Fifa World Cup 2014 Brazil Vs Germany

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Fifa World Cup 2014 Brazil Vs Germany – It was completely unexpected, historic and indescribable. Germany beat Brazil 7-1 in Belo Horizonte on Tuesday to book their place in the World Cup finals.

Completely disorganized in defense, Brazil gave up 5 goals in the first 29 minutes and did not score until the 90th minute of the match. Brazil’s captain and outstanding defender Thiago Silva was out due to a yellow card suspension, but that didn’t begin to explain the entire team’s complete failure in a victory that changed the world of Brazilian football forever.

Fifa World Cup 2014 Brazil Vs Germany

Fifa World Cup 2014 Brazil Vs Germany

Toni Kroos and Andre Schurrle scored twice each. Miroslav Klose scored another, 16 goals at the World Cup, surpassing the record he shared with Ronaldo. Thomas Muller and Sami Khedira also scored a goal each.

World Cup 2014: Germany Defeats Argentina In Final

The German core has been together for three World Cups, so it’s no wonder they get along so well and communicate so well. However, such a victory was unthinkable.

It was Brazil’s heaviest defeat since 1934 and a 62-game unbeaten run in the competition dating back to 1975.

Germany will advance to their eighth World Cup final against the winner of Wednesday’s Argentina-Netherlands semi-final. The Germans are aiming for a fourth World Cup.

Brazil has one more match to play: Saturday’s third match Brasilia vs. which Argentina-Holland lost. Full story “

Fifa World Cup 2014 Semi Finals Highlights: Brazil Humiliated In Their Own Backyard As Germany Cruise To The Finals [photos And Video]

Brazil, without their two best players against Germany, could use this opportunity to ease the heavy burden of expectation they carried as hosts and favourites. After losing star player Neymar to a back injury at the end of the tournament and Thiago Silva, the captain and main defender, to a yellow card suspension, Brazil, the team that included everyone in the final, now in the opposite game. big bad german team The Germans have a well organized midfield thanks to Bastian Schweinsteiger and can score through Thomas Müller and others. The mystery is who will try to replace Neymar up front in Brazil, Willian is the best bet. Silva will be replaced by Dante, but many players will fill his role. Sign up for Miguel Delaney’s Learning the Game newsletter delivered straight to your inbox for free Sign up for Miguel Delaney’s free weekly newsletter.

They spent the last four days with Neymar. He will spend the rest of his life in pain around Tuesday, July 8, the day Brazilian football was destroyed in one of its biggest cities.

In the list of big games of the autumn, it is hard to imagine an incident as raw, painful and embarrassing as this one, when Germany scored five goals in 29 minutes against a Brazil team that had taken a break from anything resembling a game plan. . . A strange and moving experience to watch, a World Cup match was like no other. Even the Germans felt they should send off their celebrations as if they were watching a proper funeral.

Fifa World Cup 2014 Brazil Vs Germany

Something was lost in Brazilian football yesterday that will never be recovered, not in this or many generations to come. Their misfortune was that the final of their country’s second World Cup was against one of the lowest Brazilian teams in memory, but even then no one expected their defeat, which Luiz Felipe Scolari himself described as “disastrous, bad”. This was football history. It was a reimagining of the way we think about the world game and where the power lies.

How Germany’s 14 Year Soccer Plan Crushed Brazil In World Cup

A Brazilian soccer fan screams while watching the FIFA World Cup semi-final match between Brazil and Germany in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

A Brazilian fan then breaks down in tears during the telecast when Germany scores their fifth goal against the host nation

A Brazilian fan kneels in despair as he watches the FIFA World Cup semi-final soccer match between Brazil and Germany at the Fan Fest public viewing event in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

A Brazilian fan watches his team against Germany in the semi-final match at the FIFA Fan Fest during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Sao Paulo.

Brazil Vs. Germany: What Went Wrong For Hosts In 7 1 Defeat

Brazilian fans at the FIFA Fan Fest in Rio de Janeiro show their emotions during the 2014 FIFA World Cup semi-final match at Mineirao Stadium in Belo Horizonte.

A Brazilian soccer fan wearing contact lenses that mimic the Brazilian flag watches his team defeat Germany in the World Cup semi-finals on television at the FIFA Fan Fest venue on Copacabana Beach.

A Brazilian soccer fan with his face painted in the national colors holds a cross as he watches his team’s World Cup semi-final against Germany on television at the FIFA Fan Fest venue on Copacabana Beach.

Fifa World Cup 2014 Brazil Vs Germany

Brazilian fans react to the 2014 World Cup semi-final between Brazil and Germany at the Mineirao Stadium in Belo Horizonte.

In Pictures: Brazil 2014 World Cup Final, Germany V Argentina

A young Brazilian fan screams as he watches the World Cup match between Brazil and Germany on a street screen in Belo Horizonte.

Was it worse than Brazil’s defeat of Uruguay in the 1950 World Cup at the Maracana? How is it possible? The final word on this will have to be decided in the endless days, weeks, months of debate that will come to the Brazilian public, but the irony will not escape them. It was a tournament that would exorcise the ghosts of the “Maracanazo” and instead unleash a new generation of Brazilians with difficulties they will never replace.

It was a World Cup semi-final that lost a soccer goal in Germany midway through the first half and turned the rest of the match into a nightmare for the home fans. They marched furiously, disbelieving irony, celebrating Germany’s seventh goal and saluting each winner with “Ole” and mocking their side of harmless players.

If there’s any consolation after Andre Schurrle’s sixth and seventh goals in the second half, it’s that Brazil’s players didn’t lose the plan or embarrass themselves by posting. We’ll see how this country, with so much social unrest under pressure from national party loyalties, reacts. They paid $11 billion to host this World Cup final, and it turned out to be the most expensive humiliation ritual a country could come up with.

The Biggest Shocks Ever Witnessed At The Football World Cup

“Ordem e Progresso” says the flag. Disruption and chaos on the field. What will happen to Luiz Felipe Scolari now is anyone’s guess. He says he’s in charge of Saturday’s third playoff, which gives the team four more days at their mountain camp in Teresopolis with a hostile community at the gates.

Afterwards, the Brazilian coach presented himself for the interview in a humble and calm manner. He was somewhat under the illusion that “nothing could be done” about the first-half goalscoring run, but there was one moment that stood out when he was asked afterwards to assess his legacy as a World Cup winner in 2002. the man who oversaw this tragedy.

“I will remember the 7-1 loss, the worst Brazil has ever suffered, but that was the risk I knew I was running when I accepted this position,” he said. “Life goes on. That’s what I’m going to do.”

Fifa World Cup 2014 Brazil Vs Germany

After this tournament, which will be widely remembered for the humiliation of 2014, he will retire. His team suffered a shock second goal against a German side that never looked like losing control of the game. They took their chances in the first half to score as Thomas Mueller, Miroslav Klose, Toni Kroos (twice) and Sami Khedira scored. They did what all good teams do and beat another team that couldn’t handle the pressure.

Brazil Vs Germany Match Report World Cup 2014: Utter Humiliation For Hosts As Thomas Muller And Toni Kroos Help Germany Hit Seven Past Selecao

Manuel Neuer was excellent in goal. The Netherlands and Argentina go head-to-head tonight in Sunday’s final, but it was Germany who hit it off the park with a dominant display heading into the knockout stages. It’s hard to see Joachim Low’s side as favorites for this cup, the fruit of much planning and well-planned planning over the past 14 years.

As for the match, the national anthem went well in Brazil, starting with Julio Cesar and David Luiz grabbing Neymar by the shirt, then it went downhill.

It was clear from the start that against a team of Germany’s tenacity and quality, Brazil’s defensive duo of Fernandinho and Luis Gustavo would find it difficult to pass the ball forward in any meaningful way. The Germans allow Brazil’s defense to have the ball and then run down their midfield pair as soon as they give it. The first scare came on seven minutes when Klose’s shot hit Kroos and went wide. Then the floodgates opened.

When the teams left, Scolari was there

Germany Trounce Brazil 7 1 To Reach World Cup Final

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