free Point And Click Horror Games

A minute ago you were traveling on a flying train under a busy city. Next, you’ll cross a vast landmass in a wooden boat on the high seas. It’s just another day in the life of The Longest Ride protagonist April Ryan.

Snag A Classic Horror Game For Free Right Now

As a “Shifter”, April can move between parallel universes. When you accidentally teleported to the “White Dragon” area, you found yourself the hero of a musical journey. Some would even say it’s “the longest journey”.

Players point and click to make their way through multiple universes and solve puzzles to help April unravel the mystery of the Warning of the White Dragon. The Longest Journey features a variety of characters who try to either help April’s search for her or thwart her every move.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 became the history of survival horror video games. However, that wasn’t the main point of the press conference.

While the genre usually revolves around an open world and mystery missions, Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 takes place in a location divided into nine rooms. The only way to check them is to switch between cameras from the security company’s security.

Nightmarish Japanese Horror Video Games

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 is about survival as you try to focus on the hellish animatronics that make you die in a metal suit. Every night of your existence, it gets worse as you try to balance limited resources and conserve energy.

There have been many sequels, but Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 is an immersive experience that adds horror, ramps up the difficulty, and stays true to the original formula.

Have you ever wanted to fulfill your dream of becoming a border patrol agent? Lucas Pope can help you put your dreams on paper.

Free Point And Click Horror Games

OK, here’s a little sightseeing, like a mouse watching a supervisor’s day-to-day work. During Book, you will please have your details checked, your fingerprints scanned and your passport stamped at the Grestin border. Trust me, it’s a little more difficult than it looks.

Epic Pc Games Based On Thai Horror & Superstition

After six years of war with Kolechia, the state of Arstotzka captured half of Grestin. As a lucky professional lottery winner, it’s your responsibility to make sure that no villains make their way from Kolechia to Arstotzka’s Grestin’s side. Unfortunately, all you have is an application from the admissions department.

In fact, all you need to do is point and click your passport on a local map to see if anyone can cross the border. Any discrepancies in their documentation will be sent back to them, provided you keep it. Every day at work brings new challenges that need attention. This is definitely not a game for fast players.

Car crash victims are unlikely to wake up and become asylum seekers, but we do. Sanitarium puts the player in the position of a blindfolded man who can’t remember why he thinks the institution sucks. With only the mouse and your common sense, you must guide him to the bad hospital, solve the mystery and find out the truth.

There’s a lot to discover in the nursing home, but things get complicated when an amnesiac finds himself at the center of the world. There is something wrong with this asylum, but only through investigation will you be able to discover the truth behind his strange personality.

High Score Day’ Is A ‘wordle’ Style Game That Tests Video Game Knowledge

How often do you enjoy a game featuring the voices of celebrities like Tim Curry, Mark Hamill, Leah Remini, Michael Dorn, Jim Cummings and Rocky Carroll? Not often, that’s for sure. Unless, of course, you’re playing an early 90s game and clicked on The Adventures of Gabriel Knight: The Father’s Sin.

What looks like a big soap opera is actually a place to celebrate and promote a game that brings together all the star power. Curry plays Gabriel Knight, a mysterious bookstore owner who becomes involved in a series of gruesome murders. Gabriel has many puzzles to solve as he discovers something that leads him down magical paths and his unknown past.

2014 was Gabriel Knight’s 20th anniversary of 3D, but it didn’t turn out to be as good as what Curry and Hamill reported in 1993.

Free Point And Click Horror Games

Years before LucasArts went the dodo route, it was churning out excellent video games; and wouldn’t you know it, they weren’t all based on the Star Wars universe. Pit Digging Game Play as the commander of the Boston plains at the frontier in a point and click tour set in the depths of space.

Horror Games That Are Set In Space, Ranked

Fight your way through this interstellar story and discover the truth behind alien technology and alien races. Dig features a branching path with multiple endings, giving players a reason to follow Low through both races.

Dig features the voices of Robert Patrick (Terminator 2) and Steven Blum and seamlessly combines 2D animation with previous 3D movies produced by ILM. The wind and the score make it one of the best point and click games out there.

Originally released in 1993, Day of the Tentacle resurfaced in 2016 as a remake. No matter what genre you play, you’re in for a wacky surprise that lets you explore a strange world.

The game begins 5 years after the events of Maniac Mansion (1987), when the purple tentacles took a dangerous turn. Now that the Tentacle has accomplished its quest for world domination, it is thrown into chaos by mad scientist Dr. Fred Edison. To prevent his own destruction, Green Tentacle calls on his old friend Bernard Bernoulli.

The Best Horror Games You Can Play For Free On Steam

Bernard and his friends Laverne and Hoagie are sent back in time to stop the transformation of the purple tentacles, which would start time travel. After setting it several times, the player will find a way the day before the purple tentacle changes.

As amazing as it sounds, it only enhances the experience. While Coach is a solid game, your first version of this clicker won’t be very good.

In the early and mid 1990s, LucasArts ran click events. Sam & Max Hit the Road is just one, but it is notable for its many achievements in storytelling, voice acting, music and graphics.

Free Point And Click Horror Games

Fans looking for a good laugh can count on Sam and Max as the two decide to solve a case that will take them across the country. A mysterious phone call sets Sam and Max Hit Road into action, an uninterrupted and exhilarating experience from start to finish. Their stories are told through the player’s interactions with the world around them.

The 19 Best Point And Click Adventure Games On Steam

Solve puzzles, explore entire environments, and ask about the strangest things as you discover what really drives Sam and Max on an epic journey across the highway.

Ah, twice as beautiful. We can count on you whenever we want to take us to a world of good. If this isn’t a psychic school or a place where fear is a weapon, it’s a place where a girl is chased by monsters and a man who keeps himself busy every day is controlled by artificial intelligence.

Broken Age tells two parallel stories, although players will spend a good part of the beginning of the season figuring out how it happened. Elijah Wood and Masasa Moyo voice the two main characters whose stories unfold in Act 2. The deeper you look, the clearer the connection between the two becomes. Age of Fractures may not add anything new to the genre, but Double Fine’s focus on a great story makes it a must-play.

One of the best click campaigns out there, Broken Age has helped make Kickstarter a viable way to raise money for game development.

Thimbleweed Park Is Epic Games Store’s Free Game At End Of February

1982’s Blade Runner created a fascinating world of humans and bioengineered creatures. Starring Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer, the hyper-futuristic film has attracted a cult following. Here’s what helped fuel the popularity of the next video game, released 15 years after the movie.

Point-and-click travel didn’t follow Deckard, but don’t let that put you off. Loyalist Ray McCoy may lack the persona of Ford’s Deckard, but he fills the void nicely.

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