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Escola Games – Do you like animals Do you know their English names? Tigers, lions, cats and other animals teach you some English in our game.

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Escola Games

Escola Games

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Factory Opens A Child Friendly Space In Just One Week To Keep Children Away From The Production Floor

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Escola Games

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Jogos: Escola Games

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Cheung Chuk Shan College

After all, if not everyone agrees, there are many advantages to using video games as a source of knowledge and learning, including teaching game techniques here. Understand as follows:

While many parents feel that video games are harmful to their children’s performance at school, because they associate consoles with fun or violent games that the media constantly endorses, the video game world has shown its ability to offer more functionality and utility than reality. They increase and profit. those who play the game. The benefits of combining play and education include better development of creativity, memory, language, teamwork and improved concentration.

Thanks to this, the role of games in schools can be applied in an interesting way to the teaching of the relevant content, because the purpose of the teaching is to achieve a fixation of the learning. Fact-based story games are an excellent example of absorbing knowledge in a fun way and getting closer to the everyday life and language of children and teenagers.

Escola Games

While Kratos’ scowling expression may not fit his parents’ image of the God of War at first, it’s his desire for revenge that we ultimately learn more about from Greek mythology. Another similar game is Hades (2020), which involves every Greek god. It is common for teenagers to be interested in studying the mythological part of history. We can therefore say that these game examples are a fascinating branch of the vast cultural range that developed within mythological themes. Let’s say it’s the equivalent of The Percy Jackson Saga and Rick Leordan’s other works.

Special Games: Escola Games (37 Jogos Educacionais Para Crianças A Partir De 5 Anos)

Assassin’s Creed is also a prime example of the wave of mythology moving into architecture. Channel Created by Loomer Multiple Visits – Famous

– For the place that inspired the game of the franchise, it has the advantage of faithfully reviving existing buildings in reality.

Another character who helps expand the knowledge of archeology through her great adventures in PlayStation games is the iconic Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. Regardless, the list of games and characters is extensive, and there will certainly be more examples in this article. The point is that all these stories somehow generate knowledge and teach their audience something related to geography, mathematics, history, philosophy and more.

Whether you are against or for video games, the impact and space they create in society is undeniable, and even the subject of much research. A study published in the journal

Maccabiah Games Player Bio: Larry Greenspon

– Multidisciplinary department of social and computer science dedicated to information, communication and technology research – Andrew Przybylski argues how much time children play video games is good for health.

Based on Przybylski’s research, he concluded that people who played video games for less than an hour a day were more emotionally stable, while those who played consoles for about three hours a day developed social problems and difficulties. As with TVs, phones and screens in general, moderation is the key to having a positive experience without the health consequences of excessive use.

Playing video games in moderation has many benefits. One of these is the increased reaction time of the brain, which means that playing video games helps to optimize a problem. Additionally, multiplayer games encourage teamwork to achieve goals.

Escola Games

Another interesting point is that playing video games stimulates creativity, concentration and visual memory, because games are designed with the aim of exercising imagination, concentration and memorizing details to solve problems.

Gameplay: Como Funciona Uma Escola De Games?

🇧🇷 Along with this comes increased strategic awareness and leadership development to resolve disputes, interact and organize strategies with other players and make decisions – those who overplay, for example, know that this all happens in practice.

Not to mention that by combining games and education, you also encourage critical thinking based on the story of the design and provide more exposure to other languages, because the game offers several languages ​​that can be used in on-screen instructions, in interactions. with other players In the chat as well as in the story of the game itself.

And it doesn’t end there: according to an article on Royal Balloon, a website dedicated to children’s education, there are more than 100 legitimate reasons to use games for education, and even, who knew, to use video games as school subjects – or at least It’s a tool that teachers can explore more as a teaching method. Check it out below:

It’s been a while since the games industry stopped playing just entertainment. The industry has conquered many areas, especially technology and innovation, which increasingly enable immersive stories. Where before we had objective games like Atari, today we have a series of dense arcs, often interspersed with movie scripts.

Early Years Students Loved Making And Playing With Playdough.

The video game industry has an average of 2.5 billion players worldwide, according to market research firm Newzoo, and Fortnite took the spotlight this time with 139 million active players.

So if the goal is to prepare children for the future, of course technology has to play a role. So there’s no reason to avoid combining gaming and education — just do it sensibly as outlined in this article.

Incorporating gamification into the work environment, if implemented correctly, can make requirements fulfillment more intuitive and facilitate clearer understanding. According to this logic, video games in schools, in turn, have the potential to help educational institutions re-examine their assumptions and beliefs about work, leisure and approaches to education.

Escola Games

Even in this comparison between work and school environments: when introducing gamification, some companies realized that the tool enabled employees to discover passions and connect them to their mission and values ​​with their colleagues. If video games achieve such success among adults, then school play – environments in which people are still growing and developing – could increase.

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