Cool Games To Play Outside

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Cool Games To Play Outside – Maxwell loves being outside! In fact, “ou-side” was one of his first words. So, when Kid CLIF asked me to host a play date at the park, I was ready for it! I chose a shady park with a large concrete slab so we could have swings, slides and playtime outside. CLIF Kids is about rediscovering play, and encouraging kids to get out and play! So, I’ve put together 15 fun games to play outside with kids of all ages. The best part? You don’t need much for these outdoor games for kids.

I put this chalk board at the entrance to the playground so the kids can see it and go hunting as soon as they enter. I have had several children bring me heart-shaped stones. I like that this game can be programmed or opened up for the kids to complete at their own pace. The whiteboard method is great for a large group, and a flip board works best for a small group. A scavenger hunt can easily be a team sport, with prizes awarded to the team that finds the object the fastest. (Photo by Sarah Seiler)

Cool Games To Play Outside

Cool Games To Play Outside

This game works best in groups of 2-4. It is also very suitable for teaching shapes to young children. The best part? All you need to play is chalk and a cement board! Pro Tip: You can add letter shapes, numbers, or sight words for older kids.

Creative Ideas For Outside Fun With Kids

I drew a tiki finger on the floor with a piece of chalk and placed the bean bags nearby. Kids (and adults) quickly know what to do!

I built a simple obstacle course on the side of the road to the park. It was great to see the kids and parents jumping, skipping and twirling their way into the park! Also, this can be highly customized or combine 2 items and make it the same! Pro Tip: Run the course in a circle for endless fun!

This is probably my favorite outdoor activity for kids! Although it is not really a game, it is an outdoor activity. All you need is a sidewalk and concrete. Then divide the road into 26 sections and write a letter of the alphabet in each section. Encourage the children to draw things that start with a letter in the field. For example, B is for ball, bat and balloon! C is for cow, cat and worm.

Kids (and adults) of all ages love to hula hoop! You can roll them up, use them as a jump rope, or use a hula hoop as a stencil for chalk drawings!

Play Outside The Box

Jump ropes can be used as a base for chalk drawings and jump rope! Maxwell is the master of jumping rope!

I printed out these 3 free constellation pages, tucked them into page protectors, and placed them on the floor next to the chalk! Check out the amazing constellations made of playground stones and cement! Can you guess which one?

This is a fun game for kids of all ages to play together! You can use your own toys and natural objects to fill in the colorful circles! Think: flowers, leaves, stones and even cement itself!

Cool Games To Play Outside

This is a classic game that everyone knows how to play! Use chalk to build a playground and find a playground ball. Just in case, here are the four square rules of law.

Fun Outdoor Games To Play At Your Next Family Cookout

One person plays the stopper and the other players are in the first row. The stop light turns on the players and the players run until the stop light turns red. The stopper decides if anyone is moving and those players must go back to start. The first player to reach the stop wins the games and becomes the next stop.

One character is a mother and the other children are children. The mother is on one side of the room and the children are on the other side of the room. The mother starts the game by asking the child to walk in a certain direction. The child should ask: “Mom, can I?” After the move is called. If the child forgets to say: “Mom, is it possible?” The child must return to where he started. My mother’s goal is to make everyone reach the finish line equally. Some examples of gestures a mother can make:

You need at least 20 kids to organize a good Red Rover game. Cut out the figures for the children and make 2 rows of 10 each. The lines should be 30 meters apart, and the children should hold hands or face each other. Team 1 starts the game by shouting, “Red Rover, Red Rover let (opposing player) come!” The goal is for the called player to face the run and break the other team. If the link is broken, that group member must choose one person to bring back to their group with them. If the link is not broken, the child will join that group.

One of the players is Simon and the other players are standing in front of Simon. Simon tells the players to do different moves, but the players must follow the instructions starting with “Simon Says”. For example, if Simon says, “Simon, clap for us.” The players must clap.

Fun,cool Outside Games For Kids

Game day without food! After all, kids need to fuel their trip with healthy snacks! I love that CLIF snacks contain no high fructose corn syrup, artificial preservatives or artificial flavors. High five for that. And Maxwell confirms, I think he ate at least 4 CLIF kids that morning. “Bars” always win in our house.

Playing outside was an important part of my childhood, and I’m so glad Maxwell loves being outside too! How often does your family play outside? I’d love to hear… As the days keep getting warmer, it’s time to take the games outside! We’ve even read some of these ideas for outdoor fun with kids from toddlers to toddlers.

Pom pom water game. Fill an old bathtub (anything from a large bowl to a kitchen sink) with water and a few colorful pom poms. Let the poms soak up the water like sponges (and if you don’t have poms, use real sponges!), and the kids can squeeze the water, mix it together,​​​​​​​​​​and other sensory activities.

Cool Games To Play Outside

Water the plants with a watering can. Or if you don’t have a drinking can, use an old yogurt container or mason jar. If you walk through the garden, decide which plants look “dry”, and measure the water in the garden, you will be surprised how happy it can be in the long run.

Outdoor Activities To Do At Home For Pre Teens And Teens

Pour and pour the soil. Another job with little preparation, you just need a bucket and a shovel or a drinking cup. Find an area in the garden with dirt (of course, sandboxes work well too) and let the little ones get as dirty as they want.

He called Rosie. Hold your hands (wash them first, of course) and sing along to this nursery rhyme! It’s falling! Down! Then do it again!

Chalk letters for fine motor development and learning, this outdoor game is super fun and only requires two things. Chalk and a spray bottle filled with water. Write the letters of the alphabet (or numbers) all over the street, give your child a spray bottle, and it’s up to them to spray each letter as you say!

Hunt bugs or dinosaurs! Any plastic animal you might have in your toy chest. Ask your older sibling to hide, or a babysitter can do it, and let the fun begin! Play “Hot or Cold” and collect them in a pocket or basket to give clues as to where the creatures are. Who will get more?

Montessori Friendly Outdoor Activities For Summertime

Paint with water. Get out the art supplies – paint rollers and containers work well – but leave the paint in storage! Instead, fill bowls with water and let the kids use different brushes to paint the sidewalk, lawn, lawn furniture or whatever they like. Older children can practice letters and numbers using their paint brushes.

Hunting outside. Depending on the age, you can have the children make their own list of things to find, or younger children can simply point and draw or name interesting things they see around the house (related to nature). Check out this scavenger hunt for ideas.

A board game. The possibilities here are endless! Practice handwriting, reading and writing or math. A picture game! Play a game of Hopscotch and give out Shakes. Play tic tac toe or hangman or draw a picture of your whole family!

Cool Games To Play Outside

Rock rock It’s fun to collect small and smooth stones that fit in the hands of children. write the name

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