Best Way To Learn French On Your Own

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One of the best ways to prepare for your future trip and get excited about those seemingly far-fetched travel plans is to set aside some time each day to learn a foreign language. This is my favorite thing to do. It’s exciting, fun, and could open many doors for you on your next trip. I decided to use my time at home to learn French. In this article, we’ll discuss how to learn French at home using the best free or low-cost resources

Best Way To Learn French On Your Own

Best Way To Learn French On Your Own

Complex language This is also a very useful language only in Turkish. And my plans to travel to that part of the world are on hold. So I thought it would be good to spend some time on a language that is not only easy, but widely used by hundreds of millions of people around the world.

How To Learn French On Your Own

There are several countries in Europe. French speakers other than France will notice that Canada has a large French-speaking population. Africa has more French speakers than any other continent. French Guiana also has francophone countries in South America. French is a geographically widespread language. This makes it very convenient for travelers.

In any case, let’s learn French ourselves with the best resources.

A language learning app is out. Basically effective. With expensive software like Rosetta Stone, but packed into a neat little smartphone app So you have French study material in your pocket. And of course they have courses in different languages.

It has a play-based approach that encourages you to learn a little each day. It’s a good way to do it, instead of cramming them all into one day a week. They encourage you to stay in line and have a leaderboard where people fight for the most points. Duolingo teaches you a wide selection of words and helps you understand grammar in most of its inner ways. Use different tenses or conjugations with different contexts.

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For each sub-lesson You can also access the “Tips” section, which provides information on specific grammar concepts you can use. These are not necessary. But it helps you better understand what it does and why.

They also have a story section of short stories and are often a little humorous with French speakers. Then you’ll answer simple dating questions. I haven’t tested it yet. But I just found out that Duolingo has a French podcast that will help those of you who want to learn French on your own.

My biggest complaint about Duolingo is that it mines useless phrases. (There are stories about sharing madness.) For example, “I have this onion. And I’ll use it.” I mean come on! Maybe they’ll try to show a sense of humor to help them remember more. But I’d like them to focus on phrases and vocabulary in situations that are useful for tourists.

Best Way To Learn French On Your Own

Clozemaster is another free language learning resource. It’s not as organized or well-designed as Duolingo, but it’s still an excellent free resource. The main form is a vague sentence with one word omitted. And fill in the blanks with the correct French words.

Over 20 Apps To Learn French (+ How To Find Your Own New Favourites!)

Thousands of these sentences are linked by a staggered repetition system. You should repeat these phrases step by step until you master them

Michelle Thomas is my perfect person to learn European languages ​​with. (But I wouldn’t recommend them for non-European languages.) These are audio courses you can buy to learn French on your own. and while it’s not free, it’s very economical for everything you get. Michel Thomas focuses on the “hack” between English and French, and immediately gets you talking in a bunch of convoluted sentences. I mean, it helps you find shortcuts that can take your vocabulary from zero to a few hundred or more words instantly.

Did you know that about 25-30% of the most important English words come from French? This means that there are many shortcuts to learning French. If you can identify and adjust the pronunciation.

The actual format of Michelle Thomas’s course is an 8-hour basic audio course (she has an optional course) where you have to speak complex sentences from scratch. In short, its writing requires two French starters. This can also be a disadvantage. Because you’ve heard them stumble through mistakes and mispronunciations. it also reinforces the areas you need to focus on. especially when it comes to pronunciation.

Of The Best Resources For Starting To Learn French Online By Fluent Language

To continue, pause the audio for Michelle’s suggestions, respond yourself, and press play. So, for example, while driving on the road, you can easily listen, it is not completely indifferent.

I love these audio courses. If you are looking for a way to learn French on your own. Because the course forces you to memorize and use French in conversation. Learning with Duolingo is sometimes very easy because there are words or helpful pictures right in front of you. This means you can guess correctly. But there can be real problems with using this word in a sentence.

Pimsleur is another great audio course for learning French on your own. I’ve been using it for several languages, like learning Spanish for beginners. (I’m fluent today!) They have five different levels. Each level includes 30 audio lessons or 15 hours of training.

Best Way To Learn French On Your Own

Unlike Michelle Thomas’s, these audio lessons are actually designed. This means it can be done on the go or while cooking in the kitchen. or whatever I like about it. You get through more difficult situations. From casual social relationships to semi-professional business relationships. The kinds of things you learn French through Pimsleur are useful variations, especially for the average traveler. this is also a major plus.

Amington Heath Primary School

You only need to study one lesson a day with Pimsleur French, so if you complete five levels, you’ll have at least five months of daily material. Each lesson builds on each other and repeats the distance. remembering words or phrases learned in previous lessons This is an effective way to synchronize your long-term memory.

I like the emphasis on pronunciation. The complex nature of the French language and how they make you repeat parts of a word (starting from the end and working your way to the beginning, eg -ner, -jeuner, dejeuner.) is enough time and vocabulary for the average traveler.

Any audio course or smartphone app will only take you so far. Don’t get me wrong, they are great resources and will help you build a solid foundation. But the ultimate goal is to learn every language. Another is to be able to communicate!

Most of us don’t even have the opportunity to speak French in our daily lives. Wondering how to learn French on your own at home as opposed to Spanish? Taking one-to-one online conversation lessons through iTalki will help you put what you’ve learned into practice and communicate with native speakers. In the end, French won’t help you, it’ll just stay in your head. it should be used

Benefits Of Learning French

At iTalki you will find professional teachers and community educators. Teachers have knowledge. Even if the community teachers are native speakers, you can practice. If you have enough budget, a professional teacher can be a good choice. But at the very least, you should find a self-educated tutor in the community. These instructors are rated and you can see how many lessons they teach. That should tell you something about their experience.

When I learned Turkish, after about a month of self-study, I started taking weekly Turkish lessons from iTalki. and although it was difficult, it was very gratifying to be able to have a simple conversation. I recommend you with native language

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