Date The World Will End

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Date The World Will End – According to Pastor Begley, the Mayan calendar has been revived and marks this date as one of apocalyptic significance.

After claims that the world will end on December 21, 2012 – when the Mayan calendar ends – went nowhere, conspiracy theorists are now saying the date is made up.

Date The World Will End

Date The World Will End

Instead, the Mayans believed that our world would end in eight years, on December 21, 2020.

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It goes without saying that Pastor Begley’s claims are pure speculation with no hard evidence to back them up.

In the past, the evangelist made many predictions of the end of the world, but fortunately, all of them did not come true.

The Mayan calendar is a system of calendars and almanacs used by several cultures in Central America.

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It dates back to the 5th century BC and is still used in some Mayan communities.

The Mayan calendar has three different corresponding calendars: Long Count, Tzolkin (divine calendar), and Haab (civil calendar).

Each calendar is cyclic, that is, a certain number of days must pass before the start of a new cycle.

Date The World Will End

Tsolkin and Haab keep track of days and create a calendar cycle every 52 years.

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The Maya believed that the universe was destroyed at the beginning of each cosmic cycle and then recreated.

NASA dispelled rumors about the end of the world in 2012 – a prediction of the Mayan calendar.

The space agency noted: “Where are the scientific claims of catastrophe or major change in 2012? Where is the proof?

“There is nothing, and for all fictional stories, whether in books, movies, documentaries, or the Internet, we cannot change that simple fact.

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“There is no credible evidence to support any allegations of unusual events that occurred in December 2012.”

In other news, Elon Musk has hit back at critics after being accused of “freebies” in a tough tax case.

We pay for your stories! Got a story for The Sun Online Tech & Science team? Email us at The famous scientist who discovered gravity wrote about the second coming of Christ just over four decades ago, which has recently been discovered by scientists.

Date The World Will End

Born in 1643, Newton was considered a visionary theologian with a lifelong interest in God and religion.

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The Daily Star reports that Newton, who wrote under the pseudonym “Jehovah St. Unus”, predicted in a new collection that the world would be “reset” in 2060 and that the earth would once again become the “Kingdom of God”. “.

He said: “For him, 2060 would be a new beginning; perhaps accompanied by wars and disasters, but ultimately the beginning of a new divine era.

Florian said that Newton was convinced that future events were “already ordained by God” and believed that there were “prophetic moments”.

In January of this year, the Journal of Atomic Scientists moved the hand of the doomsday clock closer to midnight and warned that the world is closer than ever to catastrophe.

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Date The World Will End

It was only when his victim finally decided to go to the police that the crime was solved

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Logan Mwangi was killed by his mother Angharad Williamson, stepfather John Cole and half brother Craig Mulligan, 14.

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The latest from Coventry City: We bring you club and online shopping updates For centuries, people have been waiting for them to disappear. While the Christian apocalypse ended life on Earth, other cultures, such as the Maya, eventually ushered in new beginnings, creating cyclical rather than linear calendars. Historian Charlotte Slay explores why the end sometimes seems so close and what we can learn from past predictions.

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In 2017, the highly respected Scripps Institution of Oceanography gave it a 5 percent chance of extinction by the end of the century. Scripps addressed widespread fears about climate change, the real but underestimated risk of our own demise.

It was not the first time that people thought about their end. For hundreds of years we have prophesied the inevitable end of our world, whether it was the fault of the gods or our own actions.

This series examines past predictions and the science of extinction, asking what we can learn from these strange events. Why did the end seem so close and how did people react each time? Climate change is different from the subjects of these false alarms, but given their history, we can go about it a little smarter this time around.

Date The World Will End

For those of us in the West, the Christian faith is largely responsible for shaping our expectations about the end of the world. Christians are called to think and act with their ultimate number in mind. Saint Paul advised the Corinthians: “Time is short. After that…those who buy something [must live] as if it is not theirs to keep.”

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In the Christian apocalypse, Christ will return and take believers with him to heaven, and sinners will be condemned to hell. This prophecy is recorded in the Book of Revelation, one of the 66 texts compiled around 400 AD for the complete Bible.

Hardcover books were a novelty at the time, and they meshed well with a religion based largely on a linear time structure, from creation to the fall, from redemption to judgment. Revelation at the end of the book

Said to close everything worldly. The story had one last page waiting to be opened before the cover closed: The End.

“Cyclic calendars—time cycles of varying lengths that synchronize entry and exit—were the norm in ancient and early modern Mesoamerica.”

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But in principle, the apocalypse does not necessarily have to be the last event on the last page. In many cultures, time is cyclical: after the end of the world comes a new beginning.

One of the main Mayan calendars was a cycle of 7,200 days. In the great prophecy “Kutseb” (“turn”), Katun was the god who opened an era. As scientist John Bierhorst explains, when it starts to die, it’s time to find a human replacement. To make room for the next generation, this person had to be tortured, even killed.

Cyclic calendars—time cycles of varying lengths that syncronized and desynchronized—were the norm in ancient and early modern Mesoamerica. The 260-day sacred cycle of the tzolka combined with the solar year of the haab formed a long calendar cycle that resets every 52 years. The cycle of the calendar was not close to the life span of the Maya or the Zapotecs. The end of the calendar may be the end of the world for those whose lives have a beginning and an end, but everyone will go on.

Date The World Will End

The codes by which the Maya recorded their calendars were compiled in large sheets of bark, not in linear picture books. When the Europeans returned fire to all but four, they burned easily.

International Date Line

Although Christians believed in an apocalypse less than three centuries after they exterminated the “primitive” Mesoamericans, European colonists developed their own mythic time system that envisioned a world without borders. It was called the futures market and dominated the trade in US agricultural and other commodities from the second half of the 19th century.

Capitalism depends on everyone being committed to thinking about the future, and not just any future, but an energetic future that will always work as usual. A promise of future earnings based on current debt is required. Futures trading promised prices for goods that had not yet been produced or delivered. Of course, St. Paul would contradict himself.

“Goodman began to correlate Mayan calendars with the new Western calendars. What was the zero rate in the Mesoamerican period? “

Joseph Goodman was caught between the inheritance of Christ and capital. As a successful Nevada newspaper editor in the 19th century, he helped create the accelerated flow of information that fueled the futures markets. When he gave up the paper, Goodman went to the heart of the capital, took a position on the Pacific Exchange and became a successful trader and investor. So far so futuristic.

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But at the same time, Goodman became fascinated with Mayan calendars. learned

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