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Fifa World Cup Korea Japan – The 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup is often remembered for Brazil’s fifth title, United’s first hosting of the tournament and Korea Republic’s appearance in the semi-finals. All this and more, in our three-part Asian Games series, we look at the difficult journey that led to Asia’s first World Cup and the tournament’s lasting legacy.

“The members of the committee, after receiving a letter from the Japan Football Association, stating that they are ready to agree to jointly organize the World Cup, as the Republic of Korea has already done, and bearing in mind that this is the desire of some administration, now I recommend opening a document for the joint organization of the 2002 World Cup.

Fifa World Cup Korea Japan

Fifa World Cup Korea Japan

With this speech held in the elegant surroundings of the Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich, FIFA President Jove Hawlange raised the curtain on the most difficult host in the history of the sport. After more than three years of debate and political setup, South Korea and Japan will co-host the 2002 World Cup.

The Official Review Of The Fifa World Cup 2002 (2002)

It is a historic and unprecedented move to try to ease the wounds and injuries suffered by Asia’s two biggest football rivals after a bitter and bitter battle, as it ends a long history of deep-seated grievances that have permeated the sport.

No sporting body has ever attempted to organize a World Cup of this size or scale in two countries, and the tactics of using fair and dirty tactics to assert autonomy have never been considered. FIFA is entering new territory.

“Korea and Japan have an unfortunate history, and there was a lack of understanding,” said Dr. Chung Mong-joon, president of the Korean Football Association.

“We are close but distant neighbors. We hope that this will be a turning point for overcoming the problems of the past and that we will have better relations in the future.’

World Cup Mascots In History

It is the stage for Chung, a FIFA board member and the influential family that owns the Hyundai Group, after a long and toxic bidding campaign that has created friction between the two countries.

The gifted 43-year-old American has brought all his political acumen and ruthlessness to bear to transform early favorites Japan and lead his country to a World Cup that many South Koreans believe is where they need to be.

As Asia’s most successful World Cup qualifiers, the Koreans reached the finals in 1954, 1986, 1990 and 1994 – and when FIFA opened their bid in 2002, their neighbors were determined not to be left out.

Fifa World Cup Korea Japan

In contrast, the Japanese were the new rich kids in football. The country has become increasingly popular in the sports industry, firstly because of the advertising agency Dentsu, which uses the World Cup as a platform for Japanese companies, and then because of the glamor and appeal of the recently launched J. League.

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But while the rise of Japanese soccer mirrored the game’s global growth in the mid-1990s, concerns began to emerge and the stakes in the sport rose in the countdown to FIFA’s World Cup decision.

“Of course, people in both countries are disappointed, especially Japan, which has been number one for years,” said AFC general secretary Peter Velappan. “But they would lose everything, they wouldn’t be able to. “If they hadn’t won the World Cup, five years later there would be no football in Japan.”

Velappan, the de facto leader of Asian football for the past 20 years, has been at the forefront of the push for a joint host, and his concerns are well founded.

Although the J.League was very popular in 1993, several clubs faced financial problems, and the highly paid foreign stars initially attracted to the league left for Japan.

Fifa World Cup (2002) Playstation 2 Box Cover Art

The country’s failure to qualify for the 1994 World Cup, coupled with Japan’s lack of footballing heritage and the fact that they have yet to qualify for their first finals, means that South Korea’s national team is ripe for political naivety. expedition

The Japanese started the bidding as favorites. After the United States won the 1994 World Cup, Havlange sought to support the host country, as Japan was aware of the importance of hosting the tournament to FIFA’s business prospects.

But the Brazilian did not expect such a move to play out in the region, and the Koreans entered with a competitive advantage, fueled by resentment over Japan’s occupation of the Korean peninsula in the first half of the year. century.

Fifa World Cup Korea Japan

Behind the bid, Chung, whose family of players form the backbone of North Korea’s economy, worked in the power lobby to convince FIFA leaders to vote for his nation. Japanese

World Cup Korea/japan

Not a day goes by without allegations and allegations filling the pages of newspapers around the world. The vote for Korea, one line said, was a way to show the all-powerful Havlange that he could no longer be shepherded through the FIFA executive as he had done in the past.

The Japanese were fighting off an all-out attack by South Korea, and just days before the Zurich announcement, Japan admitted it had two options: accept the co-hosting agreement or lose it altogether.

Japan Football Association president Ken Naganuma and his allies accepted the inevitable on the evening of May 30, conceding defeat by sending a letter to Hao Lang. A day later, the FIFA president announced that the 2002 World Cup would be held together.

Instead of ending the friction between the countries, this decision created a new set of problems. All public integrity has been put on hold as FIFA Secretary General Sepp Blatter and his government try to implement the Executive Committee’s decision.

Korea Republic Aim To Reach Heights Of 2002

There is no topic more public than the name of the competition. The so-called FIFA World Cup 2002 Japan-Korea was recorded by Chung, which showed that Korea is ahead of Japan in the script of FIFA’s official languages. It may seem parcheftelt, but it follows the imagination of the audience at home.

The Koreans also won the battle to host the opening game, most importantly for Chung, just days before the FIFA finals played in Japan.

Meanwhile, the two countries will not give up on the proposed sites, as both countries will play half of the World Cup in 10 stadiums built with their country’s public money. The two countries still dispute the heritage of many white elephants in remote locations.

Fifa World Cup Korea Japan

Finally, however, the controversy is over, and the focus is finally on football. On May 31, 2002, six years after Hawlange’s announcement, the first World Cup began in Asia.

Fifa World Cup

In the second part of a three-part series ahead of Asia’s first men’s World Cup, Korea-Japan 2002, let’s take a look at Wednesday’s tournament events.

Listen to Episode 91 of the Asian Games Podcast as we cover Iran’s football saga in the months leading up to the FIFA World Cup.

Michael Church began writing about Asian football in 1995 after moving to Hong Kong, and has covered every AFC Asian Cup since 1996 and every World Cup since the 1998 final in France. He spends more time than is healthy on airplanes lounging in hotel lobbies.

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Fifa World Cup Korea Japan

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